Hope sounds comfortable

The Great Spirit whispered to the Hope
“You are the Hope of the Universe,”
“An unbroken line of the Great Light.”
So the Hope stood in front of the Fear
While millions of spirits watched them

I am the Hope,
The spirit of
The Universe.
And I am here
To stop Fear.

You are the Hope
Of no universe.
You are for despair
Some spirits follow
Me my way, my logic
I always thought you
Were one for the future,

I am here.
So challenge me.


It is a sacred place.
You will respect the old tradition.

I always thought of you,
Were one for tradition
I accept your challenge
If only to personally
Fight the power out
Of your hopeful spirit.

Hope fought with Fear
It took them so long

I have no time for this.

It is a sacred place.
You will respect the old tradition.

Fear turned to Hope
And a million spirits cried,
“Fear’s cheating!”
“Cheating! Cheating! Cheating!”
“Shame on you! Shame on you, Fear!”
“You cheat, Fear!”
“This is not our way!”
But Fear drained Hope,

You have no honour!

Hope had shown the millions
That HOPE is forever but
Hope had gone to sleep.
And Fear had left.
And Desirer cried out
To all millions of spirits

You will follow this,
Will you?
You will follow this,
I will not.
I follow a true Spirit.

Inspired by Green Lantern
© Ismael Mansoor

English can be complicated

Well, English can be complicated, said me, well,
Such is the English language such words are them,
Excuse me, myself then I go to the thoughts,
Thinking many things, a thousand times,
Then I go back to read some things,
Important, for me to know such English,
But I will tell thee of my understanding,
Like, well, well, then might I tell thee,
Go to a well, and let water goes in a bucket,
With thine two hands, thanks to thy arms, thankful,
Then I change the subject- how am I? I am well, thank thee.

© Ismael Mansoor

Words or action?

Hmm, imagine if ye lo at me,
As if thee expect me to knowest of thine explanation,
Then he goes to thou, saying like,
What offers thee as a reader who comes and read,
Such easy words, cheap, not so expensive,
But ye understand is the most important, breakfast,
Lunch, and supper, aye, know thine limit,
Oh, give times to those who die for you to fill your stomach,
Then ye sayest to me, what saith thee to me such words?
Well, the slaughterhouses for all who their stomach such baby cry.
Well, excuse the words that define ye, but I want the world,
To be safe so that our family, our friends, and our generations,
That all may rest happily ever after, but she says like,
When will it? The world is going to try to open thine eyes,
To see all the things all try to ignore,
But they said, beware of all the Miracle Creator’s creation,
For they have had been praying to our Holy Creator,
Forever, ever, and ever, but thee might sayeth, how thee knowest
Such words to novelise out of thine mouth, thy thought,
But well, I have seen so much of living people voice out their thoughts,
Then ye ‘ve no right to stop one another, yes, their words,
Let the words come out to the sky so all may hear, see, and accept,
For every rain will pour out its deed, hence, who can a man or a woman
Stop all the weathers, aye, all the climates? But if one day they such can
Then might I say to myself, not you nor her nor him nor anyone else,
But for me, myself, alone just my thoughts that say, our Holy Creator,
The Miracle Creator shall return and finish what our Holy One started.

© Ismael Mansoor

Fear would not be with love…

It is wonderful to lead your people,
Out of fear, out of sadness, out of rage,
But I don’t think you will get a reward if,
You feed your people with your fire-anger,
Because at the end you will lose your love,
That you would bring a meaningless to them,
History has shown us if we
Feed fear would not be able to win love,
O you know that I mean about to say,
That if you continue to play fire with
Fear would let a demon fuel your anger,
Until you finally open your eyes
That you have lost to love and to peace-will

© Ismael Mansoor

The Rising Star

Such peaceful feelings,
Sound a peace in nature,
Aye, she uplifts Morning,
To greet Early Soul
Till the daytime welcomes,
The nighttime to offer thee,
Greeting Evening Soul

Indeed, still progress,
Regardless of little or big,
Progress is still of them.

Then when it finds ye of thine soul,
Merry heart shall uplift thy spirit.

And the best days are already within thee,
And thy inner self says like thine words,
Never quit on yourself,
For the best days are waiting for thee.

Indeed, how fortunate are writers
Who ink their writing worlds freely
Such are them that fires their passion
Then taught the world passion of its deed

@ Ismael Mansoor

“It makes sense, Truth,” said the Dark Lord

“Dark Lord! I – I have to wish to leave you, nothing more than else.” said an unknown name.

“It makes sense, Truth,” said the Dark Lord. “You do true to me laying hands on me would be so difficult, you are so well protected -”

“My devotion to my truthfulness -”

“Do lie to me!” said the Dark Lord. “How am I to survive with you when I need feeding every time? Who is to darken me, Truth?”

“But you seem so much stronger, Dark Lord -”

“I see you flinch when you look at me, feel you truthful when you feel me…” the Dark Lord paused for a little while, “Your devotion is nothing more than mine – you would not be here if you had not to be protected.” For a few seconds, “I have my reasons for using you, as I have already explained to you, and I will use no other. I have waited for all times – all times will make one day. As for the protection surrounding you, the Truth, I believe, will be effective. All that -”

“I have my reasons for using you the Dark Lord, as I have already explained to the Miracle Creator, and He will use me – with my graceful truthfulness.” said the relaxedly Truth.

“That is true,” said the Dark Lord, sounding amused. “Your brilliance I would not have thought possible from you, Truth – though, if truth be told, you were not aware how -”

“How dark full you are, of course, I am fully aware, Dark Lord,” said the Truth. “A long, long, long time ago I found you, Dark Lord – though, if you be aware, you were not aware how useful I would be when you caught yourself in the absolute of darkness, fill the pit the blackness where there is -”

“Enough,” said the Dark Lord, the amusement more than ever. “However, I do not deny that your information is valuable. With it, I could have formed my plan, and for that, you have your reward, Truth. I will allow you to perform an essential task for whatever you have for the Miracle Creator, one that many of my plans would give, the right hand to perform -”

“I will allow you to do that, Dark Lord, ” said the Truth. ”But I promise you the Light Lord will have the honour of being Life as the Miracle Creator.”

Inspired by Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
Written by Ismael Mansoor

Random thoughts

Once Sin is defeated, the cursed thing
rises into the air, surrounded by
diamonds of energy, and dies in dramatic
final old fashion. All the paradoxes
of curses get destroyed too.
The Earth goes green, blue and brown,
and fades back in on the heaven;
it’s heavenly time there, and nature
on the Earth and inside the Earth
are shinning beautiful and brightly.
Many living species are gathering around the Earth,
including the Angels, who are flying
down into the firmament of the sky.
They look up, claps and cheers.
They see that Brightness is also there,
looking down, as well as the Sun, the moon and the stars
They focus on Brightness. She does
the freedom salutes upwards, as do the Magic behind Her.
The Brightness shines over to the atmosphere of the Earth
and to the entrance of the Earth,
where its spirit is standing;
past a past who acts the present gesture;
and into future the future itself.
Inside the Brightness,
the heart status of the Brightness beings
to restore and not fade away,
just shining an object of heart.
The same happens to the Angels statue on the Earth,
Then species. In the flesh, the floating sin-curse vanishes
Every single specie is standing there
as the Brightness dances and performs the restoring.
She shines around all over and is smiling;
all sin-curses of pyreflies are exiting flesh.

Inspired by Final Fantasy X
©️ Ismael Mansoor