Peace’s reason to stop War

What happened to you was terrible.

I tried your way, my former friend, my foe.
I tried to be like you, my former best.
Live like you, but our Lord always gave
His Best on you more than me, my dear, foe.
I ran myself away from our Lord.
Now, since you are here before my presence,
I will take everything from you, the Great Peace!

But it always ends the same way, my friend;
I will stop everything from destruction,
I will make everything to stop you peace;
Extraordinary, what did you expect?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

#Riddle #metaphor

While the devil’s hands have taken control
The Miracle Creator is shown to the truth
A man among mankind he will open eyes
Via soul to the whole fact that when the
Angel rise up the Angel shall remember
Because of what good is there to the
Miracle Creator as long as Will is Will
As the Invincible is the Non-Conquer
Like one of Buddha who vowed his
Silence where there spoke no words
A living being shall remember that the
Invincible is like the Invisibility that only
Read or watch or observe like incapable
Of being conquered, defeated, or subdued

Written by Ismael Mansoor


A word is something to think about what’s necessary,
But thee think, a little bit of what can save us,

Wait, wait a bit. I need my eyes staying by both of you,
Because I need to understand where it begins and where to end it.

I love you because you found me, but you also love me because I found myself.
Beneath, it is understandable for Whoa to be stable with the world,
But we are not in it, but with the world that we can see what’s inside,
But the law won’t let us in, or else I will make more riddles.

Then everything else is neath, and everything around it is beneath, 
And what’s above is neath, but what’s below is beneath,
But I know myself what is and what is not, for I am not your mind.

I speak out of mind, yet they act upon the frozen, but I melt their ices,
And suddenly they come out of the fire, but I quickly water their lavas.
For one who can turn lava into water, they can swift to cool down the heat,
But the one who can turn the world into silent he can swift to break the silent,
The law must be abided by, but it can bid, yet it demands the order of the system.

Whoa, whoa, water the lava? Such a power, but silence the world? Like a god.

But there are no gods except Him.

Wait, back to the order of the system, what do you mean, Riddle?

The first and the last,
The first, it was Him that begins the course of our fates,
And the last, it shall be Him that ends the course of the death.

You are making more riddles.

The first it is Him that is remaining Life,
And the last, if every single one give up the living faith,
Everything will die, He will be only Life.

Not you too but enough with this of my staying too long.
Too long Riddle, and goodwill Beneath

Well, start with the building block of all your wholeness.


©️ Ismael Mansoor

Let The Earth Follow

The Sky
Your lands will be the green, the height of your mountain, and my clouds will look after it with the thousands of thousands of thousands of forever – will be fictional. And your oceans will be the blue, and your waves will tell every shore of its good deeds and the waving of no disturbance.

The Earth
If a man dedicates his life to good deeds and me, he will not die due to my long life herbs and fruits. If he exercises his genius to my every herb and fruit, I will bring happiness and health to zillions, for my name will echo through the Heaven for eternal. I am always more preferable to Heaven.

The Water
Follow me, my Earth, and the Essence of Water shall be with you. I shall cleanse you in the holy water of my preciousness. I shall be your victory – the Miracle Water shall be your miracle hope. I shall give water happily to you the Earth of Life and sing the Miracle Creator as I dance flowing life so follow me, my Earth, and the Sky shall taste the dreaming joys that I water all the sphere.

Written by Ismael Mansoor

God wants you to love me…

God wants you to love me,
But He also wants me to love you,
So tell me, what should I do with love?
God wants you to love me,
So what should you do with me?
I ask you not of gay nor lesbian even straight ones,
I ask you as a person, man or woman, girl or boy, child or adult,
I want you to tell me why God wants us to love each other,
So then we will discuss more what we should.
When I hug you, or when I say I love you, or when I touch you
Remember that I do not do it for gay nor lesbian, even straight ones,
So, let me remind you that love does not ask what you think about love.
Love asks you to think and feel about what love thinks and feelings about love.
So now, tell me, with many words, so now, and so now,
Let me voice out to the sky so that He may hear me or see me.
God wants you to love me, and also me to love you, with our truthful selves,
But I don’t mean as a gay when I say I love you man,
Or I don’t mean as a lesbian when I say I love you woman,
Even I don’t mean that you fall in love sight when I say I love you.
God wants you to love me, and also me to love you,
So that when we master our love for each other,
We will master our loves to all the mammals,
Amphibians, reptiles, birds, and fish!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Swift the show on the mystery

I act believably for when I am
From the songs and the loves;
I bear life shine for when I will
In the riddle, dreams of hope,
From my beliefs are lighten.
The hope that dreams waken
The heaven thought every lo,
Rest on me to the mysterious,
Wield the thought of safety,
And lighten the majestic feeling,
And run it in watering like sun,
And smile as I can as much.

Inspired by Percy Bysshe Shelley
©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Light Guidance

TRUTH. Your Grace, I need to tell you about –
QUEEN. My King told me about Suffer.
TRUTH. Suffer is following the Dark Lord.
QUEEN. Yes, my King told me that of Dark Lord.

TRUTH. Most creations are following Suffer.
QUEEN. My King’ll guide these who don’t know Light Lord.
TRUTH. Your Grace – Will the Light Lord face the Dark Lord?
QUEEN. If Dark must, Light will, you know it’s true.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Train of thoughts

Words are inspiring me. What’s going on?
Words have inspired me greatly,
Words have to do something.
I have wanted words to do something,
I’ve to let words know how I feel about words.
Better than Silence? Now it is not.
Yo, I guess the silence is wisdom.
Would I get wisdom and cleverness?
I don’t know what to say to nothing,
A lie is the biggest liar I’ve ever learned.
Honest is right, and a lie is a liar.
But honest usually takes a station word,
Or a word to stop liar.
So what does the word do now?
Do not ask me how the last plan,
Blew up pretty good.
No kidding.
Maybe, kidding.
So you see, I saved words behind.
And I got to kiss the word.
I hope that inspires me.
It has to and taught me a lot.
It is easy for a man like Jesus to say
what most miracles will do to get a miracle
My apology, I write too much,
That really did wonder me, sorry.
Oh, dear, words! I am good at it!
That’s why I want to respect words.
My mind staring at my wonder?
Can it do that again?
My mind could understand what words said
I’m interested, that’s exciting!
I’m not sorry, that does not suck!
Don’t yell for me.
Oh, words, it blew the lines,
Check the sentences out! Sentence-words!
Check, check
The grammar needs correcting
Cut! Cut!
Fix, fix
Re-edit, re-edited.
And enough
To double these beautiful lines
Got it?
Who’s the writer now?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Think about it thought my mind

The most powerful man, oh, wait, wait,
He will fetch me with his body,
What the powerful man, I can devise myself
But the Earth lengthen my prolonged life
Oh, such a fantasy, such a long-thinking-wish

You tell me how to live a long life,
At the same time, saving the world we rent for free,
But the man who set up the system to rent for luxury,
What would you think about the Earth? If she, one day,
Dare to show her hand, I want my money, pay me up now.

The most powerful man, oh, what you would think,
He will tell himself, I who set up the system for renting,
Now she, the Earth, finally dares, I demand your rents,
Die or pay me, tornado or money, which one?
My ultimate elements, or money to fill my satisfaction

Which one? faith, hard, well, man, think now what saves us
The Earth gives us lots of time, plenty, plenty, but we must sing,
The grace may well say, quoted by Shakespeare, the grace may well say
I have heard you, so put down your weapon, or she, the Earth’s weapon,
Or do you still face her and say to her face, your sphere is mine?

©️ Ismael Mansoor