A dream’s prophetic

A dream’s prophetic

From the old age to the future of peace
The old war will reduce by time to time,
That at the end he will win for all peace,
But to that happen he will be merciful,
With the help of the Miracle Maker
Because of his kindness that cheers his heart
So the old age to the future of peace,
Will destroy the war for once
And all to them forever and ever,
So here my head said to me my spirit,
Is that one day the Miracle Maker
Will come to face every one of the Earth,
With His Love, Mercy, and forever Peace,
So never try to doubt of the Great Peace!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

In the end Lucifer is at his loss.

The great Lucifer has decided to grace us.
I have nothing to hide, Judgment.
Well, I wish to put you on the trial.
Well, go on, Judgment – have at it.
Hmm, how does it feel to be at this loss?
My sins were terrible indeed.
Did you preach to mankind about the lies?
Yes, I did preach to them about my lies.
Why did you lying to mankind?
Because I wanted them to walk away from –
From the Miracle our Maker, yea?
You know what, Judgment? You’re so right.
You deny the Miracle Creator.
I defied the Miracle Creator.
Why did you grieve the world He made?
Using my power, to defy.
You misled mankind to astray.
Yes, I misled them to astray.
Why, Lucifer? They owe you nothing.
My ways/doings remain in my favour.
In the end, you will all know that He won.
Of course He’s the Miracle Creator.
Let that be your fate – now you will face Him.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

In My World

In my world, I daydream the Miracle
Oh, when I say “in my world,”
I meant my inner world
Oh, when thou come to my world
Thou shall find both sides
The light and the darkness
Aye, ye shall say, why would thou
And I shall reply, why would thou
Ignore thy world that has both sides?
Look at the Universe, look at the Space,
Daydream may I am, but look at the sky and the stars.
I might assume that they have lots of respects for themselves,
For the suns, for the stars, and everything else in the Universe,
The darkness enjoys its view that the light shines them all through,
Oh, how defiance art thou, or thy world?
Open thy eyes for thy two sides art with thee,
How could thou ignore them?
Oh, I never say that thou can play with thy darkness,
But I shall say, thou shall understand thy darkness, for thy light,
Tell me, why dark when thou close thy eyes?
And why light, when thou imagine or visualise?
The darkness may be sleeping, but the light imagines too well,
That they can cheer up the darkness with easement
Oh, this what is in my world, my inner world,
But I tell thee, that I imagine the Miracle,
Where He smiles, from there, I smile with Him.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Unknown figure

The imagination at the moment,
Hope is with my mind,
But she imagines me as a hidden secret,
And also imaging me as a gift one,
And also as a miracle.

Hope’s dream makes everything else comes to fantasy,
A dream yet a strong belief that turns everything on,
And the feelings, quick overflow,
The everlasting, forever, and ever,
Such a riddle, such a wonderful eternity

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The abstract of the paradox

My mind is Deaf, yet the fantasy insist
That I speak of hope,
That cries unto my world,
To message the outside of the world,
That my words will sword with,
The peace that begets peace of love,
Because it needs to voice,
For what love is, and that love is,
For the Miracle and the universe,
To unlock all the wonderful things,
To come only for all the miracles,
Because of the knowledge of evil and good,
Has to come, to end, time for the,
The miracle, to begin the tale of a fairytale,
That lights all the lights,
That shines all the shines unto all shines,
How mysterious can it be like this,
To riddle of abstract of paradox,
The time to time of all heavens.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Can I set myself free?

The want is in my heart,
Like we all want more money,
More money for our desire.

I seek out of my heart, I want some things, but they are not free,
Unless if I make things, I will be free, but my hunger bothers,
With opening hand, I want food and drink cause I am hungry,
Feed me with your money that you purchase food and drink.

But I seek out to desire to have more than things, like traveling.
Yeah, it is great to travel around the world and see everything,
So give me money said I to the want, give me money, and I will, well look after it.
Also, I shall make money works for me, for you, and all the world,
But the fantasy waits for it to happen, the want in my heart is to be free.

Can I set you free from your burden? If yes, can you set me free from my burden? If yes,
Can we set others free from their burdens? If yes, can they set other ones free from their burden?
So much to think happening to me, well, I cannot say one thing but preferring more than ten things.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

So much serve

There are words in my thoughts,
God wants you to understand Him,
But you made up your mind,
God is the Miracle Creator,
And you said, give me your Creator’s word
So that I may make our Creator’s word.
We heard you say in your thoughts,
Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Ramiel, Raguel, Sariel,
And the Lucky Lady.
Indeed, we heard you, indeed, did we hear you,
Thee seek Him on your own, we astonish,
Because thee say out to the flesh, I am a sinner,
Fix me, hear me, but also see me to my doings
You will find such a disappointment because
I am not a holy one, oh not such like Jesus Christ,
The Nazarene, Son of Mary, such a miracle man
Allah or Father Jesus pronounced in both books,
We know you know not why in your mind,
But we hear, such a pearl of wisdom lay in you,
Ye ‘ve so much to preserve, ‘ve so much serve

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Peace’s reason to stop War

What happened to you was terrible.

I tried your way, my former friend, my foe.
I tried to be like you, my former best.
Live like you, but our Lord always gave
His Best on you more than me, my dear, foe.
I ran myself away from our Lord.
Now, since you are here before my presence,
I will take everything from you, the Great Peace!

But it always ends the same way, my friend;
I will stop everything from destruction,
I will make everything to stop you peace;
Extraordinary, what did you expect?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

As liking of King Peace’s virtuous ways

KING PEACE. My teammates, I am to my friends,
That has been my mission and reminders.
Your requirement is paying attention,
To me have been considered, this is so
Important that all yours are my duty.

POLITICIAN. Here is old the test
Old testament. For the profiter drawn
All wealth’s passions, I say tax must not stop.

KING PEACE. That was not working with a miracle,
To draw money from tax sound that we are
Lazy – no, this time, we work as good work
O dear, the world needs our miracles.
You all chose me and trust as your king!

GOVERNOR. Then on, my king, command me,
Let King Peace command Governor work.

KING PEACE. No, I don’t command you to work.
You all are free to do what you want, but,
Now the world is with me, my side, you know.
As for liking of King Peace’s virtuous ways
Now my teammates, open to tell me what.

Words inspired by William Shakespeare
Written by Ismael Mansoor

The Time Turner

Do you walk to the holy place?
Yes, I am.
Where are your angels?
Do not worry; they are going to be here.
Why do you think I asked?
You still doubt me.
Let’s get your angels.
They will be here soon.
No, let’s get your angels.
I said –
They are here.
Help them with your kindness.
You are the reason every angel,
Are here, I know that.
You are my new faith in the new age.

Inspired by Chef (2014) [When I watch it, the words image my mind, and I wrote it out of me.)
Written by Ismael Mansoor