Deep touching

Your love makes me rocket
Like a shooting star
Thine shining world save me
All love to thou

Let I to ye as love passions
Let thee to me as light shine
Let you and I go to the sky
Raise all that we believe

Love shine as we passion
May we stand bright
Like we through the wall
Brighter all our inner world

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Qualities of Love

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

I am not seeing you as a black man or a white man or a brown man. I am seeing you as a person with a name. Your colour means nothing to me.

Do you know why I said this? When some people asked what race I am, what religion I am, where I come from – all they wanted to know who I am as a definition of my colour skin, my belief, my nationality, my tradition, etc, etc, etc, but I answered, “I’m human. I’m earthman. I’m mankind. So here my name is Ismael.”

If you do not satisfy that I have answered to you that I am human, I am earthman, I am mankind. If you asked what my belief is, then I tell you that my belief is the Miracle Creator – the Understanding – the Truth, the Faith, the Goodness, the Light and the Miracle – all the same LOVE that we know for sure that LOVE bring this world as one family.

If you do not know LOVE as TRUE MEANING OF LOVE then why do you go out to ask some people who they are as colour skins, as their beliefs, as their nationalities, as their traditions, etc, etc, etc, because if you find out who they are so that you may judge them because you think you are love?

Love is an unity, it is something we all share and experience in life. Love is everything for each every love – everyone experiences love, and the special love will remain in their souls. Love is connected to one another, be it a billion – through our personalities, our presences, our flaws and our warm appearances. Love is not blinded by a quality, however people tend to make love based on their race, religion, nationality, and tradition.

For we are one mankind no matter what colour skin we are but LOVE doesn’t matter whatever we are as long as our connection is connected to LOVE for we can love together as one, as an unity.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I wrote this poem above about three years ago

FEeling lots of love

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay

Lily calls Dove, Dove, Dove, and Dove
Oh such beautiful, Dove flies down to Lily
Yes, Lily is magic, the magic of kindness
Dove chants, the song of bird’s love, bird’s love!

Miracle heard, Dove, Dove, Dove, and Dove
Miracle heard Lily’s, Dove, Dove, and Dove
Miracle, magic, draws, Lily to Miracle
Oh dear, Lily, is an oath of kindness, to oneself
Oh dear, does Lily know that she is kind to herself?
Must she know otherwise Miracle blossoms her seed
What is her seed? The love reminds, love, one of kindness

© Ismael Mansoor

In the Eminence of Her

Because of you that I love –
It is too sweet sound a faith!

The sweet lily knows the best
Of what I will the Light –
My past life was not easy,
Because of my Deafness.
But you inspired me greatly –
You are also Deaf like me,
Yet you win your strong will –
That makes me love you more sweet!

Because of you that I love –
It is too sweet sound a faith!

The sweet lily reminds me
The story of ours
That we can shine the brighter
That the Light sails us to dark

Because of you, I feel HOPE
Because of you, I feel STRENGTH
Because of you, I feel COURAGE
Because of you, I feel MAGIC

Because of you that I love –
It is too sweet sound a faith!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Realm Of The Abilities

She came to me as a comforter that I had content, in my confidence of what my heart felt like and I didn’t know that I would love her


I’ve waited for five years and eleven months, and I kept looking out for who could love me as who I am at the same time loving for who she is.

And then

I didn’t want to find a woman who interested in my pocket money, nor taking me for granted, so I wanted real love feeling the heart of the true soul

But she

She doesn’t care about my pocket money, she doesn’t care for possessions I have because she came to me as her will and I won her!

So blessed!

© Ismael Mansoor

The old saying, love themself

Image by 272447 from Pixabay

They have heard the old saying, love themself

What he can do
When he tells you to love

He will tell you to love yourself
Or, will the old saying repeats, love one another
As would thee love thyself

Consider, no corrupt, and no conflict
Or else suffer from that grieves you
Give up thy impoliteness
Forgive the provoke, yet no misunderstand

We have heard or seen for a thousand years
Love yourself as one another yes this old saying
Has been on and on, for age, like I signed the other day
They keep telling us to be good, and will they keep telling
Us to love, aye learn to love our Holy Creator’s creation

© Ismael Mansoor

One of the best memories for feeling the love

I sat down on the log,
From a little distance, she glanced at me,
She was flirting with her eyes towards me with her smiles,
Pure connection.

While I sat down on the log,
I saw she told her friends that she wanted to spend time with me,
Because I was about to leave in a half-hour or more,
She came to sit on the log next to me, touching my side.

Our company was great, it was feeling like a sort of magic
That drew me towards her.
I went away from home because I had to go, but a while
After I leave, I texted to her like, “Come and see me tomorrow.”

© Ismael Mansoor

My beloved lily

I shall tell you about my beloved lily
She feeds me every day, with her love
She knows the best version of her lover
I am in her head, consistent, and love grows
From a seed to a tree, and the tree to a forest
But I tell you that she continues to harvest them
Cause her heart looks up to the sky and wonder
What are the stars doing? They do that they love
Aye, my lily does that she loves
I am in her heart forever, but I shall also tell you
About my love, how I feel of her heaven
I cannot describe the words to define her love
But I shall use my metaphor to tell you
She is like magic, a miracle, and a light
You cannot see it with your eyes
Because I feel it with my inner world
Now, do you understand my metaphor?
I love her too much that the Sun loves the Earth too much!

© Ismael Mansoor

Love’s not giving up

Translation from South African Sign Language into English

The bird is fluttering its wings
It is searching for something
For years, years and years
The bird is fluttering its wings
Tweeting, tweeting, and tweeting
It saw something
The bird is fluttering its wings
Tweeting at the other bird
The other bird is tweeting back
They touch their beaks
They look at each other in delight
They flutter their wings together
The other bird falls down
The bird flutters down
It touches the other bird’s beak
Bumps it up and encourages
It to come up, they flutter up together
They are fluttering their wings together
The bird falls down
The other bird flutters down
It touches the bird’s beak
Bumps it up and encourages
It to come up, they flutter up together
They are fluttering their wings together
They both fall down
They both encourage each other
Then they both continue fluttering
Their wings together
Tweeting, tweeting, and tweeting

© Ismael Mansoor