I’ll need this

Yes, my supernatural gift
Cannot be known when I
Will rise up to the top the
Mountain because my gift
Is improving to be a miracle
Of my faith requests wealth

“Good day, my girlfriend,” said he.
“And you too, my boyfriend,” said she.
“Beware the negative mind,” said he.
“It is an honor to be good,” said she.
“Permit us to stand on love,” said he.
“Jesus said God is love,” said she.

When I talk to my friend, I am like
An optimist – I see another side of
Mine, my light side, because my
The dark side is so wise to let me to
Image the hidden light that comes
Out of it – manifest it, feed it to shine.

“You will tell the world,” said the silence.
“I will tell the world, what?” said a voice.
“Your words will inspire,” said the silence.
“I will put it on my top list,” said a voice.
“You try and get it done,” said the silence.
“Look to be forwarding,” said a voice.

For my mind is Deaf, I learn to inspire,
What I can do to help this hearing world
To obey that order from the Most High,
Whatever hope I have is on from faith,
Reminding others their hope to save it
For we know that negative’s not helping

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I think it is simple

When a person tells you that he/she will talk to you later or tomorrow or next week. Sometimes they don’t keep their words because sometimes they forget to keep their words. That is not like they don’t want to talk to you, but maybe they got some reason why they don’t keep their words — some avoid the truth, some forget, some busy, etc., but you know what, I understand them because they got their reason. If I love them, I let them be because I think that what the best is.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Just go the Miracle Way

Go the Miracle Way
I don’t know how I go the Miracle Way,
I don’t know
But go the Miracle Way,
Just go, and I shall witness
I shall witness with my own eyes,
Better than nothing, better than nothing, yeah, better than nothing
Just go the Miracle Way, and It shall see my path ahead of me,
Just go, yeah, my head says, go and see
Just witness

I shall go the Miracle Way because I think/feel it is the Best Option,
Just go the Miracle Way, and the world will open the door,
I don’t know
I don’t know how the world will open the door,
Just go the Miracle Way, and it shall see my path ahead of me,
I don’t know the Miracle Way,
But go the Miracle Way,
Just go the Miracle Way,
Just go the Miracle Way,
Just go the Miracle Way,

The world goes, its ways, I don’t know what to say,
But the world goes its ways, and I go along with it ways
But my head says, go and see
Just witness
The Miracle Way

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Look inside the body

Look inside the body
Here is the living soul within
So, just look inside the body
One shall think and feel
Oh yes, here is the living soul within
So, live it, like your breath,
I am free to breathe, so free to breathe,
I am a free soul to live, free to experience,
But hence, one shall think and feel,
By choosing what one feeds,
Light or dark, happy or sad, heaven or hell
Up to you, up to me, up to everyone else
Up to the Earth, up to Space, up to the Lord
Up to everything that made us as life-creation
I am not here to judge but judge myself,
Judge yourself before you judge one another
Judge yourself before you point your fingers toward me
Oh yes, live it, yeah, like your breath,
Just live it, and hence, just look at the body,
Here is the living soul within
So, just look then think and feel,
Oh yes, just live it, like your breath,
I am free to breathe, free to experience,
But hence, I shall think and feel,
By choosing what I feed,
Oh yeah, up to me, alone myself, because
I am not here to make it up to you but the Miracle,
So, just live it, and be free to experience as you,
Consciously or unconsciously live.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Power, power, power
Come on, have more power
I don’t mean for the sake of Sin,
But I mean only for the sake of Pure-Soul,
So let us look inside our bodies,
And say, we will find you, and we will touch it
So that we may understand ourselves
For the sake of Pure-Soul,
But the power comes from you, and you shall be able to sense it,
For it is part of you, and it will be forever, part of you
But only you can know what it is in you, only you
So let us find out the knowledge in us to preserve our life

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Oh, could it be a paradox?

Light, light, look! Is he lost?
Time is ripping, oh, he will rewrite
What, what hope do they fear?
In the game, what does one think the world is peaceful?
Should his woman sing a lyric
Enough to shine all over the map
What imagines does she has in her mind?
Fairy, sunrise, rainbow, oh, such rich, and spirit
But how can dusk be a shadow? Should she sing a song?
Sing no to the dirty, no to the flood of runaway!
What smoke clouds their judgments?
Sharp, should it be unbroken, like an eternal gem
Oh, what gems is it a puzzle in the riddle?
One might wonder if it is melody, or is it its charm?
What hero should he be when she kisses his name?
Dance, say agony thing to the war, end all the liars,
Oh, too many traces, too many things to learn to trust
But who should she invite for his picnic?
Surely, all is a riddle, and all is mysterious, oh, could it be a paradox?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Desire Love

They desire to love, said him to her
Their beauty of love is sleeping inside
But they tend to love, always, forever
So, do they know that their beauty of love
Is sleeping inside, waiting for it to wake up?
He said to her, but my love for thou,
Increasing every day, yes, every night!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Thyself must know

Must know when they don’t want to understand
He tells thee, thou, ye, and you,
How much have all loved Him?
They cried, we love and love
Long it lives, and we praise
Long live Love!
But she shouts, long live the Miracle,
And the other one, all hail the Holy One,
But they said, how should we know the riddle?
Open thy mind, thine heart, and your soul.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The simple wants the world…

I am Deaf who opens the words to my writing,
But when thee meet me, ye see me signing,
But if ye speak to me, I will do my best to read you,
And I pray myself to lift my voice when I sign to thou.

Let us eat whatever food can fill our stomachs,
But I pray that what we eat is cleaning ones that come from the Earth,
But if from the meats shall we pray one day,
To end them all for once and all; stopping extinct, cried my mind to me, not to you.

Well, the simple wants the world to simple with us,
But the world is dangerous when you are not with the wildlife,
But if I am a friend to the wildlife, they would not put me in danger,
But they are afraid of us, humankind, aye, they know what we are capable of

©️ Ismael Mansoor