The Letter of the Universe

Letter to you,
To tell you how
The words can be.

The bad words come from us –
Woes are thoughts that think bad –
Woes are tongues that speak it.
Woes are the sin that lies us,
One by one, and the next.
So, be kind to your tongue.

You say life’s short,
So stop negative,
Be creative.

© Ismael Mansoor

Just my curious

Today most we say that not good to marry
Our siblings because it’s better to marry
That’s not our relations nor our blood
But back to the ancient where there was
Just one man and one woman where there
Was no one among the two of them
So she begets a child, then children
So what happened to those children?
Were they married to each other?
Or only their parents beget so many
Until they became strangers then married?

©Ismael Mansoor

Imagination is his fantasy…

Imagination is his fantasy
The greatest of all the seers
He is to imagine
Until the day of the Creator’s fate

He only reaches a light heart,
He enters the image of a healing heaven
They feel over his creative imagination
He is ordering them to believe again

The world he finds out wondering him
To his brain, he struggles for true-peace
Life is too mysterious for his sake
He decides to make as imaginations

The heaven thought he imagines of Earth
Awake to understand the existence
Of all the creatures around the Earth
Live to be heaven by the wishing

He thoughts none of hell could stop him
No one could interfere with his imaginations
He is strong in his imagination’s believing,
By his soul inspired by his heartbeat

So humble in his simple wishes
So deep in his inspired soul
Believing like a strong belief
He is almost a mystery

And yet the Creator appears
With His Words saved him automatically
A boy inside a man
He is defenceless to his youth

Beaten by his will of the soul’s belief
He fell into a hidden felt
Perhaps that felt accepts Him
He loved loving his good thought

Now no more assumptions are waiting for him
No more fights for nonsense
This planet where he once lived living,
Doth not allow him to stop breathing

Bright lightness inside him
There is something in him
All that remains of him
Is going through the reality

©️ Ismael Mansoor


I grew growing up as a Deaf person.
I saw seeing what I see with my eyes.
I heard feeling what I hear with my ears.
I felt sensing what I feel with my vibration.
I learnt learning what Hearing did learn.
I studied studying what Hearing did study,
I tried trying what Hearing did try.
I embraced embracing what Hearing did embrace.
I watched watching where Hearing watch.
I followed following who Hearing follow.
I asked, asking what Hearing ask,
I questioned, questioning why Hearing question.
Hearing is proud to be Hearing.
But Deaf is also proud to be Deaf.
Who says no one proud?
Therefore anyone can have the right to be proud.
Anyway, can Hearing accept Deaf;
Can Hearing learn learning the Deaf’s Teaching;
Can Hearing study studying the Deaf’s Deafness;
Can Hearing embrace embracing the Deaf’s Silence?

© Ismael Mansoor

Maybe the time is different from all the timeframe

Some people said that Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is coming soon. Perhaps, our time is so different to his time, as the time of butterflies, the time of cats and dogs, the time of elephants, and the time of tortoises are so different to our time. Like, for cats and dogs in one year would be 6 or 7 years per year. Maybe our 100 years mean 1 year to Jesus Christ’s time, peace be upon him.

© Ismael Mansoor

I know I have been…

Dear everyone,
I know I have been reducing my writings daily,
The reason is that I have not been myself lately.

Dear everyone,
I know I should have kept writing like I did in the beginning,
That I was passionate about my blog,
But there’s one thing
One thing that I don’t think there’s any better about my words
Sometimes methinks no one would encourage me.
Oh, I know that I do have loved ones and my lily,
But sometimes me thinks others are too busy to read my words,
But let me figure out who I am and what I am supposed to do.

Dear everyone,
It is not you that troubles my mind, it is those people,
But methinks that I shall leave them behind me,
And start what I’m supposed to do,
And move forward until I’m on top of the mountain,
Because life has so much to offer so I must earn it.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


My mind swims a lot of storms,
He is a man who loves our Holy Creator,
Thee cannot tell me, a mind of just,
But how they could not swim,
We are sorry that we cannot just,
Well man, I hear you, a thousand times,
But thee know not that knew me.

My mind swims a lot of storms,
I bear my thoughts who read both sides,
Oh, they said, how could he? Thee think so
But we who support and compassion,
Shall not fail the Grace of our Lord,
Our Miracle Creator, yes, the Holy One,
Oh, forgive me that I said it out of me.

My mind swims a lot of storms,
The rhyme is not with my skills,
But let him sign out of the difference,
My mind is not hearing mind, but a mind,
That is different from all the different minds,
Oh, I know, hey, relax, sorry man, I know,
That everyone doesn’t like to hear or see, hey relax
Or I know, I know, I know, hmm, it is their reaction.
When they are angry, don’t say relax, it’s provoking,
But they or thee or I have provoked in some ways,
So, what can you say? Or what can they say? What can I?
Too much deep, it is, and perhaps, he is too deep,
But she who loves him, go out all just to be with him.

My mind swims a lot of the storms,
Ye knew me from my birth to this day,
And after this day, so on and on,
Go where He goes, follow Him,
But thee tell me, who and what name,
Ye knew me from the beginning,
But they close their awareness.

My mind swims a lot of the storms,
Ye said they, ye think so mighty than my water,
But I can live without the need of living creatures,
But we are lazy because it cries out, I prefer another way,
They don’t want to touch the soils, knowing it would save the world,
But they close their awareness, welcome the ignorance to their world.
Wake up, come on, we are not supposed to be this but one home.

© Ismael Mansoor

Passages of Our

My mind said like, “The Lord who gives you a bread of knowledge, and another bread of wisdom, yet all the truth awaits you to unlock thyself. Hence, wait, feel, and patience, for it is fragrant, but thy Lord, no, our Lord, the Miracle Creator is Our. Oh, thee must understand for it is personifying.”

My mind said like, “Strange, I know, yet everyone must riddle themselves in order to understand their books. How can I the Lord be Our if they continue chanting, my God, your God? Thee must understand thy book that was and is writing for every part of you.”

My mind said like, “Every bird should fly, but some don’t. Every fish should stay inside the sea or river, but some lands on and off. Doth thee want the Lord the Almighty repeats Himself? But thee provoke, and said, I am not hearing. Thou said ye art Deaf, but I said before that your ears are lazy.”

My mind said like, “How can you, a man who claims, I am Deaf, is not defining as a hearing person? You know what is in thine soul but you said, I don’t know myself well enough. But I said, you do, but it’s just that you didn’t call Focus or Force.”

My mind said like, “Ye who is quiet to Our but thou doth not pray enough in front of the Holy One. You are quiet before the Almighty, yet ye pray in a way that thee think I can hear. Ye did look upon thine daydreaming, fantasying that Two Hands held ye comfortably. And you saw the Face, but you didn’t see because of the Brighter.”

My mind said like, “It’s kind of teaching that reminds me about what’s the truth and wisdom. But the rain shall river out of the cloud to bring back the truth. Remember, and consider it is personifying.”

© Ismael Mansoor