Train of thoughts

Words are inspiring me. What’s going on?
Words have inspired me greatly,
Words have to do something.
I have wanted words to do something,
I’ve to let words know how I feel about words.
Better than Silence? Now it is not.
Yo, I guess the silence is wisdom.
Would I get wisdom and cleverness?
I don’t know what to say to nothing,
A lie is the biggest liar I’ve ever learned.
Honest is right, and a lie is a liar.
But honest usually takes a station word,
Or a word to stop liar.
So what does the word do now?
Do not ask me how the last plan,
Blew up pretty good.
No kidding.
Maybe, kidding.
So you see, I saved words behind.
And I got to kiss the word.
I hope that inspires me.
It has to and taught me a lot.
It is easy for a man like Jesus to say
what most miracles will do to get a miracle
My apology, I write too much,
That really did wonder me, sorry.
Oh, dear, words! I am good at it!
That’s why I want to respect words.
My mind staring at my wonder?
Can it do that again?
My mind could understand what words said
I’m interested, that’s exciting!
I’m not sorry, that does not suck!
Don’t yell for me.
Oh, words, it blew the lines,
Check the sentences out! Sentence-words!
Check, check
The grammar needs correcting
Cut! Cut!
Fix, fix
Re-edit, re-edited.
And enough
To double these beautiful lines
Got it?
Who’s the writer now?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The King’s Queen

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

A frame of a queen, she grew old
In a time of her beauty had come to a problem
Women no longer valued her or insulted her beauty
They laughed at her, saying, “Look at our queen!
Her beauty is like a wither flower, that turns to decompose
Oh, her hair is the colour of crumbling decay!”
The queen was furious when she heard this
And she was a wave of resentment at the gossip of deeds
Which women were doing in the discourteous to their queen
But women knew nothing of what was occurring and continued
To gossip at their queen, and to break her endurance
The queen expressed to her king, before the assembled women
“My king, my love, you who made me be your queen
But women who look upon me they came to themselves
As insulters to my ears; see how they gossip about me
Hear what they say of me, and tell me what I should do to them
I will not hate women until I have heard what you advise”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

It is from their heart that pumps

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Honour, oh think what can he do for you
People want to see that she speaks of Him
How yet he can do for her to smile and hope
Definition, define who ye art, or fine as thou art
But are you true to yourself or too many vocals
Am I to thy mind or thy soul or what ye have
Show it to me as a word, not as a thought that ye have
But how to define it is when ye speak of her and also him
They will love you the way thou art, but He watches you
What we must do that we have been told for a thousand years
How do they know, it is from their heart that pumps
Such an aesthetic and such a rejoice to everyone
Come, come, and hear me, for my voice is quiet
Whisper, closer, do ye hear, no, I see, now, closer
Do ye hear that I whisper very silently
Strangely but lovely when somebody doesn’t want to know
Questions they don’t want to answer or answers they would avoid
The question, answer, ye knew them everything, not a possible
But if ye say that thou art with our Holy Creator then
I shall shut my mouth and start to think like, ye art true to thyself

© Ismael Mansoor