What art thou looking for?

Earth uses the light,
The sun summons
The Warmth.
The atmosphere has
Protected the sky –
The sky felt the heat.
Earth is consuming,
By the Warmth.
If she is not stopping,
The atmosphere will
Protect the sky.
The Sun has the power,
To warm this Earth.
Sun is but a name.
The True-Sun of the fire
Is the light himself
Sun knows he gives what
The living flesh can not.
No one can stand against
The sun alone.

O, from my imagination, it moves
With fantasy and fancy, my heart roll
To read my mind give the movies it drives,
And driven that moves do movies- it skills,
That becoming of real movies
Who thought that how to image imaging
That in here very fantasy and love
That here is such mine imagination,
That, in my heart, feels like a miracle.

Come to feel my random writes,
And you’ll have to read and read
Beyond the words, my way of style.
My randomness will be like the
The sky that tells the story to the
Earth about how beautiful the
Stars with joy to watch shines.

Thou willeth hath to protect thine hope.
Thee need hope to protect ye.
What art thou looking for?

If you want to be like me,
I would suggest, no good idea,
Why? You know the facts,
That’s beautiful to be you,
Than be somebody else.
But if you think that is you,
It would not be beautiful,
I would say this to you,
You need the love inside you,
To recognize that you are

Thou art the master of thy body-ship, not default
Thee, a master of thine fate, not default
Ye need you to drive your life through breath;
You will see you get the chance by faith.

© Ismael Mansoor

My Deeply Expression Of What Will You Do

Who doest ye think if you don’t know what will,
Thou doth? Take a look at me for I am,
Deaf that the Breath won’t give up on my life,
Even the Lord, our Creator, won’t give up,
For the Eternally Love and the Grace,
That makes my body feels safe and alive,
Because I bet our Creator is true-patient,
That many living souls fail to live,
In the eternal grace of holy,
But look at me, for I am Deaf that will,
Never let my deafness define my life,
Because I managed to complete my school,
And managed to get experiences,
If I can achieve, so do you can!

@ Ismael Mansoor

Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story


We put our drinks down.

Left side (LS) sign B: Hello.
Right side (RS) NMF: Likewise.

LS NMF: I’m laughing because he looks funny.
RS sign C: I pick up my drink and drink, it is so bitter that it makes me look at it sourly, and I put it back down.

LS NMF: I turn my eyes to where RS points at.
RS sign D: Look up over there!

LS sign E: Something is making me afraid.
RS NMF: What is that thing?

LS sign F: A fly is appearing in front of my face, and it is starting to fly away from my face.
RS NMF: What is that fly thinking about?

LS NMF: I watch while the fly swifts away.
RS sign G: The fly is flying away.

LS NMF: I am still thinking about the fly.
RS sign H: I pick a cigarette, and I am smoking and put it away.

LS sign I: The food is arriving.
RS NMF: Likewise.

We are eating.

LS sign K: Can I smoke? and put it down.
RS NMF: Yeah, and I look around.

LS NMF: I am looking at her.
RS sign L: She is walking toward us with her high heels.

LS NMF: I turn to him and thinks, what do you think?
RS sign M: Mmm.

LS sign N-O: What is she doing to me? N-O!
RS NMF: What’s going on with her?

LS NMF: What is she looking at us for?
RS sign P: She keeps looking at us.

LS sign Q: I am eating while looking at her.
RS NMF: I am looking at her seriously.

LS NMF: What?
RS sign R: I am not saying anything.

LS sign: I am drinking with suspicion
RS NMF: Still looking at her seriously.

LS NMF: Huh?
RS sign T: What are you thinking Are you baffled?

LS sign U: Ridiculous.
RS NMF: Ridiculous.

LS NMF: Suddenly, I am looking up to where RS points at.
RS sign V: Look!

W: We are watching.

X: We stand up immediately.

LS sign Y: An aeroplane is flying
RS NMF: I am astonished.

LS NMF: Watching where the aeroplane is.
RS sign Z: The aeroplane is swifting around in the air.

LS sign: The aeroplane flies back and forth.
RS NMF: Unbelievable.

LS NMF: Looking at many aeroplanes.
RS sign Y: There are so many aeroplanes that appear in the sky.

X: We are stepping backwards.


LS NMF: People don’t know what’s going on.
RS sign W: Many people.

LS sign V: Many people are looking up.
RS NMF: Many people are looking up.

LS NMF: Scared.
RS sign U: The gun faces us.

LS NMF: Afraid.
RS sign T: The other gun appears in front of us.

We are running.

LS sign R: A missile shoots above.
RS sign R: Another missile shoots above.

The missiles are landing.

Suddenly we had to stop.

Everything is bright.

We are blinded by the brightness.

Creatures appear out of the blue.

The guns are pointing towards us.

We are looking at them.

LS NMF: The creature is creepy.
RS sign J: The creature has a long jaw.

LS sign I: The creature has long ears.
RS NMF: The creature is creepy.

LS NMF: The creature is fierce.
RS sign H: The creature’s ears are like bunny.

LS sign G: I put down my glasses.
RS NMF: Seriously.

LS NMF: Seriously.
RS sign F: I tied up my loose ties firmly.

We are slowly fighting back with rage.

We dare.

We are picking up bricks.

We are throwing bricks in the air, and it crushes them on the ground.


@ Ismael Mansoor

Illusion out of the mind

I can sayest to ye
Yes, yes, yes, yes
I can say more to you
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

I keep feeling that thine feelings
Soon are going to all workout
There’s that kind of the feelings
That makes ye that imaginations
That is why thee live with something
Tell thyself why is it, so thou wanteth to
I want you all the time for ye to knowest
I can saith this to thou always will

Yes, yes, yes,
O I can say more
Yes, yes, yes, yes,
O I can say to more

©Ismael Mansoor

Fulfilling hunger through the spirit

I will feed thee, said Holy,
But hence, be clean to thy mind,
Then it will lead you to a cleansing world,
From there they teach thou of thy hygiene,
Then all those who clean will come,
And say like, finally, we can merge,
Because they are now cleansing.

