Drink up the figure

To drink up the potion of the miracle,
And to taste it on my miraculous tongue?
A metaphor will do it to me like a speech of a figure,
To write that metaphor, to enlighten my smile?
Speech of figure will wise my hands like signs –
The potion of the miracle will preach to my aligns;
O, a metaphor does the riddle to my mysterious brain.

Inspired by Hafez (The nightingales are drunk)
©Ismael Mansoor

Illusion out of the mind

I can sayest to ye
Yes, yes, yes, yes
I can say more to you
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

I keep feeling that thine feelings
Soon are going to all workout
There’s that kind of the feelings
That makes ye that imaginations
That is why thee live with something
Tell thyself why is it, so thou wanteth to
I want you all the time for ye to knowest
I can saith this to thou always will

Yes, yes, yes,
O I can say more
Yes, yes, yes, yes,
O I can say to more

©Ismael Mansoor

One Time

One Time
My Heart
Down to Sad
First Ignorance
Love Me
Common Isolator
Lonely (Loner Adaptation)

Family To Love
Stuck In The Isolation
I Smile
Runaway Love
Never Show Love
Me quiet
What Should Be Silent
Patient and self-closed
Where Are Love Now

Never Say Never
What Should Be Quiet
Somebody To Love
Up Who
Hidden (Live)
Runaway Love (Remix)
Born To Be Isolator

Only Thing I Ever Get For Life
The Heart Song
Soul Is Expressing To Me
O La La
All I Want For Life Is No-Granted
Home This Home
Good Life
All I Want is True
Home This Home
But Me Silent-Treatment
To Family Love
O La La
I Better Pray
Someday At Family

All Around The Love
As Long as I Love Me
Take Me
Right Here In Real
Catching Feelings
Save By My Spirit
Thought of Patience
Beauty And A Beat
One Time
Be Love
Out Of Zone
Like the Light
Just like Light
Love Light like Light does

Hold heartbreak
All that matters
Hold heartbreak
Heal Moment
Just Heal
Change Attitude
One Life
Look Forward
What’s What
Give it in

©Ismael Mansoor

All have their sad moment

Sad feeling, a moment a minute,
Glow glance, my eyes like the sadder
The feeling-sad reason can say,
Within my inner self, a wonder from the moment,

Sad-spirit, found by my heart,
Liberation, all worries fade away,
Sad-feeling, my mind wants to hide,
Coming tears, an inspiration passing straight,

Personal wish, aye, personal, wish,
The brightest wisher, entering my thought,
Gathered words, sad and understanding’s tale,
Understanding flash, the sadness of the simplicity,

Heal my sad feeling, heal my sadness,
Heal intercourse, one another heal,
Departure depresses, lonely is goodbye,
Unlocked are the gates of the feeling’s kind mercy,

Healing cures inside, the loneliness of mine,
Dare to heal and be healed, remember my demand,
Figure happiness, image safety in shine,
Healing my sad heart, healing on the way.

©Ismael Mansoor

What is the purpose of revealing God to men?

To reveal God to men
is to reveal oneself to God.
Seen is God does Life truly begin;
Life is God, the live God.

God is Life men live in His Life.
God is Love men like grabbing His Love.
God is not Anger- can men dump their angry?
God is not Awful- can men face their awfulness?

God is the Sweetness- can men cherish His Sweetness?
God Life is not Short- can men live Long?
God’s Teaching is Rare- can men win the truth over their lies?
God Memories are sweet and bitter still, He cherishes them.

In order to reveal God to men
is to reveal Truth to oneself.
The feeling is Truth, well, does Life truly tell
God is Life, and Life lives God.

©Ismael Mansoor

Such life may repeat

Life hood memories may surprise
The deep side of the hidden
Will show the truth

Looking at history’s story
Wondered over ever-strange
Fate it will always be so

And when find who is believing a lot
Feelings come stronger
Thinking of felt, inspiring

A felt that again repeats,
What was in the history that stories
And now stores in the scrambled book

But time seems strange things,
The world seeks its changes
While making up a new history

The story of history seems like repeats
Of metaphors falling on Earth’s
When thinking of Earth, it circles

Circle, circle, circle
Even if it’s not the same
Put the repeat on, give it chances

Because today seeing through tomorrow
Always understand the past of the tense
The present is coming to make tense realise

Circle, circle, circle
Circle for life till it is over
Till the struggle is ending till feel its truth

The steel of lies and rubbishes they will be in the bin
Inside the bin, they will fight each other
That’s leading them to the realisation

Defeat the repeat once and for all
Holy will set the Earth free from the rubbish
And the Earth will embrace Holy’s sacred

History’s chain will spread stories,
Break the chain from all the worries
Ready to take peace onto its histories

Love one another, inside they are victorious
Love them equal, inside they are generous
So can say, it’s time for miraculous

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Imagination is his fantasy…

Imagination is his fantasy
The greatest of all the seers
He is to imagine
Until the day of the Creator’s fate

He only reaches a light heart,
He enters the image of a healing heaven
They feel over his creative imagination
He is ordering them to believe again

The world he finds out wondering him
To his brain, he struggles for true-peace
Life is too mysterious for his sake
He decides to make as imaginations

The heaven thought he imagines of Earth
Awake to understand the existence
Of all the creatures around the Earth
Live to be heaven by the wishing

He thoughts none of hell could stop him
No one could interfere with his imaginations
He is strong in his imagination’s believing,
By his soul inspired by his heartbeat

So humble in his simple wishes
So deep in his inspired soul
Believing like a strong belief
He is almost a mystery

And yet the Creator appears
With His Words saved him automatically
A boy inside a man
He is defenceless to his youth

Beaten by his will of the soul’s belief
He fell into a hidden felt
Perhaps that felt accepts Him
He loved loving his good thought

Now no more assumptions are waiting for him
No more fights for nonsense
This planet where he once lived living,
Doth not allow him to stop breathing

Bright lightness inside him
There is something in him
All that remains of him
Is going through the reality

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Fulfilling hunger through the spirit

I will feed thee, said Holy,
But hence, be clean to thy mind,
Then it will lead you to a cleansing world,
From there they teach thou of thy hygiene,
Then all those who clean will come,
And say like, finally, we can merge,
Because they are now cleansing.

What’s happening to me?
To me shall I pour out my spirit,
To word those grammars,
Then all say to themselves, like,
What’s happening to us?
To us shall we pour out our spirits,
To word those grammars,
Oh, such is a repetition.

The struggler said to me, “What’s in thine must come out of the book of ye, for every part of thou must show the world of thine sweats out of thy body, for the world must know me to preserve.” And the Miracle said, “I shall be the light that has no shadow upon it.”

If thee want to seek the Most Hight,
Won’t be thou seeking what is inside?
For every part hath their covering,
Like the Earth covers all that inside her,
In the same way, we cover all that inside us,
Yeah, organs, cells, and more are in us that is covering.

They said,
Express out from thy chest,
Out, out, then thee will feel better,
But hence, the suggestion, express only,
To the air where no one canst see ye,
Or to thy trust one that all is entrusting.

I come to you, like bestowing, the Bright will send himself to a world of sin, then he will change it from dark to light, then all will come to me, saying like, why did you put light on?

Ye come to me, saying like, art thou deaf? How canst ye act like deaf while thou speak well like me? Thou might deceiveth with thy appearance. Then I to ye, saying like, art thou hearing? How can you act like hearing while thee sign well like me? Then all is eish.

It’s time to think,
What we can make,
The best of our life.

©️ Ismael Mansoor