Maybe the time is different from all the timeframe

Some people said that Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, is coming soon. Perhaps, our time is so different to his time, as the time of butterflies, the time of cats and dogs, the time of elephants, and the time of tortoises are so different to our time. Like, for cats and dogs in one year would be 6 or 7 years per year. Maybe our 100 years mean 1 year to Jesus Christ’s time, peace be upon him.

© Ismael Mansoor

Pray is thine soul’s magic

May all the safety be with me.
Why you sound like a prayer.
May the Lord be with my side.
Are you praying to yourself?
I pray to the Lord.
Why are you looking up to the sky?
The Lord is up there.
But you are praying to yourself.
I am praying to the Lord.
But still, you are praying to yourself.
What do you want me to say?
You pray to your own soul.

© Ismael Mansoor

Hard To Say But…

“Good grief” said the delay. “How well are you holding up?”
“Well,” said the struggling mind, “Hard to say but like a whirlpool,”
“That too many words mixed goes in, well, they are not tidying properly, well, yup,”
And the delay said, “But how well are your whirlpools not pool well-pool?”
“Well, good grief,” sighed the struggling mind, “But I must pool a ball outstandingly.”

© Ismael Mansoor

Have faith for what’s around

Be a rainbow, to thy inner world,
And be rain to thine soil,
And also be rain to thine sky,
Help the cloud to rain to thine soil.

If they judge ye, let them be, for you judge them too,
But if ye ask the advice, it will tell thee, judge not,
For the coming is the Holy Creator,
So have faith for what’s around, and be a bright,
There is still a good part on the Earth.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Give it time

O, thee just out of thine wraps,
Out of thine darkness,
But if thou doth not know-how,
Think of the Light, for it was out of the darkness,
Aye, ye, heard or seen, so be patient,
For the time will give ye what is in the glorious appreciation.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Once will always be?

“If I tell thou about me,” said Life,
“will ye have peace with the secret,
seal thine mouth for me?”

“Yeah,” said Gossiper,
“I will keep thine words,
and zip my mouth for thou.”

“But never believe Gossiper,
for they never keep their words,
for once gossip, will always be gossip!”

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Sign Language

A baby is born
Held lovingly by his mother
His parents share the joy,
Of their precious arrival

The little boy grows,
And plays boyish games,
While his mom cooks
She smiles sweetly at him,
She calls him
But the playing continues.
His dad comes home
And he calls, calls, calls…
The realisation
Something is not right,
Means a trip to the audiologist

The test begins with earphones,
And checking sound levels,
The little boy could hear only a few sounds,
The audiologist confirmed
And met with the parents to say
“He is deaf,”
The parents feel the loss,
But determined to remain positive,

The little boy grows up,
And his parents take him to a hearing school,
There he sits at the desk in front of the hearing children and the teacher,
The teacher speaks about the work,
And the boy tries his best
He looks at the hearing pupils,
As they speak to one another
He tries to follow their conversation,
During social time
He wanders in the hearing community,
Trying desperately to understand the words,
It’s a struggle
And it feels so hard,
But the boy never gives up,

As he grows to become a teenager
His teacher watches him and understands his feelings,
She calls a meeting with his parents,
And the parents accept he must go to a school for the deaf,

So he goes to the school for the Deaf,
He sits at the desk in front of the Deaf pupils and teacher,
The teacher signs “Good morning everyone,”
The boy suddenly feels something special,
He looks at the Deaf pupils,
They chat in sign language to each other,
He tries to follow the conversation,
During social time
He wanders in the Deaf community,
He understands a lot,
There is no struggle,
The boy becomes happier,
Sign Language is in his heart,

As time passes
He completes his matric,
And after some time
He completes his university degree,

As time passes
The boy becomes a man.
And he looks at the two worlds,
In the Deaf world
He enjoys spending time with the Deaf Community,
Who understands sign language?
Sign Language is always precious in his heart.
In the hearing world
He enjoys spending time with family, friends, colleagues and others,
And tries to follow the Oral conversations,
But Sign Language is always precious in his heart.

©️ Ismael Mansoor