You tell me, love me, and I will love you back. But I tell you what, the Miracle Creator who is our Holy Creator, He keeps giving you love that you deserve. But if your thoughts don’t dwell on the Grace of our Lord, it is you that will bring the ungrace of our enemy upon yourself, for you think not of your body’s gratitude, but the mind of the troubling thoughts.

© Ismael Mansoor

I may not be perfect but

You want to know how to improve your life? I may not be perfect, but the Lord, no, our Holy Creator is anything possible. So, stop and change the way you used to think. You shall see your result if your thoughts glue upon the Grace of our Holy Creator. Give up your negative thoughts that eat up all your waste times. But if you love gossip, backstabbing, whatever it is not good, our Holy Creator shall protect those ones who keeps Him in their thoughts, their minds, their hearts, and their souls even everything inside the body.

© Ismael Mansoor



Empirical, empiric, empiricism
Doth thou know their words
Oh, thee know it not
I don’t mean you but him
Doth thou know empirical, empiric, empiricism
I wish ye to tell me what they are
But let’s teach thee how to understand them
In Deaf’s way of his mind, oh do not think
That all Deaf people are the same, do not think of it so
But let’s think that one Deaf man, his mind
Doth thou think I am empirical
Or doth thee feel that I am an empiricism
Or should ye sense that I am an empiricist
Or wait for him to answer it to himself
I don’t mean you but him and alone him
Define them, what are they empirical, empiric
Describe for me, or thyself, or for whatsoever
Now tell thee of your knowledge, ye understand
Provoke ye to him or her to him, oh, sorry a riddle
An empirical man comes to a professor
He said, hi professor, how well are thy empiricism
Between our Holy Creator and thy empiric
I wait and wait for thee to tell of thy science
But He who is our Miracle will come to the day
For all us to witness what is matter with our empirics
Whether if let it be foolish or wise, should it be with Him
As long as the Good Will is within us
That we need to awaken ourselves, oh
Remember that I don’t mean you but him and alone him

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Blessing in disguise

Image by Mimzy from Pixabay

Spark, spark, they sing, but one man who has no interest in all songs, he said, how could you sing with a merry heart when the world is not yet finally over? And a woman said details, please. The world is still sinful, so how could you sing with your merry heart? Oh, oh, oh, they sing, and she said, have you not heard their songs? They are not for their merry heart, but for He who made them and delivered from their mother’s womb, and breathed them into life, from its moments toward, they shall sing for Him, and His Breath. But one man who has heard the voice of that woman, he walks to her, and said, it is He that blesses your voice.

© Ismael Mansoor

The circle of inventiveness – part 2

Good day to you, Wisdom.

Good day to you too.

I heard you bought a house for Provoke.

Yes, I did.

Why Provoke, why out of the sudden it’s him?

Just in case, it is a long story, and I do not want to talk about it.


Can you respect me?

Of course, Wisdom. Please sit down. Hmm, I see that you are very powerful because you are a billionaire man. Why say you will support me as a charity?

Because you are Peace

Aww, Wisdom

I dreamt that one day you will become a king, and then win the world’s throne, the Earth. Then you will be King Peace.

One of the Earth?

Yes, can you do me a favour?

Yes, I can do you a favour because I owe you a thousand times.

Thank you, Peace. Please keep visiting Provoke. He needs you.

Alright, I will do your favour.

Thank you, Peace, when you keep visiting Provoke, I can promise you a little bit, that you may learn a lot from him even if it is overboard.

Yes, Wisdom.

Good to see you. Say, off I go to leave you in grace.

Have a wonderful day!

You too.


How did you find me?

It doesn’t matter. Why didn’t you tell me where you were?

I do not want to wake up your beauty sleep. Oh, you were comfortable.

We are business partners; don’t you remember that?

Forgive me, Mr. Patience.

I forgive you, and you know, Wisdom. Think, we go to see Mountain?

Yes, but do you know where Mountain is? Because I am not very sure.

I have prepared well before I got you here, and I do know where he is.

Can you take us to where Mountain is?

Yes, Wisdom. Let’s go.

Marvelous. How are you?

I am well, thank you. What business does Wisdom have brought Mr. Patience with me? Why is Mr. Patience here? Should not Wisdom be with him, is that right? Oh, it is my spirit that spoke about what was necessary, not say why you have brought him here before me.

It is important.

Provoke? It is about him. What should you try to convince me only if you think so? Do not say I cannot read you. I know you well because you were my apprentice.


Not now, Mr. Patience.

How strange for Wisdom to not share his thoughts with Mr. Patience.

Can I speak?

Should I allow you to let you speak only if you bring Provoke here? Mr. Patience can wait here, and he must obey me until you bring Provoke here. The deal is deal, say what you, Wisdom?

