In My World

In my world, I daydream the Miracle
Oh, when I say “in my world,”
I meant my inner world
Oh, when thou come to my world
Thou shall find both sides
The light and the darkness
Aye, ye shall say, why would thou
And I shall reply, why would thou
Ignore thy world that has both sides?
Look at the Universe, look at the Space,
Daydream may I am, but look at the sky and the stars.
I might assume that they have lots of respects for themselves,
For the suns, for the stars, and everything else in the Universe,
The darkness enjoys its view that the light shines them all through,
Oh, how defiance art thou, or thy world?
Open thy eyes for thy two sides art with thee,
How could thou ignore them?
Oh, I never say that thou can play with thy darkness,
But I shall say, thou shall understand thy darkness, for thy light,
Tell me, why dark when thou close thy eyes?
And why light, when thou imagine or visualise?
The darkness may be sleeping, but the light imagines too well,
That they can cheer up the darkness with easement
Oh, this what is in my world, my inner world,
But I tell thee, that I imagine the Miracle,
Where He smiles, from there, I smile with Him.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Unknown figure

The imagination at the moment,
Hope is with my mind,
But she imagines me as a hidden secret,
And also imaging me as a gift one,
And also as a miracle.

Hope’s dream makes everything else comes to fantasy,
A dream yet a strong belief that turns everything on,
And the feelings, quick overflow,
The everlasting, forever, and ever,
Such a riddle, such a wonderful eternity

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Is He A Writer?

Image by Lucia Grzeskiewicz from Pixabay

Help him cried her to a man, ‘ve ye see his books
They are not much for thine intelligence
But see to his words and let me know
But the man said, send me to his books

The man said to her, ye were right, that his first book
Is not much for my intelligence but I read it
They are too much for him to express such words
I bet some poems he didn’t understand yet he wrote it
Well, I like it, and I read other books of his, and I love it
Well, I suppose, it might take ye a while to understand
His words are deep, yet clever and simple, but true
Also, fantasy, imagination, and I think, he wishes to heaven

Help him cried the man to another man, ‘ve ye see his books
They are not much for thine intelligence
But see to his words, and let me know
But the other man said, send me to his books

©️ Ismael Mansoor

A spirit who believes

Translation from South African Sign Language into English

I tell myself that I am a man of the Earth
Yet a spirit who believes in our Holy Creator
How I save myself from my weakness
I shall remember to pray to Him
For He who gifted me a mind’s wisdom
And an understanding’s riddle in the writing
Riddle, is a man who in the heart of hope
Understand to the soul, the need for the soul
And the time to come to tell the world

© Ismael Mansoor

Their faithful hearts


You must forgive the world of its beauty,

And they must forgive themselves for their deeds.

If they wish to enter My Holy Home,

The belief must show in their faithful hearts,

And they will remind you of a good man.

THE ANGEL. I will go to the Earth, and do Your Deed,

To heal them, with my faithful miracle –

As I will lead a good man to serve You –

Do what I hearty know is a miracle.


When the time comes right, I will be there for the Earth –

Not ask Me of any question, Angel.

And My Miracle will be his Saviour.

© Ismael Mansoor

The transformation of speed (SASL poem)

Translation from South African Sign Language (SASL) into English

My head is very motivated,

And my chest is feeling very inspired,

The vibration releases 


I look at my hands

And I hold it towards my chest

It becomes a butterfly


The butterfly becomes a bird

From the bird’s beak to an eagle’s  

The eagle’s wings flaps widely

The eagle is flying

It lands on a tree’s branch

The eagle’s wings slowly wraps himself

The wrapping hands becomes a book

At the same time I am writing 

I read it with my smile

© Ismael Mansoor