Dark looks for every possible to attack Light; Dark believes that he can hurt Light, but Light stands still before his bright self.

Dark: Why are you…

Dark thinks that he can’t hurt Light.

Light: Dark, can you stop fighting? Please?

Unknown voice: I can help with your fighting.

Dark: You think you are Star, who stands your faith, to support your life self, to prevent your exhaustion, and dare to face before me.

Star: I heard you speaking of your will to devour every old and new star, so, I cannot let you do that, right, Light?

Dark: Light has clearly explained that he can’t help you.

Light: Who said I can’t help my stars? I said I can’t stop my stars being extinguished themselves

Dark: Stop it, Light, please. Just stop. I have made up my mind.

Star ambushes Dark.

Dark: I see you have failed!

Star quickly moves away from Dark, but Dark is about to grab Star, Light swifts in between two of them.

Light: Star, stay away from me, and go back to your place.

Star: But

Light: Know your place!

Light’s roar frightens Star, and Star leaves.

Dark: You are very concerned about what kind of spirit I am going to become, am I not right? Star should stay away from the darkness, am I not right? He should wait over there, waiting for me to devour every one of the stars! The stars must visit my stomach, and say goodbye to fate!

Dark’s words are not reaching Light.

Dark: Why Light? Why am I not allowed to go over there?

Light: You know why.

Dark: You think you are this powerful.

Dark quickly clashes Light they keep fighting on and on, on and on. Dark never once struck Light down, not once! Yeah, not once.

Dark: You.

Dark is becoming the anger for Light is not fighting back.

Dark: Well, Light, this is not over, not over.

Light: Then go. Go home.

Dark: No matter how long or how quickly I pass the time with our fate, I promise you that I will expose you to the dark king. I promise you, one day, I will expose myself to Space!

Dark is about to go home

Light: I can simply understand why you don’t want to go back to sleep and watch like the old times, but I promise you, my love for you is not to forget.

Dark: Is it because you love shining over my sight? Is it a reason that you love giving your stars because of me? You thought it was perfect for you to paint your self-shine.

Light: Water allows me to

Dark: Are you sure that you want to pronounce Water to hurt my ears? Are you sure you want to trigger my anger?

Light: No.

Dark: I think you provoke me.

Light: Dark, no.

Dark: I change my mind, I decide to meet at your end, by my very dark self. Tell me, do you think I am evil? I have watched your stars, some of them are evil, why, Light? It is my rightful to devour every star that has evil sides. You feel my power, irritating to devour it because I won’t let them sleep with me. I prefer the evildoers to go to the punishment than sleeping and unwatchable with me!

Light: You understand yourself better than myself because all you do is watching my action.

Light decides to push Dark far away from the edge of the Space – very far away to the blink of the-black-view.

Dark: Light!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Sound a path to be fulfilled

Image by Jose Antonio Alba from Pixabay

A prayer was showing him a pray’s gesture
He believed the prayer’s words, and he gestured
Thank you for your words of our Holy Creator
The prayer left him stood firmly like a wall

A man ran to the prayer, and he cried your Lord
He came to my dream, and He said the prayer
Go to him, for he is the symbol of the prayer
He told you this dream of yours asked the prayer
The man cried your Lord He told me to go to you
Well relieved the prayer, the Lord is not mine
He is our Lord the Holy Creator, but the man asked
What is His Name? I sought to know His name
The prayer smiled and left him stood firmly like a wall

A woman saw the prayer stood by a well
She walked towards the prayer, and she smiled
The woman said that she knew him from a place
She was stalking the prayer because she longed
To hear the prayer’s words of our Holy Creator
The prayer said softly, bear and faith for the fate
For you a woman who can become a mother
Be strong as much as forasmuch you can
Oh, I pray our Holy Creator to hear everything

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Oh, very cold, I am so freezing
Hey, hey, can you help me?
Make me warm
Hey, hey, can you make me warm?
I am so freezing
Here he is looking at her
A cute girl thought he
Where is your mother? You should not be alone
But she, the cute girl, just look at him
Alight, he goes inside a shop
She waits, waits, and start to move
Hey, hey, can you help me?
Make me warm
Hey, hey, can you make me warm?
I am so freezing
Here he is looking at her
With a large bag
He takes it out inside the large bag
And put lots of warm clothes on her
He smiles, and said, go to your mother
Or else she will shout at me

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Circle of Inventiveness – part 1

Stop watching TV too much.

