Understand the feelings?

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

The feelings are it, hmm, well, it is difficult to answer, oh I know hey
How could ye control thine feelings, keeping them in check
Ye cannot abandon thine gratitude, or else, ungraceful would pop in
It is important to tell thyself how thee must control
Thou choose that you unconsciously want to feel that serves ye
Hey I know, it is difficult to keep them in check, yes thine emotions

He, who you pray to, and He who you love for no reason
Keep Him in you, it is better, to have His Everything in thy thoughts
It is such a comfortable feeling like the comfort zone
Keep Him in you, that believe ye, and still keeping Him in ye that awaken thou
Well, thee seek that thou shall find, quoted by a sacred sentence
The feelings are it, hmm, well, it is difficult to answer, oh I know hey

© Ismael Mansoor


Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Feeling to the silent may well be eyes;
On your awareness of things to do so;
There you may find the silence you need to
Feel your brain, or take quiet time in peace.
This might prove to do you, and you are aware
An awareness of the world of silence.

The brain can rest,
A noise of the world of the sound that noise,
For that brain can restore some
Of what has been lost through excess the noise.

My silence is not empty, it is full
Of answers that heal the effect that noise
My silence calms my soul, my peaceful self
Therefore, I am not distracted by noises.

© Ismael Mansoor