Words or action?

Hmm, imagine if ye lo at me,
As if thee expect me to knowest of thine explanation,
Then he goes to thou, saying like,
What offers thee as a reader who comes and read,
Such easy words, cheap, not so expensive,
But ye understand is the most important, breakfast,
Lunch, and supper, aye, know thine limit,
Oh, give times to those who die for you to fill your stomach,
Then ye sayest to me, what saith thee to me such words?
Well, the slaughterhouses for all who their stomach such baby cry.
Well, excuse the words that define ye, but I want the world,
To be safe so that our family, our friends, and our generations,
That all may rest happily ever after, but she says like,
When will it? The world is going to try to open thine eyes,
To see all the things all try to ignore,
But they said, beware of all the Miracle Creator’s creation,
For they have had been praying to our Holy Creator,
Forever, ever, and ever, but thee might sayeth, how thee knowest
Such words to novelise out of thine mouth, thy thought,
But well, I have seen so much of living people voice out their thoughts,
Then ye ‘ve no right to stop one another, yes, their words,
Let the words come out to the sky so all may hear, see, and accept,
For every rain will pour out its deed, hence, who can a man or a woman
Stop all the weathers, aye, all the climates? But if one day they such can
Then might I say to myself, not you nor her nor him nor anyone else,
But for me, myself, alone just my thoughts that say, our Holy Creator,
The Miracle Creator shall return and finish what our Holy One started.

© Ismael Mansoor

God is…

God is with the Light;
God is with the Brightness;
God is with the Glow;
God is the Real.

God is with the Lover;
God is with the Cherisher;
God is with the Kinder;
God is the Mercy.

God is with the Wealthier.
God is with the Richer.
God is with the Heart.
God is the Abundance.

God is with the Wiser;
God is with the Smarter;
God is with the Understanding;
God is the Humbleness.

God is with the Prayer
God is with the Belief
God is with the Patience
God is the Faith.

God is with the Healthier;
God is with the Healer;
God is with the Curer;
God is the Laughter.

God is with the Protection;
God is with the Safety;
God is with the Guardian;
God is the Majesty.

God is with the Magic;
God is with the Enchantment;
God is with the Entanglement;
God is the Miracle.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

[ Miracle’s dream art my brain ]

Miracle’s dream art my brain,
That my thoughts inspire my rain.
My miraculous rain imagine my light,
That my body alights the delight

Miracle’s thought dreams my heart,
That my blood is full of reminders
Believe, believe a miraculous art,
That I run to the Miracle Creator

Sweet thought and felt in my hope,
That I’m straight running away to Him,
The Miracle Creator, for I, know His,
Miracle and infinitely Love for all-hope

Maybe my fantasy-imagination,
That my spirit runs away from the dark,
I know that words represent my motion,
So, this makes me lay my things to my light-ark.

Inspired by William Blake
© Ismael Mansoor

Find Faith in the Heart

Where are we?
The Palace of the Holy Heart.
What’s the matter?
Faith’s there, so we look –
And find him?
Yes, that’s it.
You set course to the –
Palace of the Holy Heart.
What is the Holy Heart?
Everyone knows about it.
Not to me.
We prepare for the greater good!
Is it a while to get to the –
Palace of the Holy Heart, yes.
What’s Faith doing alive?
He attaches to his words keep
His faith for the world?
Faith must awake.
Is he expecting this?
Faith is our hope.
So now what?
We find him in our holy heart.

© Ismael Mansoor

The Path of Deafness

Why did I turn to the Miracle Creator?
I don’t know why
But the world opens my mind to wisdom,
I don’t know-how
But the world opens my heart for understanding,
I don’t know what
But the world opens my soul for the miracle,

Maybe the path to the Deaf World,
Help open my eyes
Maybe, I don’t know, yeah maybe,
But the world makes me gone fantasy,
Yeah, fantasy, fantasy, and fantasy,
Yeah, fantasy, I don’t know why, how, what
I don’t know
But the world helps open my eyes,
For what?
I don’t know, yeah, I don’t know, yeah maybe,
The world opens Ismael for both worlds,
Deaf and Hearing

Yeah, Deaf and Hearing
What are the two worlds?
Their worlds may be their worlds,
As my world maybe my world
But we live in the same world,
Yeah, same world, so what?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Just go the Miracle Way

Go the Miracle Way
I don’t know how I go the Miracle Way,
I don’t know
But go the Miracle Way,
Just go, and I shall witness
I shall witness with my own eyes,
Better than nothing, better than nothing, yeah, better than nothing
Just go the Miracle Way, and It shall see my path ahead of me,
Just go, yeah, my head says, go and see
Just witness

I shall go the Miracle Way because I think/feel it is the Best Option,
Just go the Miracle Way, and the world will open the door,
I don’t know
I don’t know how the world will open the door,
Just go the Miracle Way, and it shall see my path ahead of me,
I don’t know the Miracle Way,
But go the Miracle Way,
Just go the Miracle Way,
Just go the Miracle Way,
Just go the Miracle Way,

The world goes, its ways, I don’t know what to say,
But the world goes its ways, and I go along with it ways
But my head says, go and see
Just witness
The Miracle Way

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Have faith in yourself

Sheer your will
To the end of your bargain;
You bargained with yourself
To do what must be done.

Hold your line, hold your line!
You may curve your straight path,
But we might say, sheer your faith!
Aye, it is not over yet, not yet!

Sheer your will
For you alone must accomplish your faith,
Aye, it is not over yet, not yet,
Because our Holy Creator believes in you

©️ Ismael Mansoor