What art thou? A citizen

Image by Harut Movsisyan from Pixabay

Hi poet
Thy manner? That’s nice
A poet goes to his words
Creative is what he loves
Pleasure, to make thy poetry
But thou art, not a poet
What art thou? A citizen
Or a person who knew their heart
Well, do ye know my poetry?
If thou do not know what is inside my soul
Ask thy heart if thou shall see to my words
Or ask thy mind if thee trust thyself
Or ask thy soul if ye shall say a gift
Oh, make thyself home, comfortable
Make thyself smile, cheerful
What stops thee if thy happiness says, hi sweetheart
The creative is what makes the mind to think
Thy goodwill, or thy good thought, or thy goodness
Ya, I know it is cliche, but do thou understand
What is in mystery when it ridden?
Oh, ya, ask a poet, they know better than ye
But thou as a citizen is better than nothing
Oh, forgive the provoke

© Ismael Mansoor