What’s happening to me?
To me shall I pour out my spirit,
To word those grammars,
Then all say to themselves, like,
What’s happening to us?
To us shall we pour out our spirits,
To word those grammars,
Oh, such is a repetition.

The struggler said to me, “What’s in thine must come out of the book of ye, for every part of thou must show the world of thine sweats out of thy body, for the world must know me to preserve.” And the Miracle said, “I shall be the light that has no shadow upon it.”

If thee want to seek the Most Hight,
Won’t be thou seeking what is inside?
For every part hath their covering,
Like the Earth covers all that inside her,
In the same way, we cover all that inside us,
Yeah, organs, cells, and more are in us that is covering.

They said,
Express out from thy chest,
Out, out, then thee will feel better,
But hence, the suggestion, express only,
To the air where no one canst see ye,
Or to thy trust one that all is entrusting.

I come to you, like bestowing, the Bright will send himself to a world of sin, then he will change it from dark to light, then all will come to me, saying like, why did you put light on?

Ye come to me, saying like, art thou deaf? How canst ye act like deaf while thou speak well like me? Thou might deceiveth with thy appearance. Then I to ye, saying like, art thou hearing? How can you act like hearing while thee sign well like me? Then all is eish.

It’s time to think,
What we can make,
The best of our life.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Journey of Calmness

Indeed, it will lead you to a world of loving what is in you.

Then the laughter smiles,
All they do in their smiling,
Let us laugh with joy.

Lest it is whether if it makes sense, or not, let it least that all will come in a time, where to make sense.

Thou lo at me, how can I do those things?
Then Might comes to ye, saying like,
How can you not do those things?
The good-sight offers thee of thy kindness,
Then why art thou not doing thy peace?

Ye goest to seest her for thy sake,
Then her, Mighty, to thou, saying like,
Why art thou letting thy fear in ye?
Thou shalt not doth those thinking,
Because thee need not of fear’s feeling,
Then might Mighty roars her eyes upon ye,
Well, well, ye, thou, and thee, well, well.

Thou cometh to me, sayeth liketh,
Howest welleth art thou to thyself?
Then he said, why the repeat words,
But thee looketh at me, acting like,
What goest on we wanteth to knowest,
Then let Old English definest all that is.

Let Reader pronounce which is it.

A strong mindset,
Like Strong sayest to ye,
Smash down thy anxiety,
Then wash the stress away,
And Tomorrow says to thou,
Look the Bright on thine side,
Then all will come at ease,
Aye, take it day by day.

Indeed, only ye forcest thy importance in thine life,
But if thee force someone for thy importance,
Then I expect thee to provide them with their needs,
Their freedom, but please no to Bullying.

We all need to take time to make ourselves feel better,
But I go out with my thoughts, thinking many things,
Ten of billion thoughts, then I well tell Air, hear me,
I need thee to go in and out of me, to tell all inside me,
Let those words calm and find peace all herein me.

I to thou, give me time and I will do the same to ye,
Then we make ourselves space and peace,
But hence, hither I thither Old English,
To make those words stay in time and space.

Then all have touched by
Her the thing she ever did
Was to win all-hearts.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Inside out

The Sun will say, I feel love every day,
But sometimes the time feels my fiery,
Oh, I light all the time
Whether they are evil or good.

Indeed, honour all that herein our soul,
Then we will river HONESTY,
So that TALENT may roar while flowing.

Then may PRAYER be with our breath,
So that ENJOY being with our soul,
Then all will feel PRESENT.

Agree to the best self in the good-sight,
Then the whole world will say like,
Let us go with the good-sight,
So that all may embrace the best self.

If ye writest a poem for me,
Then might I to thou, saith like,
Thee lighteth up me to the world,
Then we willeth turnest to our soul.

Poetry doest paint my heart,
Then mightst Prose words my mind,
And they leadest me to the Books,
For I, my soul must ink them.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

In My World

In my world, I daydream the Miracle
Oh, when I say “in my world,”
I meant my inner world
Oh, when thou come to my world
Thou shall find both sides
The light and the darkness
Aye, ye shall say, why would thou
And I shall reply, why would thou
Ignore thy world that has both sides?
Look at the Universe, look at the Space,
Daydream may I am, but look at the sky and the stars.
I might assume that they have lots of respects for themselves,
For the suns, for the stars, and everything else in the Universe,
The darkness enjoys its view that the light shines them all through,
Oh, how defiance art thou, or thy world?
Open thy eyes for thy two sides art with thee,
How could thou ignore them?
Oh, I never say that thou can play with thy darkness,
But I shall say, thou shall understand thy darkness, for thy light,
Tell me, why dark when thou close thy eyes?
And why light, when thou imagine or visualise?
The darkness may be sleeping, but the light imagines too well,
That they can cheer up the darkness with easement
Oh, this what is in my world, my inner world,
But I tell thee, that I imagine the Miracle,
Where He smiles, from there, I smile with Him.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Unknown figure

The imagination at the moment,
Hope is with my mind,
But she imagines me as a hidden secret,
And also imaging me as a gift one,
And also as a miracle.

Hope’s dream makes everything else comes to fantasy,
A dream yet a strong belief that turns everything on,
And the feelings, quick overflow,
The everlasting, forever, and ever,
Such a riddle, such a wonderful eternity

©️ Ismael Mansoor