The Words Seem to Trigger the Emotional

Why you
I do not understand!
You think you are powerful
But the Lord is more powerful
I know.
I know.
I know!
Why do I
Why do I feel you are
Going to win
Why are you winning?
Is the Lord favours you?
Is He really protect you?
Is He?
Why do I think He is protecting you?
For all the time?
Why, why, why?!!
I asked you WHY!
You think you understand me,
Because you are kind?
I think you try to understand me,
The painful; heart I have inside me.
I do not understand why the Lord,
Why the Lord favours you?
Is He favours you? Is He really
I see
I see that you are light
I see that you are light that shines,
Unto your darkness
But why do I not light like you?
I try to be light for our Lord.
I try.
I know I am emotional,
But I do not understand how you are winning!
But I think I understand,
Because you are on His Side

©️ Ismael Mansoor

What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right

Mmm, mm, I tell you what I need to listen
I don’t care what you think about me
I want you to listen to me and say I listen
We listen to ourselves, not just myself
I will brave saying if I don’t listen
What was I thinking? This question
Keeps popping, popping, and then somebody
Come and smile and say, what’s wrong with you
Man, woman, everyone, whoever can, even out in the sky
You, ye, thee, thou, then somebody says, Old English?
Who doth thou think if thee oath the lie for ye?
Go to set up for thyself, and then they will see how thee profit,
Everyone wants something, so do somebody who feels the same.
Profit, profit, profit, but I tell thee what I need to listen,
That we listen to ourselves, not just myself

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Magical Deaf World

I look at my horizon,
My Deaf Mind is on the amazon,
Of a magical river- I see the Fantasy,
Is singing to me as the wind;
I don’t hear the wind by the sounds of my mind,
But by the imagination of my tasty-
I will hold a magical staff, embrace it from my magic,
A magic of mine, is a state of confusion,
But within it, the light is waiting for me
To brighten up, brightening all the horizons,
So that the Hearing World may hear the roar rising,
Of Deaf World- Time to show what is the Awareness,
And time to reveal that Deaf people is like Hearing people;
Not all of Hearing people are clever, not all of them are dumb.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

[ Oh, ye must not give up ]

Oh, ye must not give up
For thee have hope and honour
Humble the Wiser, and praise the Song
With thy heart, thy love, and thy joy
Give up all thy habits that trouble thine addiction
Thee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must deserve
The goodness, the rejoicing, and the just-smile-forever
Hope, thee must, patience, and faith for long it lasts
Thee art a hope, as everyone else, but thou must work
With thy clean hands, clean thoughts, and clean-life
Oh, thee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must not give up

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Be fair to thyself as thou could

Thy love shall blossom all over thy family
But thee must love thy time when thou art alone
Even if thou art in a room, or in a garden, whether if
They are small, tiny, or big, huge, whatever size it is
Thy aloneness needs thee more than ye ever know
Oh, thy love for others art such special and indescribable
But thy love for thyself art also special and indescribable
Be fair to thyself as thou could fair to thy family and others

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Like the peeling of an onion

For the Miracle knows the way of the goodness:
The way the Miracle uplift the goodwill.
Therefore the peace shall stand in the judgment,
That the peace in the understanding’s right
The peace is so: is like the kind which drives to calm.
And shall be like understanding by the wisdom,
That bring the peace to the Great Miracle –
His Peace shall drive the go to Miracle,
So one day the wicked will away like gone –
For anything is possible, any,
Delight is in the heart of the spirit;
Blessed will the man that follows the understanding.