My thoughts of digging deep

The Miracle One is with my soul,
As my soul with my body-
A vehicle needs a driver to embody,
To be as non-foul.

I swim in the pool of Miracle,
Imaging what is sense to be
An oracle.
To be as oracle is to be-
An oracle seems as sane
Oh, it is just me
Imaging what is sense to be
The oracle.

The thoughts to the Miracle
A gift to the body
For breathing the miraculous air
For free, no price to pay
But must pay the price
To every light/dark action–
Pay attention to your will.

©Ismael Mansoor

Such life may repeat

Life hood memories may surprise
The deep side of the hidden
Will show the truth

Looking at history’s story
Wondered over ever-strange
Fate it will always be so

And when find who is believing a lot
Feelings come stronger
Thinking of felt, inspiring

A felt that again repeats,
What was in the history that stories
And now stores in the scrambled book

But time seems strange things,
The world seeks its changes
While making up a new history

The story of history seems like repeats
Of metaphors falling on Earth’s
When thinking of Earth, it circles

Circle, circle, circle
Even if it’s not the same
Put the repeat on, give it chances

Because today seeing through tomorrow
Always understand the past of the tense
The present is coming to make tense realise

Circle, circle, circle
Circle for life till it is over
Till the struggle is ending till feel its truth

The steel of lies and rubbishes they will be in the bin
Inside the bin, they will fight each other
That’s leading them to the realisation

Defeat the repeat once and for all
Holy will set the Earth free from the rubbish
And the Earth will embrace Holy’s sacred

History’s chain will spread stories,
Break the chain from all the worries
Ready to take peace onto its histories

Love one another, inside they are victorious
Love them equal, inside they are generous
So can say, it’s time for miraculous

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Words of Love’s Imagination

Once a time when I wrote this book,
I was desperate to love a woman,
Or I was longing for her to love me,
So I went out too far to imagine,
And then words expressed out of me,
But this book I wrote was second-language,
Yes, second English language.

Perhaps you would find those words in this book,
Too much love words, and too much unknown,
Might ye to thine thoughts, is he understand his first book?
The way he wrote was like how he writes in an unknown,

But I was desperate to love a woman,
Or I was longing for her to love me,
So I went out too far to imagine,
And then words expressed out of me,

As if I asked myself, how come I wrote too much love?
Well, my heart expressed out of it to remind me,
That those words were mine, longing love in the heart
Out to love someone all dear to the soul!

© Ismael Mansoor

Imagination is his fantasy…

Imagination is his fantasy
The greatest of all the seers
He is to imagine
Until the day of the Creator’s fate

He only reaches a light heart,
He enters the image of a healing heaven
They feel over his creative imagination
He is ordering them to believe again

The world he finds out wondering him
To his brain, he struggles for true-peace
Life is too mysterious for his sake
He decides to make as imaginations

The heaven thought he imagines of Earth
Awake to understand the existence
Of all the creatures around the Earth
Live to be heaven by the wishing

He thoughts none of hell could stop him
No one could interfere with his imaginations
He is strong in his imagination’s believing,
By his soul inspired by his heartbeat

So humble in his simple wishes
So deep in his inspired soul
Believing like a strong belief
He is almost a mystery

And yet the Creator appears
With His Words saved him automatically
A boy inside a man
He is defenceless to his youth

Beaten by his will of the soul’s belief
He fell into a hidden felt
Perhaps that felt accepts Him
He loved loving his good thought

Now no more assumptions are waiting for him
No more fights for nonsense
This planet where he once lived living,
Doth not allow him to stop breathing

Bright lightness inside him
There is something in him
All that remains of him
Is going through the reality

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Fulfilling hunger through the spirit

I will feed thee, said Holy,
But hence, be clean to thy mind,
Then it will lead you to a cleansing world,
From there they teach thou of thy hygiene,
Then all those who clean will come,
And say like, finally, we can merge,
Because they are now cleansing.

What’s happening to me?
To me shall I pour out my spirit,
To word those grammars,
Then all say to themselves, like,
What’s happening to us?
To us shall we pour out our spirits,
To word those grammars,
Oh, such is a repetition.

The struggler said to me, “What’s in thine must come out of the book of ye, for every part of thou must show the world of thine sweats out of thy body, for the world must know me to preserve.” And the Miracle said, “I shall be the light that has no shadow upon it.”

If thee want to seek the Most Hight,
Won’t be thou seeking what is inside?
For every part hath their covering,
Like the Earth covers all that inside her,
In the same way, we cover all that inside us,
Yeah, organs, cells, and more are in us that is covering.

They said,
Express out from thy chest,
Out, out, then thee will feel better,
But hence, the suggestion, express only,
To the air where no one canst see ye,
Or to thy trust one that all is entrusting.

I come to you, like bestowing, the Bright will send himself to a world of sin, then he will change it from dark to light, then all will come to me, saying like, why did you put light on?

Ye come to me, saying like, art thou deaf? How canst ye act like deaf while thou speak well like me? Thou might deceiveth with thy appearance. Then I to ye, saying like, art thou hearing? How can you act like hearing while thee sign well like me? Then all is eish.

It’s time to think,
What we can make,
The best of our life.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


So be it.


You think you can control me.

I want you to open your mind.

How can you open my mind
If it won’t heal me?

Know your dark side,
And resist not.
If you resist, your dark side
Unlock your weakness.


Don’t resist your dark side.
If you don’t resist, you will be able to beat it,
Like if you feel your boiling anger,
Only the way to cool your boiling anger,
Is to feel it through with no reactions.
Do you understand me?
The role of anger to cease is to let it be,
With no reactions

No reactions?

