The Union of Light

Image by Zorro4 from Pixabay

Gabriel, why did you
act as a special one?
You want to tell me
what is going on the Earth
then, Uriel?
I see Sin everywhere,
If he doesn’t meet me,
he’ll pray to our Miracle
Creator forever until his
prayers are answered.
I need to reach him
for his many generations.
And quietly return to my hope
Alight, Gabriel.
Great, Uriel.
Hey, Michael.
I get it, Uriel.
Like Gabriel, Michael.
I know how you work, Uriel.
When it comes to the Miracle Creator,
everyone for hope
ourselves, right?
We have to work, to get
done, gets done
We’re about to deliver the
delivering of the eternal light.
Get that cure ready, Raphael.
Remiel, Raguel, and Sariel
look like we have good news.

© Ismael Mansoor