Gamut, he was waiting for you
Where were you Gamut, I knew
You are a busy man, very busy
But your majestic summoned
You to his presence

King, why are they not taking it easy
I understand your role, your authority
And your power over your people
But here I am being forced, by them to you
What is your thinking, for I am Gamut

Not taking it so personally
Gamut, let me speak as a man
Your range is veiling
And yet your series open my mind
May I leave it to a Prime

Prime then let it be as our Holy
Thee must not tell as it is veiling
Until the world unveil it by themselves
And then may I rest upon my work
Aye, may I depart to Ye as He or She or They

What what, Ye as He or She or They
Gamut explains that the Holy Spirit
Or the Miracle Creator, or our Holy Creator
Or the One’s many names by the world
Our Holy Creator is not called S/He

But you said He, aye most of the time
We said He but King listen to me as Gamut
Why He not She? She gives life, and He, well
Forgive my fantasy that I go too far
Me as a range, and a series that have many experiences

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Empirical, empiric, empiricism
Doth thou know their words
Oh, thee know it not
I don’t mean you but him
Doth thou know empirical, empiric, empiricism
I wish ye to tell me what they are
But let’s teach thee how to understand them
In Deaf’s way of his mind, oh do not think
That all Deaf people are the same, do not think of it so
But let’s think that one Deaf man, his mind
Doth thou think I am empirical
Or doth thee feel that I am an empiricism
Or should ye sense that I am an empiricist
Or wait for him to answer it to himself
I don’t mean you but him and alone him
Define them, what are they empirical, empiric
Describe for me, or thyself, or for whatsoever
Now tell thee of your knowledge, ye understand
Provoke ye to him or her to him, oh, sorry a riddle
An empirical man comes to a professor
He said, hi professor, how well are thy empiricism
Between our Holy Creator and thy empiric
I wait and wait for thee to tell of thy science
But He who is our Miracle will come to the day
For all us to witness what is matter with our empirics
Whether if let it be foolish or wise, should it be with Him
As long as the Good Will is within us
That we need to awaken ourselves, oh
Remember that I don’t mean you but him and alone him

©️ Ismael Mansoor