No reactions will save your thinking,
For not resisting it, let alone be it,
Because if you let your boiling anger
Evaporates all out, without your reactions,
The Miracle from the sky will smile upon you.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Mixture of emotions

The veil willst be thine shieldst,
Then the riddle said, veil all here is,
Then the-veil all there is, well, heather
However, all such is what, and then
Veil, veil, and the-veil, all here there.

Then Verily comes to her,
How tiredness art thou to the air?
She thought, what fast it holds,
Bestow, for the world, sighs its histories.

Then she comes, saying like,
I was tired, and I sighed,
But here I am.

But the cherry bliss,
Blossoming all therein stars,
Then let wish to real.

Then all-looking up,
Saying like, is it those real?
Broken pieces anew

Well, heather, it is,
Well, the song encourages bird,
To calm down the lone.

Then Victory comes to see Thirsty-Sword,
How long won’t you open your eyes?
For I have not drawn you out to slaughter,
Bloodbath, all is death, but I have not drawn you,
Because I am Victory so bear with me,
Thirsty-Sword, hither, well,
So keep dreaming of me holding you.

Indeed, I only know you when I see you,
But I don’t know when I don’t see you.
I know you because I saw all your actions,
But I don’t know another side of you,
Because I never saw all others of your actions.

Then the harvest of heart shall feed you its fruit and vegetables.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Journey of Calmness

Indeed, it will lead you to a world of loving what is in you.

Then the laughter smiles,
All they do in their smiling,
Let us laugh with joy.

Lest it is whether if it makes sense, or not, let it least that all will come in a time, where to make sense.

Thou lo at me, how can I do those things?
Then Might comes to ye, saying like,
How can you not do those things?
The good-sight offers thee of thy kindness,
Then why art thou not doing thy peace?

Ye goest to seest her for thy sake,
Then her, Mighty, to thou, saying like,
Why art thou letting thy fear in ye?
Thou shalt not doth those thinking,
Because thee need not of fear’s feeling,
Then might Mighty roars her eyes upon ye,
Well, well, ye, thou, and thee, well, well.

Thou cometh to me, sayeth liketh,
Howest welleth art thou to thyself?
Then he said, why the repeat words,
But thee looketh at me, acting like,
What goest on we wanteth to knowest,
Then let Old English definest all that is.

Let Reader pronounce which is it.

A strong mindset,
Like Strong sayest to ye,
Smash down thy anxiety,
Then wash the stress away,
And Tomorrow says to thou,
Look the Bright on thine side,
Then all will come at ease,
Aye, take it day by day.

Indeed, only ye forcest thy importance in thine life,
But if thee force someone for thy importance,
Then I expect thee to provide them with their needs,
Their freedom, but please no to Bullying.

We all need to take time to make ourselves feel better,
But I go out with my thoughts, thinking many things,
Ten of billion thoughts, then I well tell Air, hear me,
I need thee to go in and out of me, to tell all inside me,
Let those words calm and find peace all herein me.

I to thou, give me time and I will do the same to ye,
Then we make ourselves space and peace,
But hence, hither I thither Old English,
To make those words stay in time and space.

Then all have touched by
Her the thing she ever did
Was to win all-hearts.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Inside out

The Sun will say, I feel love every day,
But sometimes the time feels my fiery,
Oh, I light all the time
Whether they are evil or good.

Indeed, honour all that herein our soul,
Then we will river HONESTY,
So that TALENT may roar while flowing.

Then may PRAYER be with our breath,
So that ENJOY being with our soul,
Then all will feel PRESENT.

Agree to the best self in the good-sight,
Then the whole world will say like,
Let us go with the good-sight,
So that all may embrace the best self.

If ye writest a poem for me,
Then might I to thou, saith like,
Thee lighteth up me to the world,
Then we willeth turnest to our soul.

Poetry doest paint my heart,
Then mightst Prose words my mind,
And they leadest me to the Books,
For I, my soul must ink them.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

“It makes sense, Truth,” said the Dark Lord

“Dark Lord! I – I have to wish to leave you, nothing more than else.” said an unknown name.

“It makes sense, Truth,” said the Dark Lord. “You do true to me laying hands on me would be so difficult, you are so well protected -”

“My devotion to my truthfulness -”

“Do lie to me!” said the Dark Lord. “How am I to survive with you when I need feeding every time? Who is to darken me, Truth?”

“But you seem so much stronger, Dark Lord -”

“I see you flinch when you look at me, feel you truthful when you feel me…” the Dark Lord paused for a little while, “Your devotion is nothing more than mine – you would not be here if you had not to be protected.” For a few seconds, “I have my reasons for using you, as I have already explained to you, and I will use no other. I have waited for all times – all times will make one day. As for the protection surrounding you, the Truth, I believe, will be effective. All that -”

“I have my reasons for using you the Dark Lord, as I have already explained to the Miracle Creator, and He will use me – with my graceful truthfulness.” said the relaxedly Truth.

“That is true,” said the Dark Lord, sounding amused. “Your brilliance I would not have thought possible from you, Truth – though, if truth be told, you were not aware how -”

“How dark full you are, of course, I am fully aware, Dark Lord,” said the Truth. “A long, long, long time ago I found you, Dark Lord – though, if you be aware, you were not aware how useful I would be when you caught yourself in the absolute of darkness, fill the pit the blackness where there is -”

“Enough,” said the Dark Lord, the amusement more than ever. “However, I do not deny that your information is valuable. With it, I could have formed my plan, and for that, you have your reward, Truth. I will allow you to perform an essential task for whatever you have for the Miracle Creator, one that many of my plans would give, the right hand to perform -”

“I will allow you to do that, Dark Lord, ” said the Truth. ”But I promise you the Light Lord will have the honour of being Life as the Miracle Creator.”

Inspired by Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
Written by Ismael Mansoor