Don’t be a snake

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Power, Glory, Holy, where have they been in our heart
Power, Glory, Holy, did they hide away from us
Thee tell me with thy honesty, oh, no white lies, please
I doth not need to see thy comfortable hands

Aye, I need ye abolish thy white lies, and thee tell me with thine bitter news
Oh, hold thine tongue, I doth not need thy mouth, I need to see the hands talking
Oh, hold thine tongue, oh, how many have I heard the million times of thy mouths
Aye, Power, Glory, Holy, is that why they are hiding from thy white lies or the worst lies

Power, Glory, Holy, where have thou been in thy true self
Power, Glory, Holy, did ye dim thy life and increase thy darkness
Thee yell at me with thy bitterness but yell not at me with thy white lies
I doth need the truth, the faith, and the mighty, oh, such the majestic

Thy Highness, Thy Majestic, and Thy that is Thine
Let’s Him crumble our pieces of bread, and drop it to our ground
So that we may pick it up from our feet like that we gain the harvest
Power, Glory, Holy, thee tell the Teller to shut thy lies of such a false self

© Ismael Mansoor