You are wasting your time, you know. But if you insist, I will be gone too far.

Watching TV too much is not healthy for you. Hey you, are you listening? Hey!


I am saying that you are wasting your time watching TV too much.

Yeah so?

What say you if I make a deal with you?

What deal?

If you stop watching TV for good, I will give you my wealth.

Your wealth?


I am sorry to say that I don’t want your wealth. I prefer to stay here until a making sense comes to wake me up.

If you stop watching TV for good, I will give you my wealth.

I don’t want you to be a hypocrite.

What?! Why are you rude that you think I am a hypocrite?

Look, Charlatan, you know you have failed me with your words many times.

How can I be a hypocrite when I asked you to stop watching TV too much?

Charlatan, listen, can I ask you a question about our past?

No, Provoke. Don’t start it. You do know why I don’t want you to ask me a question about our past.


No, Provoke!

You told me that you love animals, but you eat them! Oh yeah, serve you right! Charlatan thinks he can speak whatever comes out of his mouth, yet he fails them. Oh, yeah, serve Charlatan right! Aye, he must face himself as a hypocrite! That’s why he left just earlier.

What about you, Provoke?

Oh, it is you, Sly. Are you brave enough to join me, to watch TV together, yes?

Before I am brave enough to join you, answer my question.

Sly, why should I tell you when I know that you are such a liar? But care to join me to watch TV together? I will share some biscuits with you.

You have taken points against me, yet you care to offer me some biscuits?

No matter if you deceive me, I will still offer you some biscuits with you. Do you care to sit on a chair over there?



I came here to tell you that you have gone too far.

Why should I listen to Sly when I know that she has gone too far? Why should I not go too far when you are around me? How could I not calm my thoughts surround you? How can my thoughts be calmed when Sly is wasting my time? Well, where is your sister, Honesty?

I don’t know where she is, but Provoke, I came here to tell you that you have gone too far.

I won’t be gone too far if your sister is around, or if their friends, Kindness, and Cosy are around. Oh, how I missed two of them with my delightfulness.

Anyway, another reason why I am here to tell you this, you stop watching TV right now.

Did Charlatan send you to tell me? I told him that he is a hypocrite, so does it mean that you are one of the hypocrites? Aye, I’d like to think that you are one of the hypocrites because you dare to deceive or dare to lie or dare to false your tongue. How Sly fits as a hypocrite because you would tell the righteous ones that you don’t know the Straight Path, and then leave them on the Lost Path, laughing at them at the edge of their lost line. Please, Sly, go, leave, now. Get out!

You hate me.

No, you are wrong. I don’t hate you. I hate how you deceive or lie to yourself. My mind scourges the Hypocrite!

Well then, say what you if I leave you alone?

Please go, leave, what are you waiting for, Sly?



You are hectic, really a hectic man.

Thank you. Now Sly is gone. Although, I don’t like her. Yeah, I also don’t like Charlatan. Who do they think they can waste my time? Well, I am talking to myself, or TV. This TV is full of crap, but not all. Not at all. Yes, not at all, but the TV is full of crap. Too little of the Good News on the TV, but here I am watching it. What can I do? No, what should I do? I will just watch TV and learn more to scourge the Hypocrite. Wait, well, that was my thoughts. No harm at all, but if I tell these thoughts about learning TV, how to scourge the Hypocrite? Well, am I mean? Am I mean to point a finger at someone who is as a hypocrite? Oh, it was my thoughts.


Hi Peace.

Can I join you to watch TV for some time?

Yes, please.

Thank you, Provoke. Well, man, I, nevermind.

I can see that your mind has troubled you?

Yes, it has troubled my mind.


Well, Provoke.

Oh, alright. What say you if it is okay for me to point fingers at someone who is as a hypocrite?

Do you know that it is kind of hectic?

Yes, Peace, but what say you if it is okay for me to point fingers at someone who is as a hypocrite?

