You believe nothing?

Did you say,
You do not believe,
Oh, okay,
Do you breathe every day?
You believe in breathing,
Do not you!

© Ismael Mansoor

The endless truth within one’s soul

Her words welcome the light;
She sticks to the non-sick of right.

She is a woman who studies life,
Of the truth that only comforts,
She so clear, like the pure water,
Due to her figure of heaven –

Her words welcome the light;
She sticks to the non-sick of right.

Describable and explanation,
Lays in her back of mind –
It could say this’s her subconscious;
Clear abstract to her imaginations.

Her words welcome the light;
She sticks to the non-sick of right.

What does life give her in
The hope and miracle?
Where is the news? She will figure
Miraculous words and truth.

She reads the Ten Commandments to face the truth,

The Ten Commandments forbid sins.
How could one follow this when one is sinning –
Is one not being educated nor being taught?
The endless truth within one’s soul that one knew –
When you see the lava, one knew one could not touch it.

Inspired by Hafez (The nightingales are drunk)
© Ismael Mansoor

What art thou looking for?

Earth uses the light,
The sun summons
The Warmth.
The atmosphere has
Protected the sky –
The sky felt the heat.
Earth is consuming,
By the Warmth.
If she is not stopping,
The atmosphere will
Protect the sky.
The Sun has the power,
To warm this Earth.
Sun is but a name.
The True-Sun of the fire
Is the light himself
Sun knows he gives what
The living flesh can not.
No one can stand against
The sun alone.

O, from my imagination, it moves
With fantasy and fancy, my heart roll
To read my mind give the movies it drives,
And driven that moves do movies- it skills,
That becoming of real movies
Who thought that how to image imaging
That in here very fantasy and love
That here is such mine imagination,
That, in my heart, feels like a miracle.

Come to feel my random writes,
And you’ll have to read and read
Beyond the words, my way of style.
My randomness will be like the
The sky that tells the story to the
Earth about how beautiful the
Stars with joy to watch shines.

Thou willeth hath to protect thine hope.
Thee need hope to protect ye.
What art thou looking for?

If you want to be like me,
I would suggest, no good idea,
Why? You know the facts,
That’s beautiful to be you,
Than be somebody else.
But if you think that is you,
It would not be beautiful,
I would say this to you,
You need the love inside you,
To recognize that you are

Thou art the master of thy body-ship, not default
Thee, a master of thine fate, not default
Ye need you to drive your life through breath;
You will see you get the chance by faith.

© Ismael Mansoor

I am neither real-nor-true

I went to my thoughts,
It was saying like,
We wait for you to gym us.

Alight for the day!
For the day of your self is at your hand,
And as a choice from your self shall it decide,
The seed is deciding by water.

A personification comes to my thoughts,
I am neither real-nor-true,
But a word that sounds real,
Which define me correctly.

Poetry asks ye of thine expression,
And Prose wants ye of thine thinking,
Then let it teaches thou of all session,
Then might it be thine trumping?

The man who believes in his faith,
Then such is a cliche in his strength,
Then thee and I might clash no more,
Hail, hail, well, no more then all is good.

Awesome, awesome, and you are great-awesome!
No matter what others say about you,
Let your awesomeness shine the world,
So that their words may leave in peace.

© Ismael Mansoor

Sign Language

A baby is born
Held lovingly by his mother
His parents share the joy,
Of their precious arrival

The little boy grows,
And plays boyish games,
While his mom cooks
She smiles sweetly at him,
She calls him
But the playing continues.
His dad comes home
And he calls, calls, calls…
The realisation
Something is not right,
Means a trip to the audiologist

The test begins with earphones,
And checking sound levels,
The little boy could hear only a few sounds,
The audiologist confirmed
And met with the parents to say
“He is deaf,”
The parents feel the loss,
But determined to remain positive,

The little boy grows up,
And his parents take him to a hearing school,
There he sits at the desk in front of the hearing children and the teacher,
The teacher speaks about the work,
And the boy tries his best
He looks at the hearing pupils,
As they speak to one another
He tries to follow their conversation,
During social time
He wanders in the hearing community,
Trying desperately to understand the words,
It’s a struggle
And it feels so hard,
But the boy never gives up,

As he grows to become a teenager
His teacher watches him and understands his feelings,
She calls a meeting with his parents,
And the parents accept he must go to a school for the deaf,

So he goes to the school for the Deaf,
He sits at the desk in front of the Deaf pupils and teacher,
The teacher signs “Good morning everyone,”
The boy suddenly feels something special,
He looks at the Deaf pupils,
They chat in sign language to each other,
He tries to follow the conversation,
During social time
He wanders in the Deaf community,
He understands a lot,
There is no struggle,
The boy becomes happier,
Sign Language is in his heart,

As time passes
He completes his matric,
And after some time
He completes his university degree,

As time passes
The boy becomes a man.
And he looks at the two worlds,
In the Deaf world
He enjoys spending time with the Deaf Community,
Who understands sign language?
Sign Language is always precious in his heart.
In the hearing world
He enjoys spending time with family, friends, colleagues and others,
And tries to follow the Oral conversations,
But Sign Language is always precious in his heart.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Think about it thought my mind

The most powerful man, oh, wait, wait,
He will fetch me with his body,
What the powerful man, I can devise myself
But the Earth lengthen my prolonged life
Oh, such a fantasy, such a long-thinking-wish

You tell me how to live a long life,
At the same time, saving the world we rent for free,
But the man who set up the system to rent for luxury,
What would you think about the Earth? If she, one day,
Dare to show her hand, I want my money, pay me up now.

The most powerful man, oh, what you would think,
He will tell himself, I who set up the system for renting,
Now she, the Earth, finally dares, I demand your rents,
Die or pay me, tornado or money, which one?
My ultimate elements, or money to fill my satisfaction

Which one? faith, hard, well, man, think now what saves us
The Earth gives us lots of time, plenty, plenty, but we must sing,
The grace may well say, quoted by Shakespeare, the grace may well say
I have heard you, so put down your weapon, or she, the Earth’s weapon,
Or do you still face her and say to her face, your sphere is mine?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Life lesson

The Miracle Creator is in my heart,
But I told Him, how can I save the Earth?
I was not a great man to change her discourse,
But He implants the words in my thoughts,
The wisdom to the path of the tree roots,
The little voice shouts, we, together, can do it.
Who says the impossible? If your spirit is with our Lord,
The Miracle Creator we shall not say impossible,
We shall say possible, oh, look at many inventors,
They made the possible from the impossible,
So have more faith in oneself than the little faith.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Out of control

Dialogue style

You are quiet.
What if I say you are noisy.
You are rude.
I also think that you are rude.
Well, man, why don’t you shut your mouth?
Wow, you are so out of control.
Why do you think I am out of control?
Leave it.
What do you think I am out of control?
You told me to shut my mouth.

©️ Ismael Mansoor