Love yourself but don’t forget to love others too

Love gives ye lots of her love,
But thy saying, I can’t find my love
What were thou thinking?
Thy body needs your love.

If I was about to say
Then someone interprets,
How can you love everything in life?
Thee seek what ye get from thy seeking.

If I build a wall so tall enough
For everyone to question themselves,
What was he thinking to block us?
They quickly change and build their wall,
So tall enough for everybody else to ask,
Why are they doing this to us?
Then the animals lost where they used to be,
And we will ask ourselves, what have we done?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Life lesson

The Miracle Creator is in my heart,
But I told Him, how can I save the Earth?
I was not a great man to change her discourse,
But He implants the words in my thoughts,
The wisdom to the path of the tree roots,
The little voice shouts, we, together, can do it.
Who says the impossible? If your spirit is with our Lord,
The Miracle Creator we shall not say impossible,
We shall say possible, oh, look at many inventors,
They made the possible from the impossible,
So have more faith in oneself than the little faith.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

[ Oh, ye must not give up ]

Oh, ye must not give up
For thee have hope and honour
Humble the Wiser, and praise the Song
With thy heart, thy love, and thy joy
Give up all thy habits that trouble thine addiction
Thee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must deserve
The goodness, the rejoicing, and the just-smile-forever
Hope, thee must, patience, and faith for long it lasts
Thee art a hope, as everyone else, but thou must work
With thy clean hands, clean thoughts, and clean-life
Oh, thee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must not give up

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Wind Of Feeling

My heart walks into a feeling,
Just as true as the Lord please,
And to an angel,
He stands below the Miracle.

More than one angel themselves
Have no doubt what He does.
It’s the fire in my heart,
And the stubborn of my light,
That inspires in my blood,
And the faith in my body –
My mind is Deaf not Hearing
So that’s how my heart feels.

Inspired by Maya Angelou (Phenomenal Woman)
Written by Ismael Mansoor

Curve the discourse

Have you come to the fantasy? If yes, have you, or have not you?
Some people want what they want to believe, but I want to ask,
Ask, ask, ask, and ask a question that provides an answer.

Thee yell at the seller, why did thou start selling?
It was thou that started it, aye it was you the first seller,
So now, we have so many sellers for the buyers.

Thee yell at the buyer, why did thou start buying?
It was thou that accepted it, aye it was you the first buyer,
So now, we have so many buyers for the sellers.

Have you come to the fantasy? If no, have you, or have not you?
Repetition dares the riddle to provide the confusing for us,
Like how could thee favour such a lazy for thyself?

So many questions go through, and then somebody demands,
Answers, answers, and more answers, aye, they demand,
The answers to be true, to fit the questions.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Remember me

Remember me said he to the Earth
Remember me that I save thou
He goes to her, remember me
How much my kindness to thou
Remember me that I give thou a life
To serve what love offers thou
Remember me my spirit is with thou
He comforts the Earth with his thoughts
My magic is for thou, yet I am thy hope
Remember me, a miracle to course thou
He smiles with a blessing and the Earth verses

©️ Ismael Mansoor