Sign Language

A baby is born
Held lovingly by his mother
His parents share the joy,
Of their precious arrival

The little boy grows,
And plays boyish games,
While his mom cooks
She smiles sweetly at him,
She calls him
But the playing continues.
His dad comes home
And he calls, calls, calls…
The realisation
Something is not right,
Means a trip to the audiologist

The test begins with earphones,
And checking sound levels,
The little boy could hear only a few sounds,
The audiologist confirmed
And met with the parents to say
“He is deaf,”
The parents feel the loss,
But determined to remain positive,

The little boy grows up,
And his parents take him to a hearing school,
There he sits at the desk in front of the hearing children and the teacher,
The teacher speaks about the work,
And the boy tries his best
He looks at the hearing pupils,
As they speak to one another
He tries to follow their conversation,
During social time
He wanders in the hearing community,
Trying desperately to understand the words,
It’s a struggle
And it feels so hard,
But the boy never gives up,

As he grows to become a teenager
His teacher watches him and understands his feelings,
She calls a meeting with his parents,
And the parents accept he must go to a school for the deaf,

So he goes to the school for the Deaf,
He sits at the desk in front of the Deaf pupils and teacher,
The teacher signs “Good morning everyone,”
The boy suddenly feels something special,
He looks at the Deaf pupils,
They chat in sign language to each other,
He tries to follow the conversation,
During social time
He wanders in the Deaf community,
He understands a lot,
There is no struggle,
The boy becomes happier,
Sign Language is in his heart,

As time passes
He completes his matric,
And after some time
He completes his university degree,

As time passes
The boy becomes a man.
And he looks at the two worlds,
In the Deaf world
He enjoys spending time with the Deaf Community,
Who understands sign language?
Sign Language is always precious in his heart.
In the hearing world
He enjoys spending time with family, friends, colleagues and others,
And tries to follow the Oral conversations,
But Sign Language is always precious in his heart.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Dream, Faith and Hope

How well art thee to thine life that has been taught ye of thine memory?
Ye carry on with thine dream, thy faith, and your hope,
For they any part of thou, will always be parts of thee, forever part in ye,
So now come out of the star, out of the light, and lo,
Everything else will always be everything else, so who will ye be forever?
She and he might tell thee of their reeks in seeking hope,
Saying like, who will ye be? and we will welcome ye to the world of free will,
So here I sign, DEAF, forever part in me, forever the repetition,
That will tell thee, let we pray the repetition, “The Holy Creator be with us, amen.”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

What thee see is for ye

What thee see is for ye,
But a reaction from thine world
Ye speak from your thoughts,
And thy body listens to what ye say,
Even like me as a Deaf man,
My body listens to what I sign
From my thoughts.

Well, man, woman, child, boy, girl, shout the mind,
I will not leave every word, so they must show,
What were ye? Thou asked for thy faith, thine own,
Thou seek that thee need, a question to answer,
Where were ye? The mind of the brain waits for you,
Like the fantasy is waiting for the one to reveal it.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Magical Deaf World

I look at my horizon,
My Deaf Mind is on the amazon,
Of a magical river- I see the Fantasy,
Is singing to me as the wind;
I don’t hear the wind by the sounds of my mind,
But by the imagination of my tasty-
I will hold a magical staff, embrace it from my magic,
A magic of mine, is a state of confusion,
But within it, the light is waiting for me
To brighten up, brightening all the horizons,
So that the Hearing World may hear the roar rising,
Of Deaf World- Time to show what is the Awareness,
And time to reveal that Deaf people is like Hearing people;
Not all of Hearing people are clever, not all of them are dumb.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I may not be perfect but

You want to know how to improve your life? I may not be perfect, but the Lord, no, our Holy Creator is anything possible. So, stop and change the way you used to think. You shall see your result if your thoughts glue upon the Grace of our Holy Creator. Give up your negative thoughts that eat up all your waste times. But if you love gossip, backstabbing, whatever it is not good, our Holy Creator shall protect those ones who keeps Him in their thoughts, their minds, their hearts, and their souls even everything inside the body.

© Ismael Mansoor

Saviors: Blocked

If I told you about the Deaf generation
Your forefathers or foremothers controlled my kind
Your kind was Hearing, and my kind was Deaf
You saw I lived under your rule and remembered

You jumped into my life
And put a yoke on my ears
Thinking it would benefit me for your kind
But you made me forsaken my kind

My kind was a great world to the horizon
But your kind built the wall to block it

©️ Ismael Mansoor