All for all

He told her, I want to save the world,
But she said, include all the animals, plants, and other living things?
Well, ye see to the Mercy, and ask, how can we be saved?
But also go to the Redemption, and ask, how can we be forgiven?
For the forefathers and foremothers, they are in us,
So we must strive the best of the better than they were in their times.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

How much can be anything?

How much doth thou, the breath, gain as much as the sand?
And how much doth thou, the breather, inhale and exhale daily?
How much ye think it is for the riddle to find out?
Should I cease being a questioner or carry on to find out the seeker?
Well, how much there are, or how much here is, define please, we want.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

At Your Own Pace

If ye swear words a lot like if ye say, fucked up
Does it mean thou art also fucked up?
I believe all of us humans knew what the world is today,
And if you are still saying that the world is fucked up,
Does it mean that ye ‘re not willing to help the world,
Because thou think thee art fucked up?

A true human who does not say the world is fucked up
But one who believes they are going to help the world,
No matter what other humans tell them how humans think
The nature of the Earth does not change for us,
Because humans are the one that brings them upon our lands

So now still saying, fucked up? Thou art free what thee think
But I think when thou sayth, fucked up, I see ye as that way
Thou has not contributed thyself to the Earth nor our Creator,
Because when thou art fucked up, it’s not healing thoughts
Like shit, bullshit, a lot of swears words, yet they are not healing.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Opening into the Woods

I am inspiring to ye,
I am inspiring to ye,
Thee, thou, and you,
Are not a damn in the heart,
But in the smart,
For all have done, heard or seen,
All have said, every word, every sentence,
Everything the system,
Then they will inspire you,
And all must accept it.
Oh, sweet, how well art thee
Who is not perfect-peaceful mind?
The Earth has shown how she inspires ye,
But we have gone too much creative,
Like a state of believable mind
“We are doing our jobs the best we can give,”
Then the Earth asks, why did thou not help me?
I was and am thine inspiration,
But thee feel me not, for my heart feels thine feet,
With my opening, understanding
According to the Soul,
But I need thee to inspire me, help all that is beautiful,
But your mind thinks differently, not like me who gives you,
Food and drinks, even other things
But I am going to say as my representation of the Earth,
I shall warn the climates and the elements to prepare
What’s come to be done, and it must be done,
For what’s come to go around
So why do ye eat our animals?
I know thee art hungry like me hungry absorbing the Sun,
But would ye like to eat grass?
No? Aw, why not?
I am not thine craziness, says the Earth,
But if ye make me, I shall warn those support me to be prepared!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Survival of Mother Earth within a thought

Why does the greedy need so much more than enough?
If it is for to give to others, it will be great,
But if not, how could it be for ye to ‘ve more than just?
I do not understand how thine brain works like this way,
But the forgive will tell ye, “Forgive the good-provoke,
For they just want ye to open with thine wide eyes.”
We are not alone, so think about us, but ye went thine way,
Thinking all about you, such narcissistic, such ego!
But one day they the good ones will come to take over,
And ye will not ‘ve all just for ye, because it will be for sharing,
But such a fantasy, such daydream to wish all that come,
But the soul within the Earth shall not be in vain.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Ye need what? Water and food which is in non-killing,
But someone says you kill the plant the moment you cut off their stem.
Well, well, said somebody else, the plant has their regeneration,
Reproduction, photosynthesis, what’s more?
If thee need food that is from the killing,
How many more blood will thereupon thine hands?
Everyone is gone to the loss of their mind, and a saviour come out of the blue,
Saying, see? It is meats that astray us, for their souls was sad before their death,
And ye ate them, the depression and the anger of being slavery is inside your stomach,
Absorbing all that feeds all parts of the body; they already consume.
Now ye come to me with thine questions, so much for me to answer, but ye shall not expect me,
Because I say what ye shall expect from the Miracle, for He is All-Knowing.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Shall We?

