Pride is not for me

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Proud said they but not me that love saying proudly
Oh, thee want to distinguish my hood if I did proudly
Oh ya, how could I not be imperfect, oh, look at my ears
They are not as well-hearing, but they dim any sound
Once Dumb and Mute had given to me but I took it not
I declared it to some that said Mute, my voice is not mute
As well as I would break down Dumb with you to define

I can shout or scream with my voice even if they are not for you to hear
I can voice that misunderstands ye, or I can gibberish
I can learn and speak it properly and then you say that my accent is
Well, I can say what I can if I am to with the confidence

Proud said they but not me that love saying proudly
Oh, thee want to distinguish my hood if I did proudly
Oh ya, they did sayth, thou art show-off or thee think ye are clever
And also did they sayth, thou never stop talking back, give it rests
I did not talk back because I wanted to be pride
I did talk because the mind kept giving me other words to sign
They were a need to shut up the words that were not in good

I can tell myself what I need to think
And also can I tell myself to think twice

The words could think of me a billion times
Various words could prepare for me to stand the photosynthesis
And other various words could sing for me to misunderstand
Until one day I would come to a sense that sayth
Write to them as the books and then shall I sail ye to more
Riddle, paradox, outside the box, and I know them not
For they remain secrets that stores in my soul waiting for me

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Well, well, hmm, how well

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Well is what we can say to ourselves
Be well to ye, to him or her, and them
How well is thy water to thy thirsty
Or how well is thy thirsty to thy fasting
Thou know what is a glory to ye
But he who has a glorying heart
Is he better than he who has a glorying mind
Or he who has the glorying mind is better than a man
Who has our Holy Creator’s glory
They sought to ye the better who have His glory
How well are you to thyself forasmuch how well it is
You tell me what I should do, hence should I tell you too
Fair may it be, but if thy degree control me, He breaks it for me
But if thy authority, thy power tries to dismiss me He will stop thee
How well art thy faith for Him, ye know that prayer should pray
Well is how to depend on thee of thy prayer, thy faith
That’s what the fantasy images of me, oh my fantasy, such a devotion

©️ Ismael Mansoor