Words or action?

Hmm, imagine if ye lo at me,
As if thee expect me to knowest of thine explanation,
Then he goes to thou, saying like,
What offers thee as a reader who comes and read,
Such easy words, cheap, not so expensive,
But ye understand is the most important, breakfast,
Lunch, and supper, aye, know thine limit,
Oh, give times to those who die for you to fill your stomach,
Then ye sayest to me, what saith thee to me such words?
Well, the slaughterhouses for all who their stomach such baby cry.
Well, excuse the words that define ye, but I want the world,
To be safe so that our family, our friends, and our generations,
That all may rest happily ever after, but she says like,
When will it? The world is going to try to open thine eyes,
To see all the things all try to ignore,
But they said, beware of all the Miracle Creator’s creation,
For they have had been praying to our Holy Creator,
Forever, ever, and ever, but thee might sayeth, how thee knowest
Such words to novelise out of thine mouth, thy thought,
But well, I have seen so much of living people voice out their thoughts,
Then ye ‘ve no right to stop one another, yes, their words,
Let the words come out to the sky so all may hear, see, and accept,
For every rain will pour out its deed, hence, who can a man or a woman
Stop all the weathers, aye, all the climates? But if one day they such can
Then might I say to myself, not you nor her nor him nor anyone else,
But for me, myself, alone just my thoughts that say, our Holy Creator,
The Miracle Creator shall return and finish what our Holy One started.

© Ismael Mansoor

A very powerful tool that enhances our creativity

The arts of the Visualiser, the son of Fantasy, the prince in Universe.
The creativeness of creativenesses imaged the Visualiser; all is creativity.
What art has a visualiser of all his visualisation which he sensed his imagination?
One question has answered, and another answer has questioned:
All questions are full of questioning: a visualiser must know an answer.

Inspired by King Solomon
Written by Ismael Mansoor

A Cliffhanger

A corrupt man is sitting alone, with his wife in the distance. They are on the vacation.
“I should be happy, but,” paused his wife. “Once I knew you start to corrupt, I didn’t know how I should feel. I kind of wanted to cry. I haven’t felt this way since I knew that play with you and your doings. You led me down the path of corruption. The people will not be happier with us on the throne of corruption.”
“I,” paused the corrupt man.
“End your corruption,” said his wife. “You must now carry the burden of ruining your corruption alone.”

Inspired by Final Fantasy IX
Written by Ismael Mansoor

Alright, I leave here in peace.

I order you to love yourself.

What about you?

Hey, I ordered you to love yourself!

And I asked, what about you?

How can you defy a king?

Do I defy you?

You defy the king to love yourself.

And should I say, you defy your love?


How can you be a king when you don’t
Understand me?


If I love myself, will you answer if you too?


Even if your guards are here, 
They won’t do much,
And I promise you,
They won’t do much.

Get out!

You think

Get your way out in peace!

Alright, I leave here in peace, 
My king.

@ Ismael Mansoor

Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story


We put our drinks down.

Left side (LS) sign B: Hello.
Right side (RS) NMF: Likewise.

LS NMF: I’m laughing because he looks funny.
RS sign C: I pick up my drink and drink, it is so bitter that it makes me look at it sourly, and I put it back down.

LS NMF: I turn my eyes to where RS points at.
RS sign D: Look up over there!

LS sign E: Something is making me afraid.
RS NMF: What is that thing?

LS sign F: A fly is appearing in front of my face, and it is starting to fly away from my face.
RS NMF: What is that fly thinking about?

LS NMF: I watch while the fly swifts away.
RS sign G: The fly is flying away.

LS NMF: I am still thinking about the fly.
RS sign H: I pick a cigarette, and I am smoking and put it away.

LS sign I: The food is arriving.
RS NMF: Likewise.

We are eating.

LS sign K: Can I smoke? and put it down.
RS NMF: Yeah, and I look around.

LS NMF: I am looking at her.
RS sign L: She is walking toward us with her high heels.

LS NMF: I turn to him and thinks, what do you think?
RS sign M: Mmm.

LS sign N-O: What is she doing to me? N-O!
RS NMF: What’s going on with her?

LS NMF: What is she looking at us for?
RS sign P: She keeps looking at us.

LS sign Q: I am eating while looking at her.
RS NMF: I am looking at her seriously.

LS NMF: What?
RS sign R: I am not saying anything.

LS sign: I am drinking with suspicion
RS NMF: Still looking at her seriously.

LS NMF: Huh?
RS sign T: What are you thinking Are you baffled?

LS sign U: Ridiculous.
RS NMF: Ridiculous.

LS NMF: Suddenly, I am looking up to where RS points at.
RS sign V: Look!

W: We are watching.

X: We stand up immediately.

LS sign Y: An aeroplane is flying
RS NMF: I am astonished.

LS NMF: Watching where the aeroplane is.
RS sign Z: The aeroplane is swifting around in the air.

LS sign: The aeroplane flies back and forth.
RS NMF: Unbelievable.

LS NMF: Looking at many aeroplanes.
RS sign Y: There are so many aeroplanes that appear in the sky.

X: We are stepping backwards.


LS NMF: People don’t know what’s going on.
RS sign W: Many people.

LS sign V: Many people are looking up.
RS NMF: Many people are looking up.

LS NMF: Scared.
RS sign U: The gun faces us.

LS NMF: Afraid.
RS sign T: The other gun appears in front of us.

We are running.

LS sign R: A missile shoots above.
RS sign R: Another missile shoots above.

The missiles are landing.

Suddenly we had to stop.

Everything is bright.

We are blinded by the brightness.

Creatures appear out of the blue.

The guns are pointing towards us.

