Thine free will

I am my free will, so do you, but the thoughts, “One man not free all men free?”
It is our minds that scripts our thoughts, saying like, up to ye to thine will.
I can say that life helps ye 10%, but ye help thine self 90%.

Well, what doth I with 90% that offers my body to do something?
Shall I turn my orbit around the Most High, the Lord, our Creator?
Aye, choose who thee orbit, aye, choose, for it is thine free will.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

A Surreal Sonnet

The birds flew unto the sky, and they waved
The air, O the different volume of
Blue, that it could merge to the volume of
Purple- it must be hearty love was paved;
A couple toyed their mouths with each other,
And their lips cast a symbol’s Dover
That winged the love out of them, O a tree
And some plants, they intertwined with their love,
They felt for the couple; the sky threaded
The blessing of the glow through the reflect,
But unable through the shell of hearty
Symbol’s Dover that winged the love out.
Some clouds heard the song of the feathers’ wings,
That their melodies love like the winning.

Inspired by William Shakespeare
©️ Ismael Mansoor

Followers seek the path of righteousness

If thou, a follower to the outside world, shall never find what they seek,
But if thou, a follower to the inner world, shall find it, for ye, an understanding,
How ye understand one another if thou doth not understand thyself, thy own book,
Or else, should the perfect honours ye that thou are holy, such 100% non-sin

See the pause here waiting for someone to speak what is necessary, really matter,
But thee come to me as a follower, saying, “What should I do to follow you?”
“For I, myself, prefer to follow ye forever and ever,” but I told ye,
“Follow me not for ye follow not as a follower to thine soul.”

Then he walks in with truth, saying, “See to my followers how many I have.”
“And even though I have so many but I follow no one spiritually.”
Then she dashes to him, “If you solely focus on thyself, I pray thee to be non-sinful.”
But the followers of his laughing at her as if they take pictures with the ignore.

“What?” said somebody, “How is thy mind? What art thou trying to show me,”
“As a picture that fills much mysterious, much follows to the chanting,”
“Like the mountain that lets water river their road upon their strategy?”
“The speaker will sign for the signer, as have long the signer for the speaker!”

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Unfold your dream unto thine thoughts,
Then let it manifests to the reality,
And all will come to the right sought,
So that ye may ‘ve all thy ability.

Each new year to all of the world,
May all the miraculous things come,
So that may all merry to the best,
Let the challenge be the Miracle.

Then ye and I come to our years,
Saying like how well art us to our world
Thee and I must not, biased on “I,”
But we will wait to hear and see “We.”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Remember to breathe

Healing thoughts, he dared, I am my body, my choice,
But she said, share me with thy faith, for we will be together
Then forever years will we share with the public daily
Whether if each day and night are so different
We shall give many thanks for free oxygen from the Earth,
So let, she said with a shining smile, let us breathe gracefully

©️ Ismael Mansoor

At Your Own Pace

If ye swear words a lot like if ye say, fucked up
Does it mean thou art also fucked up?
I believe all of us humans knew what the world is today,
And if you are still saying that the world is fucked up,
Does it mean that ye ‘re not willing to help the world,
Because thou think thee art fucked up?

A true human who does not say the world is fucked up
But one who believes they are going to help the world,
No matter what other humans tell them how humans think
The nature of the Earth does not change for us,
Because humans are the one that brings them upon our lands

So now still saying, fucked up? Thou art free what thee think
But I think when thou sayth, fucked up, I see ye as that way
Thou has not contributed thyself to the Earth nor our Creator,
Because when thou art fucked up, it’s not healing thoughts
Like shit, bullshit, a lot of swears words, yet they are not healing.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Survival of Mother Earth within a thought

Why does the greedy need so much more than enough?
If it is for to give to others, it will be great,
But if not, how could it be for ye to ‘ve more than just?
I do not understand how thine brain works like this way,
But the forgive will tell ye, “Forgive the good-provoke,
For they just want ye to open with thine wide eyes.”
We are not alone, so think about us, but ye went thine way,
Thinking all about you, such narcissistic, such ego!
But one day they the good ones will come to take over,
And ye will not ‘ve all just for ye, because it will be for sharing,
But such a fantasy, such daydream to wish all that come,
But the soul within the Earth shall not be in vain.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Ye need what? Water and food which is in non-killing,
But someone says you kill the plant the moment you cut off their stem.
Well, well, said somebody else, the plant has their regeneration,
Reproduction, photosynthesis, what’s more?
If thee need food that is from the killing,
How many more blood will thereupon thine hands?
Everyone is gone to the loss of their mind, and a saviour come out of the blue,
Saying, see? It is meats that astray us, for their souls was sad before their death,
And ye ate them, the depression and the anger of being slavery is inside your stomach,
Absorbing all that feeds all parts of the body; they already consume.
Now ye come to me with thine questions, so much for me to answer, but ye shall not expect me,
Because I say what ye shall expect from the Miracle, for He is All-Knowing.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Exposure: the tempt?

Come, come, I will show you the path of thy soul,
And thou shall decide afterward, for thee art seeker,
Even all other things that define who thou art
I will come to ye with the Glory’s power
For all to come, yet all will be revealing

Then he will show ye with his honesty
And she will build the pillar of hope that is final
No false hope, no just saying hope,
But the time for them to show you the final one
The great hope’s example, only the one hope

Come, come, we will take you to thy soul,
For it was you that called the aware
And we heard the chant, the Miracle
All miracles to the Honesty
And the world, both the heaven and the earth

©️ Ismael Mansoor

You are Trusted

If ye, a good one, one of the truthful soul
Will ye come with the Great Miracle?
I do not have to hope, the-believe just faith,
For everyone has their wisdom sleeping
Then only can they unlock it by themselves?
Or else who will do it for them?
I shall pray the Miracle shall do it for us,
For every one of us needs the Miracle,
Or likewise, if ye say that the good,
Is not for ye, then good luck
For ye cannot hide thine self from our Lord

©️ Ismael Mansoor