Surely it is your job

Ye believed the faith before
And now still ye with the faith?
It gave ye a miracle of thine life,
So, be faithful who has taught thyself,
Thine belief, but thee, have to focus,
On the good feelings
Surely, love will not reject you,
Nor will thy spirit
But it is your job that thee must feel,
All the good things in ye

©️ Ismael Mansoor


A day is forever a day, and so does forever night,
So, he says, dare not if ye dare to look down on thyself,
And she says, do not go there if thou art low-esteem,
And they say, do not do it if thou doth not know what thee art doing.

Life itself will not wait for thou, as does time wait for no one,
So, he says, do not abandon thyself for thee need thine self,
And she says, do not destroy the dream that will bring to the reality,
And they say, do not waste thine self, for time is essential.

As long as ye can breathe forever thou art life,
And as long as ye, alive, can respect for life before thee,
For the time is essential, forever, and ever,
So, make thine self-worth of thine life.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Love is not biased

Thy love is thine understanding how much is in thy heart,
But the love itself is the understanding of the one,
How can thee walketh in the love’s shoes
If ye say you love thy family, but not some of your friends,
How can thine relatives love thine cow while you slaughter them?
Ye say to me, thou art hunger, but is it love to slaughter for thy hunger?
Thou could sayth to me, you are hypocritical, for I too have put their blood inside my body,
Saying to all of my organs, cells, and all the things within, have you satisfied?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

nature is essential

Nothing can ye change the heart of the trees,
’cause they will grow forever,
Or else doth thou haveth any miraculous idea?
No thanks to the destructive idea,
But I pray thee for us to give thanks to the trees,
For it is them that covers the air all over the Earth,
Or thou can explain those things to me as if I know nothing,
But I encourage ye to think of the trees, the living greens.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Followers seek the path of righteousness

If thou, a follower to the outside world, shall never find what they seek,
But if thou, a follower to the inner world, shall find it, for ye, an understanding,
How ye understand one another if thou doth not understand thyself, thy own book,
Or else, should the perfect honours ye that thou are holy, such 100% non-sin

See the pause here waiting for someone to speak what is necessary, really matter,
But thee come to me as a follower, saying, “What should I do to follow you?”
“For I, myself, prefer to follow ye forever and ever,” but I told ye,
“Follow me not for ye follow not as a follower to thine soul.”

Then he walks in with truth, saying, “See to my followers how many I have.”
“And even though I have so many but I follow no one spiritually.”
Then she dashes to him, “If you solely focus on thyself, I pray thee to be non-sinful.”
But the followers of his laughing at her as if they take pictures with the ignore.

“What?” said somebody, “How is thy mind? What art thou trying to show me,”
“As a picture that fills much mysterious, much follows to the chanting,”
“Like the mountain that lets water river their road upon their strategy?”
“The speaker will sign for the signer, as have long the signer for the speaker!”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

This is something the riddle thinks about

Hm, mm, whispered my mind, I tell thee what,
Come and control me, thou shall know everything,
Even knowing everything else that you know it not,
Then I will control thee that you shall know the Free-Will,
Then we together are controlled by the Free-Will-In-The-Non-Killing,
So, how about it? Come or thee think, I am I, or come to We-Are-We,
Up to thou, not to me, but ye, you heard me, even seeing me,
Well, then should we be thou, and thou find none in us-be-you
But let you be as we, then thou find in us-be-us
Now thou understand? No, or yes? This is something the riddle thinks about

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Thyself must know

Must know when they don’t want to understand
He tells thee, thou, ye, and you,
How much have all loved Him?
They cried, we love and love
Long it lives, and we praise
Long live Love!
But she shouts, long live the Miracle,
And the other one, all hail the Holy One,
But they said, how should we know the riddle?
Open thy mind, thine heart, and your soul.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

My Deaf Mind

Beneath, beneath, goodwill, well, riddle,
How doth thou like if I sign a paradox,
About how a sheep defeat all the predators?
Neath, neath, look up to the goodwill of our Lord,
The Miracle Creator, how you and I know not much
Of our Lord, the One who the world fights for His Name
But if ye ‘ve got the secret that thee keep them in hidden,
How defy art thou before the Most High, the Almighty One?
Defy, defy, then every one of the Earth cries out to Him,
Fix me, help me, and restore my soul for the sake of our Lord,
But they might ask themselves, is it He or She or They or Whoever
Can see me when I am alone, and whoever can see my thoughts,
Shall the One be called that I decide upon myself, such a man who
Just understand himself as the Deaf Mind, and joins the DEAF WORLD,
Then you come to me I can fix you, join the Hearing Mind, the HEARING WORLD.
So now the fantasy pours the riddle’s water upon my head, what doth thou think?

©️ Ismael Mansoor