Are you a hypocrite?

Exactly! I may be one of the hypocrites, but I am not them, alas, I scourge the Hypocrite instead. 

Well, you know, for me, I rather not put a finger at anyone.

Well, Peace, but can I provoke?

As you please

How is War? How is War? Peace, how is War? Why are you sighing? Yes, I saw you that you were sighing. Anyway, what happens with War? Peace, come on, break your silence.

Sorry, I was focusing on TV. It seems interesting, yet they are, well, nevermind. About War, well. He is not good, and he has gone mad. Everyone who fights with him has made him strong.

But you can beat him. Right? I know you can put an end to War

No! Have I asked you that I wanted to talk about War?

Yes, you have not.

Then let me have my time because I want to watch TV. Please can I have some space?

Do you mean you want me quiet?

I want to watch TV in my time. Please can I have my time here, watching TV?

Yes, Peace.

Hi Provoke! Oh, Peace. How are you?

Hey, Hurry! Have you got what I want?

Yes, here it goes.

Thank you, Hurry. Off you go, please?

You are a hectic man.

Well, off you go, Hurry.

No, I will have some breaks. Excuse me, for I am sitting here.

Aww, okay. Charlatan? Was it him?

Yes, it was him.

Eish, Hurry.

Leave him be. Please give him no trouble, okay?

Come on.

Give him no trouble, okay?

Come on, Hurry!

I said I would have some breaks. Did you not hear what I said just now? I will have some breaks. I need some breaks. No, I need my break. Well, Provoke, while I am here, having some breaks, why don’t you do your things. Yes, do your things, always your things, provoke, provoke, provoke, provoke, and provoke. But can you just stop provoking? Well, my break is up. Off I go, see you, Provoke, and take care, Peace.


Peace, such poetry, I mean, Hurry’s poetry just earlier. What do you think? Well, I understand that you are focusing on TV too much, just like me, Honesty. I am happy to see you. How are you?

Hi, I am well. Hi Peace, can I have some privacy with him?

Yes, Honesty.

Thank you, and I am grateful.

You are welcome.

So, why do you want to have a private with me?

Sly, my sister. Why are you harshing her?

Is that a reason why you are here? Would you care to have some biscuits?

No, thank you. You accused Sly that she is a hypocrite.

Yes, I did accuse her that she is one of the hypocrites.

Why are you not caring for your heart?

Why are you protecting Sly?

She is my sister.

Well, she needs some lectures.

Don’t you dare?

Dare what?

Dare to think that you are perfect, and you think you can lecture anyone as you see fit? No, I will not let you.

Are you a hypocrite?

Huh. Why would you think I am?

Protecting Sly when you know that she is not like you, an honest person, can I ask you a question? I guess it’s a yes. Is it right to protect someone who is as a liar who only protects themselves from being lies?

You think you are allowed to judge, but it is not your job.

Whose job is it?

The Lord.

You said that the Lord can judge?


Why do you think He can judge, not us?

He is powerful, more than we could ever imagine.

Yes, He is powerful more than we could ever imagine, because He is our Lord, but don’t you think He is the Holy Ghost? Why have you not opened your eyes to what your sister is doing? You protect her at all costs, willing to lay down your life for Sly, her?!

You have no respect in your words.

I have no respect for my words toward the Hypocrite!

I used to love you, but not anymore.

Because I hurt your feelings for willing to protect a bad person?

I will not bad-mouth Sly because she is my sister. I will tell you what

No, I tell you what, a bad person cannot see as a good spirit, but you have gone too far to be hypocritical! Get out of my face of the world!

Well, Provoke, at least, I am an honest person, unlike you as a provoking person.

Well, Honesty, at least I am better, to tell the truth, to make the Hypocrite’s ears bleed.

You have gone too far.

Why would you think I would go too far not to be with the likes of liars? I pity you that you would protect the ones that are such deceptive. But I tell you before you get out of my face, the Lord does not sit well with the likes of deception and slyness.

At least the Lord is merciful!

Until the Judgement Day!

What, what Judgement Day?

