The imagination planes on the view,
Bee is in it, and Windy looks at him,
She said I carry your wings whatever you need,
Because my spirit is always with you.

The imagination planes on the world,
Bee flies all around it, and Windy quickly grabs him,
She said, forgive me that I blow you,
So hard that drains your wings’ energy.
Bee smiles, and he fuzzies, with honey,
He said to her, I can turn the world into a garden,
Don’t you think so? Let my joy and share.
All is well, the imagination cherishes.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


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I would like to share you two images from my book called A Collection of My Unspoken Deepest Thoughts: Volume 1.

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You can see that I use personification to describe word that define emotion or philosophy…

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Life or death

Life goes, and he does his things, is what Lifelike,
But Death records all Life’s accords.
Oh, how could ye live forever?
If He, our Holy Creator let ye live forever,
Here I will come to thou and sayth,
Teach it to me so that I may learn, good luck,
The world has all the records inside their soils.
So, how could we all know the past of our fore-families,
But rest assured, the alight of all these things,
Should we make ourselves successors or the Earth’s saviours?
Up to us, or the sheep waits for their Lord to not slaughter them.
Suppose Life protects himself from Death,
But how Life protects thee if ye try to destroy him?
I think Death said like, I will destroy that they try to destroy you.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I would tell thee so many things

How could thee carry with thy yoke?
The yoke imprisons our Mother Earth,
Oh, oh, ye fight with me ‘cause thou art not happy,
But, but, and but I would tell thee so many things,
Alas, thee would flee to But, and say excuses,
Like me, that also flee to him with excuses,
I cannot fly, I cannot behave like our Holy Creator!
Like But that has so many things to say but,
Thee, oh the bee must protect by thee;
Thou protect their stings for Life.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

What belongs, belongs there forever!

Oh, oh, oh, ye made those things by thine hands,
But did thee ask thyself if they are for the Earth’s benefit?
Or for thy money’s sake? Thee must think when to take
Something that belongs to the Earth and alone her.

Oh, oh, oh, thee cannot tell me that the trees belong to Humankind,
Nor ye can say to me that every animal belongs to Men and Women,
Nor thee cannot be on the Earth’s behalf if thou stole their home,
Something to remind about what’s the truth, yeah, we know.

Oh, oh, oh, thou think I am perfect, to tell thee of all the perfect things.
I tell you, what the truth about me is, I am like thou that are imperfect,
But I cannot pretend that everything is fine, nor I favour Ignorance,
We cannot let any bad bacteria or virus to steal all our nutrients.

© Ismael Mansoor

Every Star is Different

Every star is different, or I thought so
Ye save thyself for thy body
Thou want milk, but I want water
Thee want the blood to eat to fill thy stomach
But one day shall I eat only fruits and vegetables
For He who created Life and Death with their duties
Life is to give life, and Death awaits for those lives
We pay the price that one day one will die for that cause
The price to take a life other life must die one day
Every planet pays the price to orbit around the sun
Or so I thought, or so thine thoughts, or so our life
Such a riddle to speak for the cause that is paradoxes
Ye threw thy stone but not thy body, so now sample
It is the fantasy that dreams upon my head

©️ Ismael Mansoor