Words or action?

Hmm, imagine if ye lo at me,
As if thee expect me to knowest of thine explanation,
Then he goes to thou, saying like,
What offers thee as a reader who comes and read,
Such easy words, cheap, not so expensive,
But ye understand is the most important, breakfast,
Lunch, and supper, aye, know thine limit,
Oh, give times to those who die for you to fill your stomach,
Then ye sayest to me, what saith thee to me such words?
Well, the slaughterhouses for all who their stomach such baby cry.
Well, excuse the words that define ye, but I want the world,
To be safe so that our family, our friends, and our generations,
That all may rest happily ever after, but she says like,
When will it? The world is going to try to open thine eyes,
To see all the things all try to ignore,
But they said, beware of all the Miracle Creator’s creation,
For they have had been praying to our Holy Creator,
Forever, ever, and ever, but thee might sayeth, how thee knowest
Such words to novelise out of thine mouth, thy thought,
But well, I have seen so much of living people voice out their thoughts,
Then ye ‘ve no right to stop one another, yes, their words,
Let the words come out to the sky so all may hear, see, and accept,
For every rain will pour out its deed, hence, who can a man or a woman
Stop all the weathers, aye, all the climates? But if one day they such can
Then might I say to myself, not you nor her nor him nor anyone else,
But for me, myself, alone just my thoughts that say, our Holy Creator,
The Miracle Creator shall return and finish what our Holy One started.

© Ismael Mansoor

What an interesting…

At the castle, in the Cloud where it is invisibly floating above lands and seas. An angel comes out of it, and he said to himself, “What an interesting day for me. My job to the safety must bring peace to this world. I believe a miracle future is to come one day to surprise Earth, will time to light her up to the miracle.” He starts to feel relaxed, “While the sun still shines a light, my job will be to the miraculous safety.”

Inspired by Final Fantasy IX
Written by Ismael Mansoor

Fear would not be with love…

It is wonderful to lead your people,
Out of fear, out of sadness, out of rage,
But I don’t think you will get a reward if,
You feed your people with your fire-anger,
Because at the end you will lose your love,
That you would bring a meaningless to them,
History has shown us if we
Feed fear would not be able to win love,
O you know that I mean about to say,
That if you continue to play fire with
Fear would let a demon fuel your anger,
Until you finally open your eyes
That you have lost to love and to peace-will

© Ismael Mansoor

A Cliffhanger

A corrupt man is sitting alone, with his wife in the distance. They are on the vacation.
“I should be happy, but,” paused his wife. “Once I knew you start to corrupt, I didn’t know how I should feel. I kind of wanted to cry. I haven’t felt this way since I knew that play with you and your doings. You led me down the path of corruption. The people will not be happier with us on the throne of corruption.”
“I,” paused the corrupt man.
“End your corruption,” said his wife. “You must now carry the burden of ruining your corruption alone.”

Inspired by Final Fantasy IX
Written by Ismael Mansoor

Come first before…

TV’s screen shows President, standing himself in front of the crowd, and he said to them, “Let me tell you the truth about our Earth.”
And the crowd roars like, “Yeah, yeah.”
“Our Earth isn’t satisfied with our things. Her beauty cries to the heaven for its beauty love.”
Suddenly the crowd is quiet.
“Orders from President! Help Earth, focus all our kind hearts on this planet.”
No one is making any sound from the crowd.
“I’ll make the first change,” calmed President. “I’ll change the way we live because if we want to save the future of our children, we have to help Earth. Because if we help Earth, she will help us. Believe me that the Earth will help us if we help her with our kind hearts.”
The crowd is extreme quieter.
“We have to save Earth,” determined President. “Believe me that I will let Earth comes first before us.”
The crowd starts to sound uncomfortable.
“Oh, my final act will richen this nation, and I will ensure that we treat each other like a kind heart because if you don’t, I will send you to a certain place like rehabilitation that will determine your behaviour to be an earth person, that’s the end of it.”

The Rising Star

Such peaceful feelings,
Sound a peace in nature,
Aye, she uplifts Morning,
To greet Early Soul
Till the daytime welcomes,
The nighttime to offer thee,
Greeting Evening Soul

Indeed, still progress,
Regardless of little or big,
Progress is still of them.

Then when it finds ye of thine soul,
Merry heart shall uplift thy spirit.

And the best days are already within thee,
And thy inner self says like thine words,
Never quit on yourself,
For the best days are waiting for thee.

