I can go on and on…


I can understand why you are hearing, but I can’t understand why you left the Meditation World, thinking the Noise World was for you, and then later, you came back.

I can understand why you are you, but I can’t understand why you left your world, thinking someone’s world was for you, and then later, you came back.

I can understand why you are not aware, but I can’t understand why you left the Awareness, thinking the Ignorance was for you, and then later, you came back.


© Ismael Mansoor

Maybe the time is different from all the timeframe

Some people said that Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is coming soon. Perhaps, our time is so different to his time, as the time of butterflies, the time of cats and dogs, the time of elephants, and the time of tortoises are so different to our time. Like, for cats and dogs in one year would be 6 or 7 years per year. Maybe our 100 years mean 1 year to Jesus Christ’s time, peace be upon him.

© Ismael Mansoor

Hard To Say But…

“Good grief” said the delay. “How well are you holding up?”
“Well,” said the struggling mind, “Hard to say but like a whirlpool,”
“That too many words mixed goes in, well, they are not tidying properly, well, yup,”
And the delay said, “But how well are your whirlpools not pool well-pool?”
“Well, good grief,” sighed the struggling mind, “But I must pool a ball outstandingly.”

© Ismael Mansoor

Have faith for what’s around

Be a rainbow, to thy inner world,
And be rain to thine soil,
And also be rain to thine sky,
Help the cloud to rain to thine soil.

If they judge ye, let them be, for you judge them too,
But if ye ask the advice, it will tell thee, judge not,
For the coming is the Holy Creator,
So have faith for what’s around, and be a bright,
There is still a good part on the Earth.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Surely it is your job

Ye believed the faith before
And now still ye with the faith?
It gave ye a miracle of thine life,
So, be faithful who has taught thyself,
Thine belief, but thee, have to focus,
On the good feelings
Surely, love will not reject you,
Nor will thy spirit
But it is your job that thee must feel,
All the good things in ye

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Pray for me

I have been thinking of thine life,
How should I make thou happy,
So I went up to the Lord of the Prayer,
I said, Ye, the Lord, our Holy Creator,
May Thee be with me so that I may,
Make thou a happier person in the world,
But moody was I sometimes, so pray for me.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


A day is forever a day, and so does forever night,
So, he says, dare not if ye dare to look down on thyself,
And she says, do not go there if thou art low-esteem,
And they say, do not do it if thou doth not know what thee art doing.

Life itself will not wait for thou, as does time wait for no one,
So, he says, do not abandon thyself for thee need thine self,
And she says, do not destroy the dream that will bring to the reality,
And they say, do not waste thine self, for time is essential.

As long as ye can breathe forever thou art life,
And as long as ye, alive, can respect for life before thee,
For the time is essential, forever, and ever,
So, make thine self-worth of thine life.

©️ Ismael Mansoor