Shades of brown

Ye taught me the words of our Holy Creator
Deal with the knowledge and the simple
Goodwill to the self, smiling with the merry heart
Ye taught me the words of mind yet I try to calm it
They said what art thou? Deaf with big capital 
Or small capital deaf, oh they asked, what art thou?
I told them, I am deaf or Deaf since it’s the same word
Or doth thou have any difference? I sign DEAF 

Let me tell you something about my memory
Something relate to above but different thoughts
Me bold with italic and others are bold

What race are you? 


No, I’m asking you, what race are you?

I am brown.

I know you are brown, but what race are you? I am a black woman.

I am an Earthman.

No, not that I meant. Are you Indian or Coloured?

I am an Earthman.

Well, you’re mad.

Well, are you black?



Yes, I am.

Is your skin like this black?


What is your skin looking like?

I’m black, a black woman.



Let me ask you again, is your skin like this black?


What is your skin looking like?


Is your skin this black?


What is your skin looking like?

Dark brown.

Then you are not black.


I know your skin is light brown.

I am white.

No, you are not like this white.

Well, still I am white.

Look at your skin, is it this white? Really?

It is tanned.

Well, it is light brown; you are not white, but a lighter brown that is part of the volume of brown.

I am red because blood is red!

Oh, well. Sigh.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Present Will Wake

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hope stands a firm body
She said, Present will set me free
But they said, Past will interfere
Hope prays, and they quieten
She said, I believe I was told
The tale of Sin’s journey
And other sins of the tales
And yet repetition’s more sinful tales
And the tales of long-ago
And the tales of no-time-at-all
Till Present rise and Past fell
Ensure Future to shine
The time of our Holy Creator
But they said, Past will catch up
Hope smiles and braves
Present will wake to find itself
In the time of opening space

©️ Ismael Mansoor


What is going on with TV? Why is it blunts and then switch off and on? Who someone would have done it to toy with me? Well, thanks to a miracle that the TV comes back on, no more blunts and switch off. Hmm, I would like to have some biscuits, thought my head. Yummy, so lovely, so delicious. Oh you, Peace. Are you here to watch TV? Yeah, I thought so. Should I keep quiet like last time? Yes? I see. Enjoy watching TV what it offers. Sorry to interrupt your space-time, but I would like to say something since it’s thirty minutes, oh no words at all. Why are you here? Just watching TV or do you want me to say something even if you don’t speak? What would have I done if you stay quiet for as long as you need, but what about me? Why did you nod your head? Yes, I saw that you were nodding. Well, it’s another thirty minutes, no words at all. Why, Peace? Did you make a vow to silence your mouth? If you vow to silence your mouth, do you also vow to silence your hands? I know one of sign languages because Deaf is my friend. If he is here, I would welcome him to my heart, as I did to you and still do. What says you if I ask you to pronounce some words even if they are a few words. Just say it out of your hands. I know you can sign. Well, Peace, it has been one hour that we have not said anything, yes, no words at all. Would you agree with me if I say that you have been silent for two hours?


Oh, thanks Wisdom, for waking me up. Where is Peace?

He is not here.

Oh, yeah. What are you doing? Deaf? HOW-ARE-YOU? YOU WELL? GREAT.

I have something important to tell you.



You have kept our deal well. As I promise

Wisdom, it has been hours for you to return here with Provoke.

Provoke, can you go to this room over there? Thank you.

Marvellous, I have kept our deal, so should you do your part of our deal.

Be patient, Wisdom. Here a holy stone goes.

Thank you, Marvellous. Let’s go, Mr. Patience.

When I arrived in this room, it surely made me feel a true self, myself. What do you think of this room? It is old and ancient. No one knows this room but He gave me this room to look after. I have never left this room. Yes, I have not yet named this room, so should it be a good idea for me to call, this room?

Marvellous, I am sorry that my mind is not with you, because my mind scourges the Hypocrite. When I entered this room, my thoughts doom the Hypocrite’s infinity.

You have not changed, not one bit because you have kept your true self. However, do you know why you are here?

Yes, Wisdom told me everything.

You are a bond to him, do you know? Wisdom has kept you under him because without him you would not be this person you are today.

Whatever, don’t waste your time, Marvellous. Do the deal you had with Wisdom, you want me, right? You must hurry to do your part of Wisdom’s deal he had with you.

Well, Provoke. The deal I made with Wisdom was to see you with no further of the plan. I wanted to see you, in exchange, for my sake.

You are speaking like a riddle.

Well, Provoke. I ensure my words to make you understand because as long as you are understanding, you would not toy me with your words, but however, have you met the Hypocrite?

No, I have not.

Then why are you scourging the Hypocrite?

Because I am tired of the world that has taken parts of the Hypocrite.

Such as

Such as Charlatan, Sly, and many more.

Well, here is my deal I had with Wisdom, was to see you with no further of the plan, but I want you to take me with you for one month.

