Believe then receive…

All good things are coming to thine side,
Aye, it is ye that believes,
And thee receive thy reward,
For those who believe must come to their receiving.

© Ismael Mansoor


This just nature.
When the rain is pouring,
The clouds will bring the wet.
The sky watches –
It wide ahead
The clouds float around.
It’s safe
To the east, to the south,
to the west, to the north
or there is a path where
that touches the sky’s
guidance the clouds
would meet with its element.
To challenge him?
The raining saw lead the
wetness to the below from
above the clouds have
seen what is the sky being
watched only you know, what
nature has planned for its
creation it magic is invisible
to all things.

[ Miracle’s dream art my brain ]

Miracle’s dream art my brain,
That my thoughts inspire my rain.
My miraculous rain imagine my light,
That my body alights the delight

Miracle’s thought dreams my heart,
That my blood is full of reminders
Believe, believe a miraculous art,
That I run to the Miracle Creator

Sweet thought and felt in my hope,
That I’m straight running away to Him,
The Miracle Creator, for I, know His,
Miracle and infinitely Love for all-hope

Maybe my fantasy-imagination,
That my spirit runs away from the dark,
I know that words represent my motion,
So, this makes me lay my things to my light-ark.

Inspired by William Blake
© Ismael Mansoor

Too many thoughts going on

I am going straight forward with you.
I want to talk about the colour of skin.
So here I go so bear with me.
Are whites white in skin colour?
Are blacks black in skin colour?
What is your colour, human?
I am going to ask you, obviously,
Is a word white and black a call
The Separation of the unit?
Human is like the brown –
Whether it may look darker or lighter
So why are humans too-difficulty?
Too difficult to say that we alike brown.
Are we not wanted to be one race?

© Ismael Mansoor

That abstractness is my thought

Keep your good thoughts.
You know how I like magic.
All right, keep the magic.
Got it trained right on rights.
Now, there’s no way to give up.

The Miracle Creator in my thoughts,
Keep me practising on my behalf,
Of the Earth, I know what my words are,
Because I just said this comes out of me.
Remember the Miracle Creator I felt.

The poetry has got creative on me,
The poetry will get words out of me,
The poetry let me feel it through me,
The poetry knows the plan to get it,
The poetry where’s itself will me write

I understand what the creative means,
When I start writing like an angel –
What am I saying out of my thought?
Spend all the feeling at heaven,
Just letting be then know the Miracle.

© Ismael Mansoor

Find Faith in the Heart

Where are we?
The Palace of the Holy Heart.
What’s the matter?
Faith’s there, so we look –
And find him?
Yes, that’s it.
You set course to the –
Palace of the Holy Heart.
What is the Holy Heart?
Everyone knows about it.
Not to me.
We prepare for the greater good!
Is it a while to get to the –
Palace of the Holy Heart, yes.
What’s Faith doing alive?
He attaches to his words keep
His faith for the world?
Faith must awake.
Is he expecting this?
Faith is our hope.
So now what?
We find him in our holy heart.

© Ismael Mansoor