Wave-moving back and forth


When I think a lot of things like each wave,
The smashing water, then restart to the wave,
And again smash water, and again restart, so on,
But those thoughts I feel like waves around tides,


When ye come to me with thine thoughts like,
Talk to me, make a connection with me, and then we wave,
Together with so that all is safe and all will smile with gentle,
Movement the eyes see the wave-moving back and forth.

© Ismael Mansoor

Only thou know what gifts offer…

I am my own master,
And so do ye of thine life,


Aye, we are our own masters,
But the acknowledge must be knowledge,


For without them how do you stand up
For thyself in a heaven way?


Only thou know what gifts offer ye of thine goodness.

© Ismael Mansoor

Help yourself


How can your soul inspire you if you don’t,
Listen? How will you improve your life if, well,
Do you keep distracting for all the time? Who
You think you are to yourself if you think,
You know your whole life yet your self-esteem,
Are not getting any better? If your
Moods are often not like heaven nor


Like the sweet honey that attracts all bees?
For if a flower is not attractive
A bee can bring all the sweetness for it,
To be re-attractive, so if you don’t,
Help yourself to shift your moods into the,


Likes of heaven would make your sweet face –
An ointment to shine all over your skin.

Inspired by William Shakespeare.
© Ismael Mansoor

Every little bit helps :)


Dear everyone

Thank you for your time to read my words
I am grateful that I can say for sure with my heart
Because with you, my words are alive

Thank you for following me with your free will
I don’t mind to say thank you a thousand times
Because I like to feel the gratitude


Dear everyone

If there is courage in you
To donate me for growing my page
And writing journey

If there is courage in you
Your support will be greatly appreciated
May the Grace be with you

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Maybe the time is different from all the timeframe

Some people said that Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is coming soon. Perhaps, our time is so different to his time, as the time of butterflies, the time of cats and dogs, the time of elephants, and the time of tortoises are so different to our time. Like, for cats and dogs in one year would be 6 or 7 years per year. Maybe our 100 years mean 1 year to Jesus Christ’s time, peace be upon him.

© Ismael Mansoor

Pray is thine soul’s magic

May all the safety be with me.
Why you sound like a prayer.
May the Lord be with my side.
Are you praying to yourself?
I pray to the Lord.
Why are you looking up to the sky?
The Lord is up there.
But you are praying to yourself.
I am praying to the Lord.
But still, you are praying to yourself.
What do you want me to say?
You pray to your own soul.

© Ismael Mansoor

Hard To Say But…

“Good grief” said the delay. “How well are you holding up?”
“Well,” said the struggling mind, “Hard to say but like a whirlpool,”
“That too many words mixed goes in, well, they are not tidying properly, well, yup,”
And the delay said, “But how well are your whirlpools not pool well-pool?”
“Well, good grief,” sighed the struggling mind, “But I must pool a ball outstandingly.”

© Ismael Mansoor

Have faith for what’s around

Be a rainbow, to thy inner world,
And be rain to thine soil,
And also be rain to thine sky,
Help the cloud to rain to thine soil.

If they judge ye, let them be, for you judge them too,
But if ye ask the advice, it will tell thee, judge not,
For the coming is the Holy Creator,
So have faith for what’s around, and be a bright,
There is still a good part on the Earth.

©️ Ismael Mansoor