There is will in ye

Ye can develop what thee seek,
Oh, marvellous!
Look at the mirror it wants you to see what you are,
Now I repeat,
Ye can develop what thee seek,
Oh, marvellous!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Thine free will

I am my free will, so do you, but the thoughts, “One man not free all men free?”
It is our minds that scripts our thoughts, saying like, up to ye to thine will.
I can say that life helps ye 10%, but ye help thine self 90%.

Well, what doth I with 90% that offers my body to do something?
Shall I turn my orbit around the Most High, the Lord, our Creator?
Aye, choose who thee orbit, aye, choose, for it is thine free will.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

nature is essential

Nothing can ye change the heart of the trees,
’cause they will grow forever,
Or else doth thou haveth any miraculous idea?
No thanks to the destructive idea,
But I pray thee for us to give thanks to the trees,
For it is them that covers the air all over the Earth,
Or thou can explain those things to me as if I know nothing,
But I encourage ye to think of the trees, the living greens.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Followers seek the path of righteousness

If thou, a follower to the outside world, shall never find what they seek,
But if thou, a follower to the inner world, shall find it, for ye, an understanding,
How ye understand one another if thou doth not understand thyself, thy own book,
Or else, should the perfect honours ye that thou are holy, such 100% non-sin

See the pause here waiting for someone to speak what is necessary, really matter,
But thee come to me as a follower, saying, “What should I do to follow you?”
“For I, myself, prefer to follow ye forever and ever,” but I told ye,
“Follow me not for ye follow not as a follower to thine soul.”

Then he walks in with truth, saying, “See to my followers how many I have.”
“And even though I have so many but I follow no one spiritually.”
Then she dashes to him, “If you solely focus on thyself, I pray thee to be non-sinful.”
But the followers of his laughing at her as if they take pictures with the ignore.

“What?” said somebody, “How is thy mind? What art thou trying to show me,”
“As a picture that fills much mysterious, much follows to the chanting,”
“Like the mountain that lets water river their road upon their strategy?”
“The speaker will sign for the signer, as have long the signer for the speaker!”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Dream, Faith and Hope

How well art thee to thine life that has been taught ye of thine memory?
Ye carry on with thine dream, thy faith, and your hope,
For they any part of thou, will always be parts of thee, forever part in ye,
So now come out of the star, out of the light, and lo,
Everything else will always be everything else, so who will ye be forever?
She and he might tell thee of their reeks in seeking hope,
Saying like, who will ye be? and we will welcome ye to the world of free will,
So here I sign, DEAF, forever part in me, forever the repetition,
That will tell thee, let we pray the repetition, “The Holy Creator be with us, amen.”

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Unfold your dream unto thine thoughts,
Then let it manifests to the reality,
And all will come to the right sought,
So that ye may ‘ve all thy ability.

Each new year to all of the world,
May all the miraculous things come,
So that may all merry to the best,
Let the challenge be the Miracle.

Then ye and I come to our years,
Saying like how well art us to our world
Thee and I must not, biased on “I,”
But we will wait to hear and see “We.”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

All for all

He told her, I want to save the world,
But she said, include all the animals, plants, and other living things?
Well, ye see to the Mercy, and ask, how can we be saved?
But also go to the Redemption, and ask, how can we be forgiven?
For the forefathers and foremothers, they are in us,
So we must strive the best of the better than they were in their times.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

How much can be anything?

How much doth thou, the breath, gain as much as the sand?
And how much doth thou, the breather, inhale and exhale daily?
How much ye think it is for the riddle to find out?
Should I cease being a questioner or carry on to find out the seeker?
Well, how much there are, or how much here is, define please, we want.

©️ Ismael Mansoor