Yes, I don’t mind…

Yes, I don’t mind to tell you,
I am Deaf,
But if you freeze like a stone,
I will pronounce some words,
I can only speak;
I am not qualified to speak,
Like you are not qualified to sign.
When I speak some words,
You drop your stone,
I was able to try to speak,
Your language.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Have faith in yourself

Sheer your will
To the end of your bargain;
You bargained with yourself
To do what must be done.

Hold your line, hold your line!
You may curve your straight path,
But we might say, sheer your faith!
Aye, it is not over yet, not yet!

Sheer your will
For you alone must accomplish your faith,
Aye, it is not over yet, not yet,
Because our Holy Creator believes in you

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The waving teach lands

Wave weeps for Lands – they are no sea,
That waves waving which though beaches
That dear the blue so much like touch!

To the shores the lands that meet waves,
Shall no more of washing away
To salt the smashing of the wave,

O, weep for Lands – they are no sea
The waving teach the beach of salts,
That will restore the sea to the detox.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

So much serve

There are words in my thoughts,
God wants you to understand Him,
But you made up your mind,
God is the Miracle Creator,
And you said, give me your Creator’s word
So that I may make our Creator’s word.
We heard you say in your thoughts,
Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Ramiel, Raguel, Sariel,
And the Lucky Lady.
Indeed, we heard you, indeed, did we hear you,
Thee seek Him on your own, we astonish,
Because thee say out to the flesh, I am a sinner,
Fix me, hear me, but also see me to my doings
You will find such a disappointment because
I am not a holy one, oh not such like Jesus Christ,
The Nazarene, Son of Mary, such a miracle man
Allah or Father Jesus pronounced in both books,
We know you know not why in your mind,
But we hear, such a pearl of wisdom lay in you,
Ye ‘ve so much to preserve, ‘ve so much serve

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Root From Seed

A good man who walk the light path,
Is a man to keep the faith-hope
For a good man to walk the good, wise-truth,
He can discover more about freedom.

That good people do need to act,
While their goodness will find a way around –
When a good man appears, he’s peace;
He will speak the understanding that hope.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Peace’s reason to stop War

What happened to you was terrible.

I tried your way, my former friend, my foe.
I tried to be like you, my former best.
Live like you, but our Lord always gave
His Best on you more than me, my dear, foe.
I ran myself away from our Lord.
Now, since you are here before my presence,
I will take everything from you, the Great Peace!

But it always ends the same way, my friend;
I will stop everything from destruction,
I will make everything to stop you peace;
Extraordinary, what did you expect?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

#Riddle #metaphor

While the devil’s hands have taken control
The Miracle Creator is shown to the truth
A man among mankind he will open eyes
Via soul to the whole fact that when the
Angel rise up the Angel shall remember
Because of what good is there to the
Miracle Creator as long as Will is Will
As the Invincible is the Non-Conquer
Like one of Buddha who vowed his
Silence where there spoke no words
A living being shall remember that the
Invincible is like the Invisibility that only
Read or watch or observe like incapable
Of being conquered, defeated, or subdued

Written by Ismael Mansoor

Let The Earth Follow

The Sky
Your lands will be the green, the height of your mountain, and my clouds will look after it with the thousands of thousands of thousands of forever – will be fictional. And your oceans will be the blue, and your waves will tell every shore of its good deeds and the waving of no disturbance.

The Earth
If a man dedicates his life to good deeds and me, he will not die due to my long life herbs and fruits. If he exercises his genius to my every herb and fruit, I will bring happiness and health to zillions, for my name will echo through the Heaven for eternal. I am always more preferable to Heaven.

The Water
Follow me, my Earth, and the Essence of Water shall be with you. I shall cleanse you in the holy water of my preciousness. I shall be your victory – the Miracle Water shall be your miracle hope. I shall give water happily to you the Earth of Life and sing the Miracle Creator as I dance flowing life so follow me, my Earth, and the Sky shall taste the dreaming joys that I water all the sphere.

Written by Ismael Mansoor

God wants you to love me…

God wants you to love me,
But He also wants me to love you,
So tell me, what should I do with love?
God wants you to love me,
So what should you do with me?
I ask you not of gay nor lesbian even straight ones,
I ask you as a person, man or woman, girl or boy, child or adult,
I want you to tell me why God wants us to love each other,
So then we will discuss more what we should.
When I hug you, or when I say I love you, or when I touch you
Remember that I do not do it for gay nor lesbian, even straight ones,
So, let me remind you that love does not ask what you think about love.
Love asks you to think and feel about what love thinks and feelings about love.
So now, tell me, with many words, so now, and so now,
Let me voice out to the sky so that He may hear me or see me.
God wants you to love me, and also me to love you, with our truthful selves,
But I don’t mean as a gay when I say I love you man,
Or I don’t mean as a lesbian when I say I love you woman,
Even I don’t mean that you fall in love sight when I say I love you.
God wants you to love me, and also me to love you,
So that when we master our love for each other,
We will master our loves to all the mammals,
Amphibians, reptiles, birds, and fish!

©️ Ismael Mansoor