Everyone includes all living souls who will be there on the Day of Judgement. I must be known, or must you be known to keep quiet that living souls keep increasing? I am not so sure, but have you ever wondered why I am asking you? Must you be known to keep quiet that living souls keep increasing? What if I mean, it is living ignorants that keep pretending nothing is happening on the Earth? Oh, my thoughts, why Honesty runs away? Nevermind me.

You need to learn to be easy with Honesty because I saw that she was crying while she got out.

Yeah, I know Peace, but I serve her right!

I just heard that you said some your last word to Honesty, living ignorants? I think you don’t get it, because I am, well, never mind. One day it shall not be passed.

What do you mean?

It was good to see you. So, see you around.

Alright. I guess Peace means well. Although, in my heart, I love Peace. Yes, he is so unique, but how could I explain it to the world? I am not so sure, but let me watching TV as Peace did during his time in this TV room. Oh, Charlatan, why are you trying to frighten me? Don’t try to frighten me next time, okay, Charlatan?

Yes, no problem, I would like to distract you away from watching TV.

Why would you do it?

Because you called me a hypocrite

Next time, okay? Not today, because Peace had shown me how he was during his time in this TV room. Aye, Peace told me to give him some space, and I did so. As you can see that I am trying to say, well, never mind, can you give me some space, please?

You don’t like me right? I know I am right.

You are right that you are a vulture.

What do you mean?

I mean, you are one of the vultures, like one of the hypocrites.

Why are you not being nice? What have I done to you?

You have done a large amount of misery.

It was a long time ago.

You think you can claim that you have much knowledge and skills than you are currently possessing your knowledge and skills. Why are you deceiving?

I am very tired of you because you keep pointing fingers at me. What have I done to you? I have not done to put you down, have I? I have not tried to betray you, yet have I betrayed you? You keep pointing many fingers at me because I keep lying to everyone that I can have more knowledge and skills than I currently have. Well, I am like someone who tells many lies that like I can be a president, knowing I do not qualify to be that role. You keep judging me because I am like one of the hypocrites, one of the vultures, oh such a metaphor, your metaphor! But have you shamed yourself before you provoke one another?

Yes, I am ashamed of myself, that’s why I keep scourging the Hypocrite. Well, Charlatan, what about you? Should we talk about our past? Yeah, we should talk about our past.

No, Provoke.

Why not? It will be good for your chest to get out.

No! You know what, just continue watching TV, and I will leave you alone, no, I shall leave you alone. Because I am so tired of being provoked by you!

I am waiting for you to go. When are you going out?

You have made me angry.

Too bad, there are cameras everywhere. So, before you go mad. Good. For sure, if someone witnesses my day in this TV room, they would think, is this bad vibe? Disappointment? What would they think? Or what do you think? Think you go mad if you are with me? I wonder so. Oh, these thoughts were mine, yes, alone, mine.

When I said you have made me angry, my words mean that I can destroy you. I am a misled

Oh, a confession.

I am a misled according to you that said I am a hypocrite. What can you do when people follow you? Some people follow me, and what have I done? I have done nothing to them, but torture mind as they would, well, Provoke, I cannot explain it to you.

They follow you because you are Charlatan!

Enough! You are Provoke! You hurt living souls, their feelings, and their hearts. You hurt yourself by provoking all that comes to you! What is wrong with you? Watching TV makes you a better person? No! It makes you worse!


What do you want me to say?


Yes. Disappoint. If I

If you stop the War.

Are you crazy?!


You are scared.

Shut up.

When are you leaving, Charlatan? I was waiting for you to go and get out of the house!

Not your house.

Our house! Do you think this house is yours?

You are silly.

Wait, where do your words come from your mouth? Do you think this house is yours, not ours?


I am confused. Is this house not mine but yours and not ours? I want to know why, how. Wow, I don’t know why your mouth pronounced, you think this house is yours? I cannot fathom myself, and I cannot tell you how much it hurts.

Good! Good for you. Good for Provoke to feel the feeling’s hurt.

Oh, sorry, I was joking. Bad may it a joke, but is it a provoking joke? I am not sure. Can you help me with this matter? Just small, easy to solve, don’t you agree, do you? Oh, he is leaving already. Good for TV to have me as a time.

© Ismael Mansoor