Can I set myself free?

The want is in my heart,
Like we all want more money,
More money for our desire.

I seek out of my heart, I want some things, but they are not free,
Unless if I make things, I will be free, but my hunger bothers,
With opening hand, I want food and drink cause I am hungry,
Feed me with your money that you purchase food and drink.

But I seek out to desire to have more than things, like traveling.
Yeah, it is great to travel around the world and see everything,
So give me money said I to the want, give me money, and I will, well look after it.
Also, I shall make money works for me, for you, and all the world,
But the fantasy waits for it to happen, the want in my heart is to be free.

Can I set you free from your burden? If yes, can you set me free from my burden? If yes,
Can we set others free from their burdens? If yes, can they set other ones free from their burden?
So much to think happening to me, well, I cannot say one thing but preferring more than ten things.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Peace’s reason to stop War

What happened to you was terrible.

I tried your way, my former friend, my foe.
I tried to be like you, my former best.
Live like you, but our Lord always gave
His Best on you more than me, my dear, foe.
I ran myself away from our Lord.
Now, since you are here before my presence,
I will take everything from you, the Great Peace!

But it always ends the same way, my friend;
I will stop everything from destruction,
I will make everything to stop you peace;
Extraordinary, what did you expect?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Time Turner

Do you walk to the holy place?
Yes, I am.
Where are your angels?
Do not worry; they are going to be here.
Why do you think I asked?
You still doubt me.
Let’s get your angels.
They will be here soon.
No, let’s get your angels.
I said –
They are here.
Help them with your kindness.
You are the reason every angel,
Are here, I know that.
You are my new faith in the new age.

Inspired by Chef (2014) [When I watch it, the words image my mind, and I wrote it out of me.)
Written by Ismael Mansoor

The fantasy paints the novel

You give me money, and I invest it.
I will give you money, what are you doing with it?
You donate me, and I give some of it back to the world.
And I will donate you, will you give some of it back to the world?
You ask me what I am going to do with your donation,
And I will ask the same thing to verify such a validation.
Well, the Earth needs the foundation to build her state,
To roar the world that the peace of nature shall richen,
But you give money, and I will invest it,
I will know what to do with it, but we shall thank,
To the Earth who never give up on our kind in our heart,
Why she didn’t destroy us from a long time ago,
But well, faith can never tell you to believe by your eyes.
But it can show you to believe by the action of life,
For the Lord, our Creator is in my mind, forever and ever.
So let me give you money, and I pray for you to invest it,
And share it with the world so that everything else is safe,
But the fantasy paints such a message to the novel.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Holy or just a talk

The seven ones who are holy ones
They said you call the Miracle
Who do you think you are?
You are brave to say such words,
But why such words out of your mouth?
The provoke made and make you write,
Out of yourself, yes, thyself, and such Old English
They would say, why did thee bring out the old past?
And the provoke might make your words ink onto the present,
Writing, I did not bring out the old past, but the history,
You taught me with what’s left the world, so why can’t I,
And everyone else can share some histories that you know not,
Oh, leave it, nevermind, oh, here the provoke might make the status,
The seven ones who are holy, or just a talk, fairy tale

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Fantasy whisper to him, have you come…

The right arm is holding on the right chin,
He looks like he’s smiting,
But the soul is good and powerful
Enough for people to feel we are safe.
He lifts himself from the throne,
And praise his hands to the sky,
Saying, my people are sinful, but I pray
Pray, pray, and pray for the hope to bless us,
But his eyes are looking up to the holy mountain,
And the fantasy whisper to his soul, have you come,
To see Me, the Holy One who you called, OUR
Or have you come to your decision that the Lord
Our Holy One to face your fate that holds in your both hands?
Let the right arm holds the right chin for the righteous thoughts.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

To that strange land…

The Journey welcome me to the strange land,
Where there is full of hope, heaven thoughtful,
That you find me so strange to say something,
Like the eternal Light, the Miracle

I find my thought how strange is that something,
Such as polices, hospitals, are no more,
Because of everyone, everybody,
Are full of self-healing, full of self-peace,
Where there is no more of crime, no more sick
How strange that land with full of the miracle,
That there is no more sin – no more sin-cursed,
Because the understanding is there

I find that there’s no more pride and ego,
Because the understanding is there,
That I see that the world is full of calm,
Due to the peace who win over that land

I find my thought how strange is that something,
Such as killings are no more of that blood,
Because of everyone, everybody,
Are full of self-kindness, full of self-love,
Where there is no more of eating blood food
How strange that land with full of the miracle,
That eat only fruits and vegetables,
Because the understanding is there

I find that there’s more of Angels and Light,
Because of the Miracle Creator.
Is there to sit on the throne of that land?
Due to my abstract thought for that strange land

©️ Ismael Mansoor