We are one human

I would tell thee so many things

How could thee carry with thy yoke?
The yoke imprisons our Mother Earth,
Oh, oh, ye fight with me ‘cause thou art not happy,
But, but, and but I would tell thee so many things,
Alas, thee would flee to But, and say excuses,
Like me, that also flee to him with excuses,
I cannot fly, I cannot behave like our Holy Creator!
Like But that has so many things to say but,
Thee, oh the bee must protect by thee;
Thou protect their stings for Life.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Notorious Motion

Hmm, mm, motion is a thing that I can wait,
But thee tell the seller to just making money.
How could thou sell a thing that is not for the Earth?
Ye think that ye ‘ve the power over her.
Such a fool to think that ye can ‘ve thy power to rule.

Hmm, mm, motion is a statement that I can wait,
But ye saint, as a perfect man but thou,
Hmm, thee doth not understand that the Lord.
No, for you to understand I prefer to say, our Holy Creator,
Do ye think I am talking to ye? I am talking to him that listens.

Hmm, mm, motion is a sayth that I as Gabriel to speak for thee,
No, another one said, I as Michael will sign for thee,
And no, said another one, I as Ramiel will guide for thee,
But other two said the same time, We as Sariel and Uriel will for thee,
Doth thou think I am daydreaming to thee? Thou ask thy fantasy.

Hmm, mm, motion, motion, and motion.
Thee art quiet that hears me through thy fantasy.
Oh, oh, what should I tell thee of thy shod?
Ye did not know what was in thy body,
Now you study, feel, and remember everyone in it.

© Ismael Mansoor

What belongs, belongs there forever!

Oh, oh, oh, ye made those things by thine hands,
But did thee ask thyself if they are for the Earth’s benefit?
Or for thy money’s sake? Thee must think when to take
Something that belongs to the Earth and alone her.

Oh, oh, oh, thee cannot tell me that the trees belong to Humankind,
Nor ye can say to me that every animal belongs to Men and Women,
Nor thee cannot be on the Earth’s behalf if thou stole their home,
Something to remind about what’s the truth, yeah, we know.

Oh, oh, oh, thou think I am perfect, to tell thee of all the perfect things.
I tell you, what the truth about me is, I am like thou that are imperfect,
But I cannot pretend that everything is fine, nor I favour Ignorance,
We cannot let any bad bacteria or virus to steal all our nutrients.

© Ismael Mansoor

It is matters of time

The power is safe.
But He is coming.
Yes, they made contact.
Others are coming with Him.
The truth has to get Peace
Oh, if you don’t find him, everything,
Everything and everything will be lost.
Your majestic, have you heard anything from him?
We need to make decisions,
Because He is coming
It will be all out to the hope of one man.
Where is Peace?
It is matters of time oh such urgent!
The truth has already begun
And Peace must be found immediately!

© Ismael Mansoor

Outer vs inner

Ye fight me ‘cause my words seems to fight
It is not words that seems fighting
It is an attitude that a face behaves toward
Ye fight me ‘cause of my face my attitude
It is an instinct that gut from soul
It is not about my face but ye look at me
Ye follow the law of movement upon my face
It is not only thou but me too
It is the truth that scriptures such a holy reminder
Ye know what’s right and wrong aw ye know

© Ismael Mansoor

I know that is my imagination

Ye are like the sun that burns such dangerous
But Thou art like the moon that all can touch
Thee ring the bell to pronounce many words
Through the thoughts that wave unto the mind
Oh, oh, may I thought so that I am like a star

There are stars in every department
There are stars in all that we do
They called them be like “You are a star player”
But there is misconception about “player”
A woman said, art thou a player, for a game or used me

My thoughts can land on Thy moon because it is not burning
But my heart can touch Thy sun because it is spiritual
But I know that is my imagination, my thoughts, and alone mine
Up to me that I am, and up to Ye that Thou art, but I pray

© Ismael Mansoor

The works of stars are not limited

I am Star so

Give me a fantasy for the dream
And another fantasy for the reality

Give me a bread for the health
And another bread for the soul

Give me a drink for the cleanse
And another drink for the spirit

Give me a food from the tree
And another food from the plants

Give me an everything for the abundance
And another everything for the Earth

For I am Star!

© Ismael Mansoor