The Qualities of Love

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

I am not seeing you as a black man or a white man or a brown man. I am seeing you as a person with a name. Your colour means nothing to me.

Do you know why I said this? When some people asked what race I am, what religion I am, where I come from – all they wanted to know who I am as a definition of my colour skin, my belief, my nationality, my tradition, etc, etc, etc, but I answered, “I’m human. I’m earthman. I’m mankind. So here my name is Ismael.”

If you do not satisfy that I have answered to you that I am human, I am earthman, I am mankind. If you asked what my belief is, then I tell you that my belief is the Miracle Creator – the Understanding – the Truth, the Faith, the Goodness, the Light and the Miracle – all the same LOVE that we know for sure that LOVE bring this world as one family.

If you do not know LOVE as TRUE MEANING OF LOVE then why do you go out to ask some people who they are as colour skins, as their beliefs, as their nationalities, as their traditions, etc, etc, etc, because if you find out who they are so that you may judge them because you think you are love?

Love is an unity, it is something we all share and experience in life. Love is everything for each every love – everyone experiences love, and the special love will remain in their souls. Love is connected to one another, be it a billion – through our personalities, our presences, our flaws and our warm appearances. Love is not blinded by a quality, however people tend to make love based on their race, religion, nationality, and tradition.

For we are one mankind no matter what colour skin we are but LOVE doesn’t matter whatever we are as long as our connection is connected to LOVE for we can love together as one, as an unity.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I wrote this poem above about three years ago

The Parallel of Relationship

Contemplate, consider the way I said about the old
I do not mean how old are you
I mean like the Old from the beginning
Like the New from the modernity

Father, I am going to do my way not your way
Your way is old, and mine’s not in it
My way is new, and yours are not in it
Should thou disclose it for my sake and forget thine old way

Son, we are going to separate our ways
Your New and my Old
Let it be done as you wish
When thou art done with your New, come back to our house

One day
Son, you come back
Father, yes, I am, but hear to my New
Let it combine with thine Old

Father, open thine soul to my New, for it is miraculous
He who is a father that hears the voice of the Miracle
My servant, go to him with thy heart, mind, and body
For I am the Old and the New, both am I anyway

© Ismael Mansoor

Faith Vs. Tax

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

PRAYER. I have got a powerful enchantment
You may not see it here in me 
But ye can feel it from here to there
Look like a quite mystery
Who has a lot of things to say for
Thou pay to try praying

PAYER. Oh, I am convinced that your actions are a noble consequence
But not me, that is you that is thine powerful divination
But I pay every day even every night
I pay, pay, and pay for the money that maintains 
To meet all that feed me even supporting my relatives 
And my family to secure that they must stay away from the homeless

PRAYER. When you pray something
You receive something that answers thee
But art thou interested in being a prayer?
Our Holy Creator will not be gone
But thee cannot see a secret from the hiding existence

PAYER. Would you keep the secret from me?
I pay ye a lot of money for thy religious house
To establish thou that I hold in the charity 
Must not waste, aww, must not fail for thou
Help me and say, money is not for thou
Yet supporting the religious house for thy people

TAXER. Especially if you do not pay your TAX
I will send Taker to auction everything 
That you own me; and own a nation’s VAT
Your generation asked for living in Money’s territory
Payback to Money that you took from him

PAYER. My generation, huh? 

TAXER.  This is must be difficult for you
To keep up paying everything that you own
And paying up everything that they own
As well as paying the price of TAX

PRAYER.  I, too, difficult and wonder what if
I can always pray that the world can hope
Abounding faith is a heartbeat that heart pumps
Pray with hope and with miraculous

PAYER.  I pay thou, I pay thee, I pay ye, and I pay you
How gracious are thou both having something return
But I pay all of you because I am a slave person 
Who must pay for the rest of my life
But wait and patient, for I leave Money
And start building that will feed the rest of us

TAXER. Good luck with that, Payer

PRAYER. I will pray for ye
My prayer is a power that fathoms 
It will not stop
And I train this faith to its deserves

© Ismael Mansoor

Open thine self

Image by dougandpetegardening from Pixabay

Open thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyself
Who open for thee, oh, ask thyself who open for thou
Open thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyself
What makes ye live, oh, ask thine mind what makes you

Open, open, oh, how many times, have ye being asked by
Someone thee acknowledged, that they said, please open thy eyes
For what you do, is such an unsleeping mind, oh ask thy head
If ye not let thy cloud that covers thy sake that is good for thee
Oh, ask thy soul, if thine goodness has been compromising
Or ask thy heart, if thou art perfect that He made ye
Shall not thee tell thy thoughts, or thine soul, what becomes thou
So, who open for ye, oh, ask thine self, who are thou opening for

Open thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyself
Again shall one say, open thine self
Open thine eyes, wake up and awaken thyself
Again shall one say, open thy sake that is good for thine self

©️ Ismael Mansoor

In the Understanding of Living Beings

Image by Reinhardi from Pixabay

The Miracle Creator is my metaphor

  • I believe in Miracle
  • I believe in Light
  • I believe in Magic
  • I believe in Faith
  • I believe in Good
  • I believe in Truth
  • I believe in Soul

I believe in me and Him – that’s my metaphor

  • Life is Non-Stoppable
  • The Light is Not Over
  • The Breath is Not Gone
  • The Faith is Not Given Up
  • The Magic is not Unbelief
  • The Miracle Is Carrying On
  • The Invincible is Invisible

The Miracle Creator is my only understanding

© Ismael Mansoor

In the Eminence of Her

Because of you that I love –
It is too sweet sound a faith!

The sweet lily knows the best
Of what I will the Light –
My past life was not easy,
Because of my Deafness.
But you inspired me greatly –
You are also Deaf like me,
Yet you win your strong will –
That makes me love you more sweet!

Because of you that I love –
It is too sweet sound a faith!

The sweet lily reminds me
The story of ours
That we can shine the brighter
That the Light sails us to dark

Because of you, I feel HOPE
Because of you, I feel STRENGTH
Because of you, I feel COURAGE
Because of you, I feel MAGIC

Because of you that I love –
It is too sweet sound a faith!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Faith in your studies

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Have some faith in your studies
Oh, ye must remember why you chose it in the right place
Now thee tell thy thoughts, I shall prove ye with the faith

If you are one of them that dislike studying or feeling difficult
Say it in thy thoughts, I shall master my studies because I am a genius
Say it in thine mind for a million times, I am a genius, I am a genius
And I am genius, we all are geniuses, so, I tell ye that we can master
Our studies, oh, have some faith in it, and say, Amen

Yes, have some faith in your studies
Oh, ye must remember why you chose it in the right place
Now thee tell thy thoughts, I shall prove ye with the faith

If you are hearing, ye shall not say that thou can’t
Hey man, woman, look at me, I am Deaf who is in thine world
That label me, oh, said they, he is deaf, he can’t do anything
We don’t need him in a high position but look at Deaf students
They have had surpassed far more than the most hearing could think

© Ismael Mansoor

A man with hope

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

There, a man stands himself
They said we think he is religious
But he is not that they thought
He is not religious but a man of the Earth
Salute his own to our Holy Creator
They asked him, who is our Holy Creator
And he said, the One who made us and everything
But still asked them to him, who is our Holy Creator
He who made life and death and everything He made
Then life reproduces life, and death awaits for their time
They wondered, and they said, what is His name?
He said, I only call Him as the Reference, our Holy Creator
Do we have any idea what is He like, said they to he
And he said, have you met Him before, and they said, no
Me too, he smiled, then they left him a peaceful state

© Ismael Mansoor