We are looking at them.

LS NMF: The creature is creepy.
RS sign J: The creature has a long jaw.

LS sign I: The creature has long ears.
RS NMF: The creature is creepy.

LS NMF: The creature is fierce.
RS sign H: The creature’s ears are like bunny.

LS sign G: I put down my glasses.
RS NMF: Seriously.

LS NMF: Seriously.
RS sign F: I tied up my loose ties firmly.

We are slowly fighting back with rage.

We dare.

We are picking up bricks.

We are throwing bricks in the air, and it crushes them on the ground.


@ Ismael Mansoor

My thoughts of digging deep

The Miracle One is with my soul,
As my soul with my body-
A vehicle needs a driver to embody,
To be as non-foul.

I swim in the pool of Miracle,
Imaging what is sense to be
An oracle.
To be as oracle is to be-
An oracle seems as sane
Oh, it is just me
Imaging what is sense to be
The oracle.

The thoughts to the Miracle
A gift to the body
For breathing the miraculous air
For free, no price to pay
But must pay the price
To every light/dark action–
Pay attention to your will.

©Ismael Mansoor

Imagination is his fantasy…

Imagination is his fantasy
The greatest of all the seers
He is to imagine
Until the day of the Creator’s fate

He only reaches a light heart,
He enters the image of a healing heaven
They feel over his creative imagination
He is ordering them to believe again

The world he finds out wondering him
To his brain, he struggles for true-peace
Life is too mysterious for his sake
He decides to make as imaginations

The heaven thought he imagines of Earth
Awake to understand the existence
Of all the creatures around the Earth
Live to be heaven by the wishing

He thoughts none of hell could stop him
No one could interfere with his imaginations
He is strong in his imagination’s believing,
By his soul inspired by his heartbeat

So humble in his simple wishes
So deep in his inspired soul
Believing like a strong belief
He is almost a mystery

And yet the Creator appears
With His Words saved him automatically
A boy inside a man
He is defenceless to his youth

Beaten by his will of the soul’s belief
He fell into a hidden felt
Perhaps that felt accepts Him
He loved loving his good thought

Now no more assumptions are waiting for him
No more fights for nonsense
This planet where he once lived living,
Doth not allow him to stop breathing

Bright lightness inside him
There is something in him
All that remains of him
Is going through the reality

©️ Ismael Mansoor


So be it.


You think you can control me.

I want you to open your mind.

How can you open my mind
If it won’t heal me?

Know your dark side,
And resist not.
If you resist, your dark side
Unlock your weakness.


Don’t resist your dark side.
If you don’t resist, you will be able to beat it,
Like if you feel your boiling anger,
Only the way to cool your boiling anger,
Is to feel it through with no reactions.
Do you understand me?
The role of anger to cease is to let it be,
With no reactions

No reactions?

No reactions will save your thinking,
For not resisting it, let alone be it,
Because if you let your boiling anger
Evaporates all out, without your reactions,
The Miracle from the sky will smile upon you.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Random thoughts

Once Sin is defeated, the cursed thing
rises into the air, surrounded by
diamonds of energy, and dies in dramatic
final old fashion. All the paradoxes
of curses get destroyed too.
The Earth goes green, blue and brown,
and fades back in on the heaven;
it’s heavenly time there, and nature
on the Earth and inside the Earth
are shinning beautiful and brightly.
Many living species are gathering around the Earth,
including the Angels, who are flying
down into the firmament of the sky.
They look up, claps and cheers.
They see that Brightness is also there,
looking down, as well as the Sun, the moon and the stars
They focus on Brightness. She does
the freedom salutes upwards, as do the Magic behind Her.
The Brightness shines over to the atmosphere of the Earth
and to the entrance of the Earth,
where its spirit is standing;
past a past who acts the present gesture;
and into future the future itself.
Inside the Brightness,
the heart status of the Brightness beings
to restore and not fade away,
just shining an object of heart.
The same happens to the Angels statue on the Earth,
Then species. In the flesh, the floating sin-curse vanishes
Every single specie is standing there
as the Brightness dances and performs the restoring.
She shines around all over and is smiling;
all sin-curses of pyreflies are exiting flesh.

Inspired by Final Fantasy X
©️ Ismael Mansoor

Mysterious random thoughts

Here’s the story at the creative desk.
The Earth of dusk,
Has stored its share of miracle cures,
From the Earth non-immunity,
To immunity
But all past achievements may lure
In unknown to the work
Of the Earth.

Thanks to the Earth much for your faith
That find knowing any jerk.
The Earth gives it
To all in the freeing permit
Well, nature is quite simple.
Grow something designed by a miracle
And magic, to make it work,
For the share rather than against jerk
And the Earth is doing for Life?
Indeed, yes, in this case, the Life.
Which has been performing at perform able level,
To be veil rather than useful.
Earth is the way to describe it.
If the Earth can imagine its bodies as a freeing permit,
And if it pictures Life as a very-real soul,
Being: living by a very-real self.
The picture changes, and that’s essentially what self,
Have done for how many time have it done as soul.

Unknown years later.
What do I see,
What do I see?
Here I better,
Just the way I like it.
Stubbornly I like it.
Excuse me,
Excuse me.
All right, come on.
All right, come on.
Here I go. Feed my spirit.
Don’t just push other spirits around.
I am not playing the fool. Feed
Okay. I am going to feed my spirit.
I am not playing fool around.
I am just, just going to feed.
And then I am going to feel quiet.
What am I feeling about, why
Didn’t I feed my spirit?
Alright. Here’s what. Don’t say why.
Look, I am going to feed twice as many tomorrow.
Alright? Keep in a row.

© Ismael Mansoor