One month?

Yes, one month. I will inform Wisdom that my deal is to be with Provoke for one month.

Why, one month? Why not one day or one week?

Marvellous has to work and fulfill the duty she has from the order. Do you know Reduction?

Yes, I know him. He is full of nonsense.

Well, Reduction is deeming that he wants to end Deaf’s life.

What? He cannot do that. Because Deaf is my friend.

I heard that he stays with you until all is well and safe, right? Let me go with you for one month. You will learn a lot of things from my side, and who knows that Deaf will have lots of support from your side? Well, is it not your desire to support Deaf, is it?

I have always supported Deaf with all my soul because he is my faithful and quiet friend.

Then you tell Wisdom that Marvellous stays with you until one month is fulfilled. Is that good enough for you? Please remember that you do anything for Wisdom because he has done a lot for you, yes, really lots.

Well, I will do it. One month, only. Yes? Good.

Before we go to your house, let me tell you a bit about Charlatan who is staying with you, when he sees me, I want you to protect me from him.

Why should I protect you under my roof toward Charlatan?

I want you to protect me from Charlatan that being flirts with me. I have no desire to flirt with him. Please, Provoke, will you protect me from his flirtation? This is my deal I have made with you, protect me from Charlatan’s flirtation. I also heard that sometimes Sly visits Charlatan, so I can handle her lies because I can figure when she’s deceiving, but Charlatan, please will you do it for me, to protect me from his flirtation, yes, I repeat, will you protect me from Charlatan’s flirtation?

Okay, okay, okay, I hear you!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Circle of life

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Ye made animals which thoughts my mind
Are they the foods for my kind and other kinds who eat?
What their purposes to live on the Earth and more what
Ye made those things to live but die
Such a strange to me that thought it of what more there is
Oh such a figure to a man that wonders like why
Ye made those living things to die
O no such a man or woman prolong their life
But they could if their soul is well like the milky way
Ye made what holds and more of life

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Unfinished dream

Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of two men standing in the church,
One was by the entrance door, and other was by the old piano.
I was in the corner of them, I saw a man from the entrance door,
He was looking like a black cloak, he walked towards me slowly,
But the other man from the old piano cried to the black cloak, “hey, stop”
I saw that man by piano looked like an ancient priest,
He kept telling the black cloak, “hey, stop” because the black cloak walked towards me
And he was closer to me, and priest looked at my eyes faithfully
From there I woke up, I wanted to go back to that again to find out
If I successfully stood firmly in front of the black cloak like that priest,
I would like to see what the black cloak would like to say to me.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Showtime, the strength of a man
Somebody saw him talking to a tree
And they heard the whisper of a sound
As the man who had the strength
Spoke one word He
The tree that was with his sound, one word He
It became a hope of a flower
And they said to themselves, how could this tree
Become a huge flower? 
Such a strange figure but shall we leave said they
Before they could leave an attraction came to it
And merged with him who had the strength of a man

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Showtime The Power Of Sh-sh

He shew thou the power of Sh-sh
If they dare to stand up for themselves
They would get defeat by the Sh-sh
Showtime, he said, who dare to defy the Lord
Come out, face me, and slay who falls on the ground
No one would come out, face him, oh, they were afraid
But one woman just came out, and they shocked
How could she stands up for herself, oh, she wished for her death
But he who shew thou the power of Sh-sh smiled at her
And said, now face me, and slay me with thine heart
But the story of the showtime was no more to be told

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Study, work, dost not be lazy
Thou sayth that thee will study hard
Prove it to thyself, work hard, be strong
Oh, show thine self with thy talents
Genius, wonderful, no one can close their mouth
Jaw wide and open and you see what is in them
Tongue, everything that is the muscle inside them
Each layer got to protect all that serve them
Ye think that ye can control what’s inside ye
Then the world that thou art living in should not fail
Ye knew that I knew if you control what’s inside ye
Then everyone will say, how could you know yourself
Teach it to us, teach them that desire to control themselves
And when they do, they will go to other places
And others will open their mouth for a long time
Jaw wide and open and they see what is in them
Tongue, everything that is the muscle inside them
Ringing, ringing, pick it up and stop goofing
Go to study, work hard, and pass thy surpassing

© Ismael Mansoor

What’s up with my head

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The world, the world, he shouts
A man with suits lands on from the air
Ye think ye are here to stop me
The man with suits confronts him the one who shouts
The world, the world, what’s with thine head
Shut up, stop it
Let us be done, repeat, let us finish what we started
Thou art making the world roars
For what?
Come and get closer to me
The world, the world, he shouts
Again, I told ye that we should finish what we started
Started from what
Bottom, oh, I see, from the
Wait, a minute, the public should not panic
I am supposed to finish the sentence
Finish it
Bottom, oh, I see, from the
Wait, a minute, the world, the world
Limbo, loop, here he wakes, and say, what’s up with my head

© Ismael Mansoor