[ When the door… ]


When the door opened
it shone brightly all over the world.
O the door compelled the world
to the knee and eventually, they penned
their knees before the door.
Alas, alas, no one, no one
ever knew where the door shone
from but only the one who boor
he closed the door and the world
freed from knees and stood up.

© Ismael Mansoor

The world is full of knowledge


Hey, he taught the world how to be wise-full,
But other of he also taught them how to be fool-full,


But ye taught me from what you know of thy knowledge,
And I taught thou from what I know of my words,
Then he said, the world to the wise,
And other of he also, the world to the fool,


But she said whether a fool or wise, as long as they are,
Good as heaven, like the snowflake that welcomes the snow,
But it does not mean that they are bad, it’s just who they are,
So now thee prove thyself of thy worthy, oh, only goodness.


© Ismael Mansoor

Hitherto mysterious


Hey good souls, how bearable art thou to handle thy thoughts,
That ye won’t give up of thy lord that beliefs upon thy stream,


That every beneath shall neath, well, heather be thee to hither,
But not ask of souls, but ask of the riddle, what it means,
Well, heather be thee to hither, thither then ye well although,
Everyone shall have their gifts, and all shall have whether


Be less nor more, neither of them, but either way if thou choose
Peace or light, all is in the good sight, then hither, mm, thither,
The riddle well tell thee of the seeker in strange thoughts,
Then they said likewise ye write those words,
Yet I think thee understand not fully that ye wrote.

© Ismael Mansoor

Wave-moving back and forth


When I think a lot of things like each wave,
The smashing water, then restart to the wave,
And again smash water, and again restart, so on,
But those thoughts I feel like waves around tides,


When ye come to me with thine thoughts like,
Talk to me, make a connection with me, and then we wave,
Together with so that all is safe and all will smile with gentle,
Movement the eyes see the wave-moving back and forth.

© Ismael Mansoor

Only thou know what gifts offer…

I am my own master,
And so do ye of thine life,


Aye, we are our own masters,
But the acknowledge must be knowledge,


For without them how do you stand up
For thyself in a heaven way?


Only thou know what gifts offer ye of thine goodness.

© Ismael Mansoor

Help yourself


How can your soul inspire you if you don’t,
Listen? How will you improve your life if, well,
Do you keep distracting for all the time? Who
You think you are to yourself if you think,
You know your whole life yet your self-esteem,
Are not getting any better? If your
Moods are often not like heaven nor


Like the sweet honey that attracts all bees?
For if a flower is not attractive
A bee can bring all the sweetness for it,
To be re-attractive, so if you don’t,
Help yourself to shift your moods into the,


Likes of heaven would make your sweet face –
An ointment to shine all over your skin.

Inspired by William Shakespeare.
© Ismael Mansoor

I can go on and on…


I can understand why you are hearing, but I can’t understand why you left the Meditation World, thinking the Noise World was for you, and then later, you came back.

I can understand why you are you, but I can’t understand why you left your world, thinking someone’s world was for you, and then later, you came back.

I can understand why you are not aware, but I can’t understand why you left the Awareness, thinking the Ignorance was for you, and then later, you came back.


© Ismael Mansoor

Every little bit helps :)


Dear everyone

Thank you for your time to read my words
I am grateful that I can say for sure with my heart
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Thank you for following me with your free will
I don’t mind to say thank you a thousand times
Because I like to feel the gratitude


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