Riddle says hello Fantasy

Fantasy Well then, alright. Now, Animal will go to the temple of the Earth, While Fish swims up the temple’s shore of the Earth, They look ahead, in front of a man with his woman, The path which leads to the temple of the Earth; Highlight Repetition The path which leads to the temple ofContinue reading “Riddle says hello Fantasy”

the atmosphere of characters

Riddle I said to you, every season always start, Then you are great, alight? Let those made be fates, ya? Well, see ye. Fantasy Peace goes to see me, And he acts like a captain, He says to the air I will make him, And he turns to me, comes with me. Fantasy Art thouContinue reading “the atmosphere of characters”

Hungry for Freedom

Fantasy A long time ago, Saviour went out of the Earth,And he never comes back.Well, no one saw him back. Fantasy Why must I eat every day?Why is my hunger- my enemy?If I don’t find something to feed it,It is a threat to my whole body,Why? My hunger will absorb my flesh,That’s the way ifContinue reading “Hungry for Freedom”

Rumbles of Consciousness

Fantasy I go to talk to Daydream,Saying like,Fantasy is that I got a gift-word,Then I went to thine world,The daydreaming mystic. Fantasy My high one, I heard your power is unimaginable,Fathom, such formal to rule such a power,But ye heard I am Daydream’s servant.Well, excuse me, Provoke approached me,Who was fearless with his words.He wasContinue reading “Rumbles of Consciousness”


Fantasy A scene is seeing me walking out of a door,I am wearing like a surfer, but no skin shows,People bow down to Prayer, and they turn to me,All is silent for a long time,Prayer then walks toward me,I see Prayer has a hopeful look on his face,And I turn to Prayer, walk along withContinue reading “EFFECTS OF A MAN”

Hope sounds comfortable

The Great Spirit whispered to the Hope“You are the Hope of the Universe,”“An unbroken line of the Great Light.”So the Hope stood in front of the FearWhile millions of spirits watched them HopeI am the Hope,The spirit ofThe Universe.And I am hereTo stop Fear. FearYou are the HopeOf no universe.You are for despairSome spirits followMeContinue reading “Hope sounds comfortable”

Hard To Say But…

“Good grief” said the delay. “How well are you holding up?”“Well,” said the struggling mind, “Hard to say but like a whirlpool,”“That too many words mixed goes in, well, they are not tidying properly, well, yup,”And the delay said, “But how well are your whirlpools not pool well-pool?”“Well, good grief,” sighed the struggling mind, “ButContinue reading “Hard To Say But…”

Once will always be?

“If I tell thou about me,” said Life, “will ye have peace with the secret, seal thine mouth for me?” “Yeah,” said Gossiper, “I will keep thine words, and zip my mouth for thou.” “But never believe Gossiper, for they never keep their words, for once gossip, will always be gossip!” ©️ Ismael Mansoor

The wording in apprehension

What a day, said the simple, what a night,How well in ye of thine life?And the tiny simple said, how well in ye?The form to the core said the riddle,What such work to such noble in thine reason,How to ignore art thou, aw, look at the poverty,Those are such a day, such a night, suchContinue reading “The wording in apprehension”