The Universe

In my understanding, I would imagine.
Is that the Universe is like a being.
Because we are in it like cells in the body,
Well, I have to explain a little further.
If the picture talks about you, I see your body.
If the picture talks about your brain, I see a brain.
If the picture talks about your heart, I see a heart.
If the picture talks about your inside heart, I see a name.
If the picture talks about your inside name, I see another name.
If the picture talks about you again, I see your body again.
So can be the same said for every soul that lives inside bodies.
So if the picture talks about the Earth, I see a living planet.
If the picture talks about a galaxy, I see a galaxy.
If the picture talks about another galaxy, I see a realm.
If the picture talks about a realm, I see another hidden realm.
If the picture talks about a hidden realm, I see infinity.
If the picture talks about infinity, I see another unknown.
So every matter that functions inside bodies;
We on the Earth are a function for the Earth;
The Earth is a function for a galaxy;
A galaxy is a function for a realm;
A realm is a function for an infinity;
Infinity is a function for an unknown;
All together are one because of the same link that resides Universe.
That is how I can relate and imagine in my understanding.

© Ismael Mansoor

The rocket

You know what a rocket does,
It fires up out to push out of the sky,
Like how a virus fires up to get out of the mouth,
Nostrils, pores, whatever there out of the skin,
Well, a rocket is nothing in Space,
It waits for it lands on a lifeform, warm and live,
Like how a virus is nothing in the air,
But waits for it lands on the Earth’s species.
Well, a bit lecture, a virus said like before the body dies,
Let’s go to our rocket and find a new home, aye, new host,
For the Earth, herself is a host to all of us to live upon her.

© Ismael Mansoor

Doest ye thither…

Hither, all hail to the world of Cherisher,
But hither, doest ye thither for thyself?
Forgive me the riddle,
But ye, well, knowest thine self like
Reading thy book completely?
I wait for thou then we will talk about it
Like how did you manage to touch the soul
Or thy life?

© Ismael Mansoor


This just nature.
When the rain is pouring,
The clouds will bring the wet.
The sky watches –
It wide ahead
The clouds float around.
It’s safe
To the east, to the south,
to the west, to the north
or there is a path where
that touches the sky’s
guidance the clouds
would meet with its element.
To challenge him?
The raining saw lead the
wetness to the below from
above the clouds have
seen what is the sky being
watched only you know, what
nature has planned for its
creation it magic is invisible
to all things.

[ Miracle’s dream art my brain ]

Miracle’s dream art my brain,
That my thoughts inspire my rain.
My miraculous rain imagine my light,
That my body alights the delight

Miracle’s thought dreams my heart,
That my blood is full of reminders
Believe, believe a miraculous art,
That I run to the Miracle Creator

Sweet thought and felt in my hope,
That I’m straight running away to Him,
The Miracle Creator, for I, know His,
Miracle and infinitely Love for all-hope

Maybe my fantasy-imagination,
That my spirit runs away from the dark,
I know that words represent my motion,
So, this makes me lay my things to my light-ark.

Inspired by William Blake
© Ismael Mansoor