Why she dares

Not now, please, Mr. Patience?  


I accept your deal.

© Ismael Mansoor

Such a speech of figure

I write, write, and write
My mind said, please don’t stop
Write, write, and write
Don’t waste your words, just write them
Oh, it’s utter interesting
A thousand thoughts that swim other thousand thoughts
I am minding that you are not out of the words
How I like you to try to the perfect English
But you are Deaf
Your English is not your first language
Well, I was minding that you used the Old English
How I liked you to challenge a king of imagination
But well, I will be sure to keep you running of the words
Like a king of wisdom, and his queen of kindness
How is it, you, Deaf who believes in the Miracle?
Goodwill, goodwill, and let me speak more of it
Speak like a wise king, and think like a kind queen
Interesting, is it, isn’t it
Oh, you think I am playing with the words
Should I use Old English as you did before
Should I, should not I?
Well, let me, thou doth think
Anyway, good heart, ye knew
I doth need thy answer if thou know thy good heart
As could a king love his kingdom, or could queen
Around all such a speech of figure
Oh, goodness, such gracious
Not bad for thee to love someone important to thee
But what I am minding for, an answer that glows a diamond
All sort of an ancient food
Oh, ye think, thou understand, yet thee think so?
Such work if food is secret, such key if a secret is a food
How to waste ye think I am to thee
Sometimes you like me, and sometimes you don’t like me
That what a human is?
Ask a king, he might answer, or ask his queen, she might know
Think of the noble knew everything but if
What if the quiet also knew everything and they carry on?
Comfort zone, don’t you think so, do you?
I know how ye look inside me, your mind
What is going on in my mind?
Oh, happen in your brain
Words update, construct and sentence

© Ismael Mansoor

You have not mastered your temple

Oh, dear the Earth, what can I feel for you? Oh, she said, when will they help me? I know that I am anthropomorphising this planet that we are living on, but nevermind my mind. Oh, forgive the provoking for saying, nevermind, but while I anthropomorphise her, or you would say personification. Anyway, again, excuse me for saying, anyway, but she said, when will they understand what is my role or my duty? They may think I am just a thing that cannot speak for herself, but I tell you that your organs and everything else that functions inside you, they would say that you would not speak for yourself. Why? You have not mastered your temple, body!

© Ismael Mansoor

Where is the angel?

Bravo, the Angel, the ancient one
Before they flew to the Earth
Heaven, there they were, in the heart of the Earth
But they left this planet, brought themself away

But where is the Angel?
They left the Earth, brought themself to the Heaven
Look at us, where is the Angel?
I want to know where they are if they are there or here

Bravo, the Angel, the ancient one
I have heard that they are the righteous
That they fought for the Holy Creator
Even to this day, it is them that serves Him

But where is the Angel?
The story wonders me when I think of
Heaven to my brain that makes sense
Why the Angel left, or why they are not here

Bravo, the Angel, the ancient one
The story knows the history
Yet who the story do I think I am
Oh, a man from the Earth, here I am

But where is the Angel?
How I could know where they are
Oh, I am a man on one of the seven continents
How I could know, how I could know where the Angel is

Bravo, the Angel, the ancient one
They are watching the Earth
Oh, I bet that they are invisible
Oh, I bet that they are, I bet!

Bravo, where is the Angel?
Bravo, the ancient one, where
Bravo, the Angel, where are you?
Bravo, they are watching the Earth

© Ismael Mansoor

Is that what you are

The sky has been known
What is it ye that knows the sky?
Man, your world used to call it, heaven
What is it, the sky has been known?
Have been known
Are thou with the riddle?
Have been known
Not me, but it seems that you know
Have been known
To whom
Such the which
The universe
A galaxy or milk way
Have been known
Unlimited, limitless, infinite
Have been known to ye
No regulation whatsoever
Have been known
Said who
The infinity, the infiniteness, and the infinite
What do you mean?
Magic, power, every miracle
All rare and it has been known
Are you friends with the riddle?
Have been known
I told you, not me
Have been known
Whatever you say
Have been known
Give it up man
Your heart has been felt by the known
Give me a break, will you, won’t you?
Unlimited or limitless
What do you want from me?
Watch thy thoughts
Can you read my mind?
Have been known
Stop the riddle, will you?
Have been known
What do you expect me to understand?
The song wins everything.
Which song
Thou art non-sinful
I am non-sinful?
Not ye, but the song
You have made me confused
Have been known
Leave me, or here will I?
Have been known
Many riddles go through your thinking
Have been known
Have been known
Wins everything?
Have been known
Then you know I am confused
Have been known
If you speak like that, you will never
It does not matter
Is that what you are, sentiment?
Have been known
Well, go and play with your mind
Have been known, and it is my privilege

© Ismael Mansoor