The provoke said, “Why are you here?”
The chuckle, “Ye knew not the whole time.”
“Well,” said the man of hope not false,
“I want ye to see me how the reality defines,
Then ye will not provoke me,
Neither I to ye.”
But the provoke chuckles, “Either way I to ye,
I shall provoke ye if the patient is not in ye,
But if thou thorn the impatience, well done!
For the Lord, our Creator is the Patience,
Then only we can understand ourselves, truthfully.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

To Twist The Tales From…

What does the Signer want from him? It has been riddled, for sure, but his mind pays the respect’s gesture, and said to the Signer, “I shall sign language that dialect from you. WILL ME SIGN WHY? ME UNDERSTAND EASY COMMUNICATE. Though, I may use English to interpret sign language, but what you sign is not English, but sign language.”

Well, you know English is very strict, very fussy.
Well, for me, I think English rules with grammar,
And the sentence, and also everything about the English language,
Well, I heard that some spoken languages are similar,
Well, to South African Sign Language, or so I thought,
That they are flexible with subject, verb, object

What would the Language’s founder know about various languages if they have not researched enough about them? How the Voice can tell them from their mind and speak out of their mouth. Then I come out of the Earth with my one piece of the body, not speaking but signing, the hands speaking!


Somebody would say, what is he thinking? Where does it lead to
But although, the Life knew everyone, but also the Death
Because they say it is Him that gives life, and then He takes them
But well, I come to Him in mind, saying, it shall be Thee
That one day everything else is miraculous, and all will say, that’s it?

That’s it? The Remember of the Miracle always performs the remembrance’s miracle. It is how the riddle dances, the Miracle shall perform all to seal all ones’ mouths or hands even thoughts, “They won’t word this, you are a demon.”

Then somebody would say, what was he thinking? While they at home
Busy thinking, what was he thinking? Then their soul preach to themselves
As if they bought the gold’s tongue that serves the Lord our Holy Creator
Oh yeah, they get it; he is right to think that is miraculous for everyone
To exist why they are on the Earth and why their languages so many.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


A word is something to think about what’s necessary,
But thee think, a little bit of what can save us,

Wait, wait a bit. I need my eyes staying by both of you,
Because I need to understand where it begins and where to end it.

I love you because you found me, but you also love me because I found myself.
Beneath, it is understandable for Whoa to be stable with the world,
But we are not in it, but with the world that we can see what’s inside,
But the law won’t let us in, or else I will make more riddles.

Then everything else is neath, and everything around it is beneath, 
And what’s above is neath, but what’s below is beneath,
But I know myself what is and what is not, for I am not your mind.

I speak out of mind, yet they act upon the frozen, but I melt their ices,
And suddenly they come out of the fire, but I quickly water their lavas.
For one who can turn lava into water, they can swift to cool down the heat,
But the one who can turn the world into silent he can swift to break the silent,
The law must be abided by, but it can bid, yet it demands the order of the system.

Whoa, whoa, water the lava? Such a power, but silence the world? Like a god.

But there are no gods except Him.

Wait, back to the order of the system, what do you mean, Riddle?

The first and the last,
The first, it was Him that begins the course of our fates,
And the last, it shall be Him that ends the course of the death.

You are making more riddles.

The first it is Him that is remaining Life,
And the last, if every single one give up the living faith,
Everything will die, He will be only Life.

Not you too but enough with this of my staying too long.
Too long Riddle, and goodwill Beneath

Well, start with the building block of all your wholeness.


©️ Ismael Mansoor

Stormy Minds

PROVOKE. Fool man, you keep me provoking you,
Because you let your words fool me, or make me sleepy,
So, how could you confuse his mind that he is in your world?
Your world is full of craps and nonsense, so should I tell Hades?
To prepare for your corruption and the suffering you made upon the world?
Oh, your face thinks that I am friends with Hades? No, not him, but his brother,
Zeus, the king of all the gods, and the creator of all the world,
But what about Ra? Also, the king of all the gods, and the creator of all the creation,
But also, what about every language, the name of their God? I know not what is in your head,
But I shall warrant your rule that controls the darkness, but what about Anubis? 
If it is not for Hades, what would Anubis think when someone praises a different word?
If I say, Shiva, or Bellona, or Merlin, even his friend, King Arthur, or what about others?
Too many names to mention, but what say you of your mind?

DUNNO. Enough to toy with me, but look me for another reason, for I know nothing,
That the words in you play the toy with yourself

©️ Ismael Mansoor