A mixed thought?

I have so much to tell myself,
If I am selfish, how could I?
When I was a child, my parents were feeding me,
Looked after me, and so much more to say,
They gave me food and drink to satisfy my body.
So if I am selfish, I tell you that I have learned nothing,
But if not, I tell you that I have gained such importance in life.
You get me, no, I ask, I get myself?
It is important to know oneself, like important knowing one’s book,
So, the sky reminds me that everything is blue and night with stars,
That everything inside, it should be taken care of the good things.
Well, I know everything that I think of, is such a deep one.
Riddle would reek that the words like, thee seek then peek thyself,
Strange, seek that meek upon such week, thought but I would
Sayth to thou, my mind is just but fantasy that has many words.
Honour and belief in the vein, it shall be like the vine,
But bear with the words that scripts, yeah such a ring-riddle.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Say it out of the air

You disappoint me.
Issues of tone in your language
At least I speak the truth, not the closing-heart.
Well, I disappoint you for what.
You are defending because you don’t like the truth.
Well, I don’t like your tone.
My tone, well done for focusing on it, not the truth, you know.
What? You hurt
No, we hurt the Earth for not being truthful to ourselves!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Hygge (A collaborative poem)

Dear everyone, Joy and I wrote this fourth collaborative poem called Hygge.
Her writing is in italic and mine is bold.

Hygge tell thee, how is thine comfort zone
Hygge is a personification but a word of name
He tells thee, my comfort zone is empty
For I travel out of it, and never return to it
I am content, cosy, and comfortable 
But if ye follow me walk out of thine comfort zone
Then only can you know the essence of Hygge

Hygge is not complacency–
It is instead a steady, thrumming heartbeat
That comes in the time after seeking solace.
Go out in search of Hygge.  Once found,
Hygge will say to thee, “Be still,
Be quiet, and be patient.
Take some time to rest
And let these moments flow in peace.”

I hope everyone found a little bit of peace from this poem. Everyone deserves some hygge in their life.


You tell me, love me, and I will love you back. But I tell you what, the Miracle Creator who is our Holy Creator, He keeps giving you love that you deserve. But if your thoughts don’t dwell on the Grace of our Lord, it is you that will bring the ungrace of our enemy upon yourself, for you think not of your body’s gratitude, but the mind of the troubling thoughts.

© Ismael Mansoor

I find it so interesting

When you said, “My God.” I find it so interesting because it sounds that your God is here for you, not for me. But I tell you what, our Holy Creator is not your God or mine. But if you still say, it is your God? I will answer, the God who made life, stars, trees, plants, bacteria, animals, fish, human, air, everything, everything, and everything. So, is it still your God not ours?

© Ismael Mansoor