The fantasy of such a poem

Image by Ondřej Šponiar from Pixabay

Thou art perfect
Thee shew us Sun and Moon
Oh the Proud is with Thee

The sky shew us the blue and the stars
The number of tiny spots
All of them Thee that shew us
Let I to Ye that I may not hide

Thou art perfect
Thee shew us Green and Brown
Oh the Soil is with Thee

The Earth shew us the eyes of the One
But I do not see it all
For a man must face the truth
Let I to Ye as the truth to Thou

Thou art perfect
Thee shew us Life and Death
Oh the Light is with Thee

The Dark shew us the world of in us
We cannot fool it nor lie
Thee shew us the hope’s promise
Let I to Ye as the hope to all

©️ Ismael Mansoor

One vs Two Perspectives

Cross burns my chest
You burn when your soul feels it
Cross is not your friend
Burn-in all side

Cross makes me burn
My chest burns when I feel cross
Can’t burn without cross
Then water them

Cross is pure but
We cannot let it burns us
Fire up boils in the chest
Think to water

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Shielding from the temptation

Image by Jeff Jacobs from Pixabay

Hey Tempt I would like to tell you
Well done oh you see
You rule my weak self
Cause you know how to weak my mind

Hey Tempt look at me with your eyes
Well done
Cause you toy with my soul oh yeah
You know

Hey Tempt you go to my weak self
Toy with my soul like you play me
You mess up my thoughts and my chest
Cause me think like a man of swear

Hey Tempt excuse me with my swear
But you weak me with your lies
Cause me gone to Save and Strong
No more to say to you well done

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Cheeky but true

Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay

Oh, oh, oh
You look down on me
I won’t let you
I won’t look down on you

You told people that you want them to believe
How weak your tongue is, the lie is very weak
But you told them anyway about false of me
Yet I want you well, to know that I’m winning

Oh, oh, oh
You look down on me
I won’t let you
I won’t look down on you

When I said that I am winning
If you heard from some people about me
And if they are wrong I am winning
But if you heard right well done

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Cupid’s Arrows

Image by Annalise Batista from Pixabay

Oh Cupid, did he arrows her heart?
What was Cupid thinking?

Oh, oh Cupid, I am in love with thee
Not that I know of love but your bow
Arrow to a destination that targets

Oh, oh, oh Cupid, I cannot leave thee
Not that I know of love but my obsession
Let us rule our heart, not Cupid’s self
But I am not afraid of thy truth

Oh, oh, Cupid, what is this dove flying for?
Thee seek that is in the arrow from the bow
Now not that I know of it but you manipulate me

Oh Cupid, how dare he does this to her
Or how dare her that let him do this

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Out Of The Chest

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Express out of the chest
Calm is the body’s need

Wake up from the sleeping
Be grateful but if someone is not happy
Ask why to live and ask why, why
It is better to question self than to passive
Wake up from the passive mind that rules
Wake up from all that barrens, and all that sad
Wake up to all that made for self to experience
Beware of the enemy mind that troubles self

Express out of the chest
Calm is the body’s need

Open the eyes, see everything that it eyes
See is the thing that self tends to eye
But see is also another thing that self tends to ignore
Someone saw but they said, I never saw
Ignorance is such a bliss to all that act it
Ignorance is a self that tells, everything is fine
Ignorance would tell that all are okay but not true
Beware of everything that Ignorance sees

Express out of the chest
Calm is the body’s need

Ignorance, wake up, everything, up to the self
Self must experience hence the self must decide
When He one day would ask Ignorance, why did thou
Ignorance would say, excuse, excuse, and excuse
Think not that He who made life and death would not know
Ignorance would narrow their mind to save themselves
But He who made life and death would He let them
Beware of the lies that serve like, everything is fine

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Lighthouse (A Collaborative Poem)

Image by J. S. Klingemann from Pixabay

This is my second collaborative poem that I wrote with Joy from the Yellow Brick Ave. Joy’s section is in blue and mine is in grey.

Our first collaborative poem (Selah) that we wrote together was started by Joy asking me to collaborate the poem with her and I said yes so we did it and it turned out to be a wonderful poem. After a while, I had been thinking that I would really like the idea to collaborate poem with someone who is as passion with their poetry as I am, so I asked Joy if we could collaborate poem again… So let’s read our different writing styles!


A great dreamer you have always been, a wisher-upon-the-stars
A wayfarer, an adventurer, and a wanderer you are.
I am careful, I am cautious–you are daring, brave, and free
Please don’t stray too far, for to my heart, you hold the key.

Consider how the wave smashes the cliff
A lighthouse would be the one to tell you
How it bears to witness that the salt might scratch it
Like a crane that bulldozers any mountain

So, as you sail those waves, lift your eyes up toward the sky.
I will wait upon those cliffs that you’ll be passing by.
‘Cause you’re my wayward ship out and adrift at sea.
I will light that house so you’ll come back to me.

Oh, let me light the house, so you may see it
In the mist, or the storm, or the night
But if you find it in the daytime
The hidden moon will drift you home to me

I throughly enjoyed the new and unique creative space by collaborating with Joy. If you would like to collaborate with me, please let me know.

Understand the feelings?

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

The feelings are it, hmm, well, it is difficult to answer, oh I know hey
How could ye control thine feelings, keeping them in check
Ye cannot abandon thine gratitude, or else, ungraceful would pop in
It is important to tell thyself how thee must control
Thou choose that you unconsciously want to feel that serves ye
Hey I know, it is difficult to keep them in check, yes thine emotions

He, who you pray to, and He who you love for no reason
Keep Him in you, it is better, to have His Everything in thy thoughts
It is such a comfortable feeling like the comfort zone
Keep Him in you, that believe ye, and still keeping Him in ye that awaken thou
Well, thee seek that thou shall find, quoted by a sacred sentence
The feelings are it, hmm, well, it is difficult to answer, oh I know hey

© Ismael Mansoor

Witness and protect

Image by chiplanay from Pixabay

Father, I praise ye with thine name
’cause thou art my role model
Mother, I also praise ye with thine name
For thou birth me to this life

Son, ye are such a blessing
Daughter, ye are a sacred one that will birth a baby one day
Should not thou be a waste one to thine private part
Son, ye hear me, so, go out and guide men out of the lust

Daughter, ye ‘ve showed me that you can do like a man
But ye are not a man ’cause ye art woman
A while Son shall witness and protect ye from men
That blocks thine achievement of a powerful woman in the world

© Ismael Mansoor


If you are happy, said a father to his son, I am happy
And his son provoked if I go to the fire, will you come with me?
Stop it, son, you are making it worse
I try to open your eyes to see the truth
What is the truth?
Be happy, even if I am not happy

If you are going this way, said a friend to his best friend, I will follow you
And his best friend provoked, how could ye follow me if I’m not good?
If you are not good, I will smite your head with my words
How could you not understand me that I might mislead you
If you mislead me, I shall smite your heart, with my faith
Then let it be smiting, so that I may say, you are good

If you can help me to fix this matter, said a student to him, I will give you my food
And he said to the student, I will help you to fix this matter if you let me teach you
But I would give you my food every day, so, let us make this deal
I will accept your deal if you let me teach you, to make many differences
Oh, come on, you are a clever man, very clever
So are you too, oh, your head shakes, because you don’t accept that you are clever?

© Ismael Mansoor