Pray for Others

Sadness:  It is me that makes others weaken themselves. Understanding, I am sorry, my friend. It is me that always makes others weaken their spirits, thinking it is the depression that makes them believe, believe that their life has no meaning to live or to be happy. Oh, I wish this depression with me, along with me, not the depression with others, not them, but me, yeah, just me. But should I put the hope in the Miracle to save others from me? Yes, protect the hope, and yes, protect the hope, oh, I repeat, protect the hope! May I put the hope in the Miracle coming to them with His honour in the truth. This way, I may rest myself, finally smiling, rest in peace. 

Prayer:  Then may I put you in my prayers, like this
Dear Almighty, the Miracle Creator  
You are Miraculous, and our Saviour!
You have heard Sadness, so, I pray 
You to save her soul
Oh dear, the Miracle Creator, save her soul 

Blah-Blah:  How is it possible for Him to heal Sadness? He only heals those who are devoted to Him. How could you think He would heal Sadness, knowing that she is not devoted to our Lord? How is it possible for you to pray for her?

Prayer:  My faith, and it is none of your business. 
I choose to pray who I want to pray for

Blah-Blah:  You knew Sadness, her action, yet you pretend that you don’t see the truth of Sadness. How could you pray for her for your faith, for your faith? I spoke everything with you, about life, itself, yet you think it is whatever thinking you saw in Sadness, oh shame on you! Shame on you! 

Prayer:  Then I pray for you

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Present Will Wake

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hope stands a firm body
She said, Present will set me free
But they said, Past will interfere
Hope prays, and they quieten
She said, I believe I was told
The tale of Sin’s journey
And other sins of the tales
And yet repetition’s more sinful tales
And the tales of long-ago
And the tales of no-time-at-all
Till Present rise and Past fell
Ensure Future to shine
The time of our Holy Creator
But they said, Past will catch up
Hope smiles and braves
Present will wake to find itself
In the time of opening space

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Deep touching

Your love makes me rocket
Like a shooting star
Thine shining world save me
All love to thou

Let I to ye as love passions
Let thee to me as light shine
Let you and I go to the sky
Raise all that we believe

Love shine as we passion
May we stand bright
Like we through the wall
Brighter all our inner world

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The fantasy of such a poem

Image by Ondřej Šponiar from Pixabay

Thou art perfect
Thee shew us Sun and Moon
Oh the Proud is with Thee

The sky shew us the blue and the stars
The number of tiny spots
All of them Thee that shew us
Let I to Ye that I may not hide

Thou art perfect
Thee shew us Green and Brown
Oh the Soil is with Thee

The Earth shew us the eyes of the One
But I do not see it all
For a man must face the truth
Let I to Ye as the truth to Thou

Thou art perfect
Thee shew us Life and Death
Oh the Light is with Thee

The Dark shew us the world of in us
We cannot fool it nor lie
Thee shew us the hope’s promise
Let I to Ye as the hope to all

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Shielding from the temptation

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

Hey Tempt I would like to tell you
Well done oh you see
You rule my weak self
Cause you know how to weak my mind

Hey Tempt look at me with your eyes
Well done
Cause you toy with my soul oh yeah
You know

Hey Tempt you go to my weak self
Toy with my soul like you play me
You mess up my thoughts and my chest
Cause me think like a man of swear

Hey Tempt excuse me with my swear
But you weak me with your lies
Cause me gone to Save and Strong
No more to say to you well done

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Out Of The Chest

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Express out of the chest
Calm is the body’s need

Wake up from the sleeping
Be grateful but if someone is not happy
Ask why to live and ask why, why
It is better to question self than to passive
Wake up from the passive mind that rules
Wake up from all that barrens, and all that sad
Wake up to all that made for self to experience
Beware of the enemy mind that troubles self

Express out of the chest
Calm is the body’s need

Open the eyes, see everything that it eyes
See is the thing that self tends to eye
But see is also another thing that self tends to ignore
Someone saw but they said, I never saw
Ignorance is such a bliss to all that act it
Ignorance is a self that tells, everything is fine
Ignorance would tell that all are okay but not true
Beware of everything that Ignorance sees

Express out of the chest
Calm is the body’s need

Ignorance, wake up, everything, up to the self
Self must experience hence the self must decide
When He one day would ask Ignorance, why did thou
Ignorance would say, excuse, excuse, and excuse
Think not that He who made life and death would not know
Ignorance would narrow their mind to save themselves
But He who made life and death would He let them
Beware of the lies that serve like, everything is fine

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Lighthouse (A Collaborative Poem)

Image by J. S. Klingemann from Pixabay

This is my second collaborative poem that I wrote with Joy from the Yellow Brick Ave. Joy’s section is in blue and mine is in grey.

Our first collaborative poem (Selah) that we wrote together was started by Joy asking me to collaborate the poem with her and I said yes so we did it and it turned out to be a wonderful poem. After a while, I had been thinking that I would really like the idea to collaborate poem with someone who is as passion with their poetry as I am, so I asked Joy if we could collaborate poem again… So let’s read our different writing styles!


A great dreamer you have always been, a wisher-upon-the-stars
A wayfarer, an adventurer, and a wanderer you are.
I am careful, I am cautious–you are daring, brave, and free
Please don’t stray too far, for to my heart, you hold the key.

Consider how the wave smashes the cliff
A lighthouse would be the one to tell you
How it bears to witness that the salt might scratch it
Like a crane that bulldozers any mountain

So, as you sail those waves, lift your eyes up toward the sky.
I will wait upon those cliffs that you’ll be passing by.
‘Cause you’re my wayward ship out and adrift at sea.
I will light that house so you’ll come back to me.

Oh, let me light the house, so you may see it
In the mist, or the storm, or the night
But if you find it in the daytime
The hidden moon will drift you home to me

I throughly enjoyed the new and unique creative space by collaborating with Joy. If you would like to collaborate with me, please let me know.

He Who Loves You

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

He who loves you does not command Himself to force you
Wake up, the sun is waking all the time
And the moon appears and disappears all the time
He who loves you does not command Himself to change you
Fate is a time that is for the course of your lives
Wake up to the truth that waits for the waterfall to wet the ground
The sky protects every day as well as the night for all the Earth’s sake
Abandon not your truth like the sky that not abandon the ground
The firmament is there to all that we know but not all the depth of soul
He who loves you does not command Himself to block your action
Wake up to the faith that waits for you, wake up and say, I am awake
I am my own will who moves my body according to me and alone myself
So He who loves you does not command Himself to decide for you
We own accord like an accordant that accords to his choice

© Ismael Mansoor

Expressing My Inner World

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
Could I brave to sayth such words, are everything evil also Thine
A question in my mind that asks, and I turn it into a song, or lyric
Let a voice of the singer, or the lyricist, let them speak of Thee

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
But still far, could I jump to the conclusion, did Thee also make evil things
I could think if I were in Thy Shoes, would I say, those are Thine
But how could we the Earth do did doing such those things, both good and evil

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
I can still brave to sayth such words, I understand, why we are not allowed to do evil
Thou shew us the way to the Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine
Is that why, they said, Our Holy Creator would destroy you, and remains ye in thy hell

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
Brave wall before me, and I would smash it down, with my words, remind, forgive us
Thee made those things, so that we may learn, and sayth one day, no way to the evil things
They said that Thee have had having destroyed those evildoers until one truly save them

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
Brave words, the brave wall that is smashed down, by my words, and brave conclusion
He could say, fantasy made me did these thoughts, and it makes me do this thinking
They said that Thee art Fear, but not my words, only the understanding’s words

© Ismael Mansoor