Just my curious

Today most we say that not good to marry
Our siblings because it’s better to marry
That’s not our relations nor our blood
But back to the ancient where there was
Just one man and one woman where there
Was no one among the two of them
So she begets a child, then children
So what happened to those children?
Were they married to each other?
Or only their parents beget so many
Until they became strangers then married?

©Ismael Mansoor

All there whatever holds

I walk to the house of Magic,
She welcomes me with her enchantment,
And an aisle from it cords of the house of Magic,
To the house of Miracle, all herein secrets,
And all therein whatever holds all secrets,
Heather, both of it are connecting,
Well, there I am within.


He goest to seest me with his strength,
Then hither ye watch me with thy faith,
Then she as thine who lovest ye so much,
And we must witness whatever reacts
Ye of thine whatever belongs ye of mind,
But life itself is not thy, for it is everyone.


They send such wealth to my balance,
Thank you said a Deaf person, also civilian,
Such is word comforts me with ease,
Sour sweets, then thee seek me,
And I share the sky of abundance,
Whereas ye seek of my inner world,
I offer ye of my gratitude from the house,
Of fantasy
Then when ye step
Into thy soul book
You might be
Completely different


Victory takes me to the power of my inner world,
And she leaves me herein then I seek the Miracle,
Magic, here I am with Victory, she smiles so lightly,
Then Poetry said to me, thee use such simple words,
But hither, ye thither whatever riddles of thine,
And Victory.


@ Ismael Mansoor

Like my moody

Come, come, Fruits will feed you,
Hence, Vegetable also nutrient thou,
So all may have what is good in all,
Such like we will help each other,
Then ye, well, hitherto, oh, another,
Such riddle is it to confront all waterfalls

Granadilla dash and say like,
Bitter, why did ye touch me?
People want Sugar by my side,
Because they demand Merry.

Such is Apple who caused the first time Sin,
Oh, such is Metaphor who let used Apple,
As the example to define in their specification,
Then such is Mammal, who thought different.

Neither will ye have much more than the Creator,
But be with the Holy One, the One of Everything,
Either will ye have more than all you have,
Then such is Grace who you summon Prayer,
Heather, well, hitherto Gratitude, such kind heart.

Well, if Depression is thine friend,
Who you let him draining all thy moody,
Then such is Responsibility,
Well, she willeth tells thee of thine Anti-Depression,
Then such is Remembrance,
Alight, well, heather to all that matters herein,
And ye sayest, such the riddle!

@ Ismael Mansoor

ONe within

The Earth is like one body, and we are inside it. Ye have one body, and many organs are inside thou. So most we have heard that in the ancient time we used to live up to 1000, but today it is mostly less than 100. It is like anciently time. That we used to be so good with all good hearts, good-minds, and good-treatments to oneself to one another. Ye seest that the curse-sin will kill us one day, so we could not exist to live immortally because of our enemies of minds who couldn’t put us in peace, love, abundance etc. Therefore, there are always two choices given us bad and good. Then dark and light, alas, corrupt and stable, etc. So we truly know that being down feelings are often about destroying, and also we know that being up feelings are often about restoring. When thou art down, you don’t want to heal. When thou art up, you don’t want to destroy. We live inside the Earth. And if we continue what humankind has always been to not care for one another. Then, indeed, the Earth will feel the uncomfortable coming from inside just like we sense unpleasant coming from our enemies of minds.

@ Ismael Mansoor

Drink up the figure

To drink up the potion of the miracle,
And to taste it on my miraculous tongue?
A metaphor will do it to me like a speech of a figure,
To write that metaphor, to enlighten my smile?
Speech of figure will wise my hands like signs –
The potion of the miracle will preach to my aligns;
O, a metaphor does the riddle to my mysterious brain.

Inspired by Hafez (The nightingales are drunk)
©Ismael Mansoor

Illusion out of the mind

I can sayest to ye
Yes, yes, yes, yes
I can say more to you
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

I keep feeling that thine feelings
Soon are going to all workout
There’s that kind of the feelings
That makes ye that imaginations
That is why thee live with something
Tell thyself why is it, so thou wanteth to
I want you all the time for ye to knowest
I can saith this to thou always will

Yes, yes, yes,
O I can say more
Yes, yes, yes, yes,
O I can say to more

©Ismael Mansoor

One Time

One Time
My Heart
Down to Sad
First Ignorance
Love Me
Common Isolator
Lonely (Loner Adaptation)

Family To Love
Stuck In The Isolation
I Smile
Runaway Love
Never Show Love
Me quiet
What Should Be Silent
Patient and self-closed
Where Are Love Now

Never Say Never
What Should Be Quiet
Somebody To Love
Up Who
Hidden (Live)
Runaway Love (Remix)
Born To Be Isolator

Only Thing I Ever Get For Life
The Heart Song
Soul Is Expressing To Me
O La La
All I Want For Life Is No-Granted
Home This Home
Good Life
All I Want is True
Home This Home
But Me Silent-Treatment
To Family Love
O La La
I Better Pray
Someday At Family

All Around The Love
As Long as I Love Me
Take Me
Right Here In Real
Catching Feelings
Save By My Spirit
Thought of Patience
Beauty And A Beat
One Time
Be Love
Out Of Zone
Like the Light
Just like Light
Love Light like Light does

Hold heartbreak
All that matters
Hold heartbreak
Heal Moment
Just Heal
Change Attitude
One Life
Look Forward
What’s What
Give it in

©Ismael Mansoor

All have their sad moment

Sad feeling, a moment a minute,
Glow glance, my eyes like the sadder
The feeling-sad reason can say,
Within my inner self, a wonder from the moment,

Sad-spirit, found by my heart,
Liberation, all worries fade away,
Sad-feeling, my mind wants to hide,
Coming tears, an inspiration passing straight,

Personal wish, aye, personal, wish,
The brightest wisher, entering my thought,
Gathered words, sad and understanding’s tale,
Understanding flash, the sadness of the simplicity,

Heal my sad feeling, heal my sadness,
Heal intercourse, one another heal,
Departure depresses, lonely is goodbye,
Unlocked are the gates of the feeling’s kind mercy,

Healing cures inside, the loneliness of mine,
Dare to heal and be healed, remember my demand,
Figure happiness, image safety in shine,
Healing my sad heart, healing on the way.

©Ismael Mansoor