Courage always has a plan

I am just not good enough.
I am trying so hard, I really am.

Courage never be discourage.
I know, I know, but it is not easy.
Time to stop being discourage.
It’s so hard to be ice at same time be hot.

Courage always has a plan.
Discourage will always ruin it.
But know the truth it never give up
Courage will always win.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

What thee see is for ye

What thee see is for ye,
But a reaction from thine world
Ye speak from your thoughts,
And thy body listens to what ye say,
Even like me as a Deaf man,
My body listens to what I sign
From my thoughts.

Well, man, woman, child, boy, girl, shout the mind,
I will not leave every word, so they must show,
What were ye? Thou asked for thy faith, thine own,
Thou seek that thee need, a question to answer,
Where were ye? The mind of the brain waits for you,
Like the fantasy is waiting for the one to reveal it.

©️ Ismael Mansoor