Indeed, how fortunate are writers
Who ink their writing worlds freely
Such are them that fires their passion
Then taught the world passion of its deed

@ Ismael Mansoor

My Deeply Expression Of What Will You Do

Who doest ye think if you don’t know what will,
Thou doth? Take a look at me for I am,
Deaf that the Breath won’t give up on my life,
Even the Lord, our Creator, won’t give up,
For the Eternally Love and the Grace,
That makes my body feels safe and alive,
Because I bet our Creator is true-patient,
That many living souls fail to live,
In the eternal grace of holy,
But look at me, for I am Deaf that will,
Never let my deafness define my life,
Because I managed to complete my school,
And managed to get experiences,
If I can achieve, so do you can!

@ Ismael Mansoor

Alright, I leave here in peace.

I order you to love yourself.

What about you?

Hey, I ordered you to love yourself!

And I asked, what about you?

How can you defy a king?

Do I defy you?

You defy the king to love yourself.

And should I say, you defy your love?


How can you be a king when you don’t
Understand me?


If I love myself, will you answer if you too?


Even if your guards are here, 
They won’t do much,
And I promise you,
They won’t do much.

Get out!

You think

Get your way out in peace!

Alright, I leave here in peace, 
My king.

@ Ismael Mansoor

Alphabetical Hand Shapes To Tell A Story


We put our drinks down.

Left side (LS) sign B: Hello.
Right side (RS) NMF: Likewise.

LS NMF: I’m laughing because he looks funny.
RS sign C: I pick up my drink and drink, it is so bitter that it makes me look at it sourly, and I put it back down.

LS NMF: I turn my eyes to where RS points at.
RS sign D: Look up over there!

LS sign E: Something is making me afraid.
RS NMF: What is that thing?

LS sign F: A fly is appearing in front of my face, and it is starting to fly away from my face.
RS NMF: What is that fly thinking about?

LS NMF: I watch while the fly swifts away.
RS sign G: The fly is flying away.

LS NMF: I am still thinking about the fly.
RS sign H: I pick a cigarette, and I am smoking and put it away.

LS sign I: The food is arriving.
RS NMF: Likewise.

We are eating.

LS sign K: Can I smoke? and put it down.
RS NMF: Yeah, and I look around.

LS NMF: I am looking at her.
RS sign L: She is walking toward us with her high heels.

LS NMF: I turn to him and thinks, what do you think?
RS sign M: Mmm.

LS sign N-O: What is she doing to me? N-O!
RS NMF: What’s going on with her?

LS NMF: What is she looking at us for?
RS sign P: She keeps looking at us.

LS sign Q: I am eating while looking at her.
RS NMF: I am looking at her seriously.

LS NMF: What?
RS sign R: I am not saying anything.

LS sign: I am drinking with suspicion
RS NMF: Still looking at her seriously.

LS NMF: Huh?
RS sign T: What are you thinking Are you baffled?

LS sign U: Ridiculous.
RS NMF: Ridiculous.

LS NMF: Suddenly, I am looking up to where RS points at.
RS sign V: Look!

W: We are watching.

X: We stand up immediately.

LS sign Y: An aeroplane is flying
RS NMF: I am astonished.

LS NMF: Watching where the aeroplane is.
RS sign Z: The aeroplane is swifting around in the air.

LS sign: The aeroplane flies back and forth.
RS NMF: Unbelievable.

LS NMF: Looking at many aeroplanes.
RS sign Y: There are so many aeroplanes that appear in the sky.

X: We are stepping backwards.


LS NMF: People don’t know what’s going on.
RS sign W: Many people.

LS sign V: Many people are looking up.
RS NMF: Many people are looking up.

LS NMF: Scared.
RS sign U: The gun faces us.

LS NMF: Afraid.
RS sign T: The other gun appears in front of us.

We are running.

LS sign R: A missile shoots above.
RS sign R: Another missile shoots above.

The missiles are landing.

Suddenly we had to stop.

Everything is bright.

We are blinded by the brightness.

Creatures appear out of the blue.

The guns are pointing towards us.

We are looking at them.

LS NMF: The creature is creepy.
RS sign J: The creature has a long jaw.

LS sign I: The creature has long ears.
RS NMF: The creature is creepy.

LS NMF: The creature is fierce.
RS sign H: The creature’s ears are like bunny.

LS sign G: I put down my glasses.
RS NMF: Seriously.

LS NMF: Seriously.
RS sign F: I tied up my loose ties firmly.

We are slowly fighting back with rage.

We dare.

We are picking up bricks.

We are throwing bricks in the air, and it crushes them on the ground.


@ Ismael Mansoor