Holy or just a talk?

The seven ones who are holy ones
They said you call the Miracle
Who do you think you are?
You are brave to say such words,
But why such words out of your mouth?
The provoke made and make you write,
Out of yourself, yes, thyself, and such Old English
They would say, why did thee bring out the old past?
And the provoke might make your words ink onto the present,
Writing, I did not bring out the old past, but the history,
You taught me with what’s left the world, so why can’t I,
And everyone else can share some histories that you know not,
Oh, leave it, nevermind, oh, here the provoke might make the status,
The seven ones who are holy, or just a talk, fairy tale

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Thee tell me…

Thee tell me,
What should thou doth with thy body,
Abuse or pay respect,
Which one?

Again will thee tell me,
What should ye do to give the best you can?
Thee should ask the sharer, for they know the best,
But doth not thou dare to ask the selfish-greedy,
For they know the best of what is not in the share

Well, thee tell me if
God our Lord, not your or mine but our,
What should we suppose to do?
To grasp an understanding of why we are here,
But will ye tell me with thine honesty?
Only will the Miracle tell the honesty.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

In My World

In my world, I daydream the Miracle
Oh, when I say “in my world,”
I meant my inner world
Oh, when thou come to my world
Thou shall find both sides
The light and the darkness
Aye, ye shall say, why would thou
And I shall reply, why would thou
Ignore thy world that has both sides?
Look at the Universe, look at the Space,
Daydream may I am, but look at the sky and the stars.
I might assume that they have lots of respects for themselves,
For the suns, for the stars, and everything else in the Universe,
The darkness enjoys its view that the light shines them all through,
Oh, how defiance art thou, or thy world?
Open thy eyes for thy two sides art with thee,
How could thou ignore them?
Oh, I never say that thou can play with thy darkness,
But I shall say, thou shall understand thy darkness, for thy light,
Tell me, why dark when thou close thy eyes?
And why light, when thou imagine or visualise?
The darkness may be sleeping, but the light imagines too well,
That they can cheer up the darkness with easement
Oh, this what is in my world, my inner world,
But I tell thee, that I imagine the Miracle,
Where He smiles, from there, I smile with Him.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Unknown figure

The imagination at the moment,
Hope is with my mind,
But she imagines me as a hidden secret,
And also imaging me as a gift one,
And also as a miracle.

Hope’s dream makes everything else comes to fantasy,
A dream yet a strong belief that turns everything on,
And the feelings, quick overflow,
The everlasting, forever, and ever,
Such a riddle, such a wonderful eternity

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Our People

He said, “What brings you here? For this Deaf person has no words for you to hear.”
But she said, “Nevermind this hearing man, for he, himself, has no words for this Deaf person to see.”
“What, what? I have no words for him to see? I spoke, and he misunderstood.”
“And he signed, but you misunderstood.”
“Well,” said they, “I would send Deaf to his people.”
“His people?” said he.
And they said, “Sign language.”

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Compare to what ye say of them upon thine assumption,
I say if I compare between alcoholic and water,
What say ye of thine self if somebody tells thee this water
Of a cup that will save thy throat, and of a bucket
That will hygiene thy body as if thee art in a cleansing lake?

Come, come, you said, where, where, but come,
Compare to what thee think of thyself when thou sayth,
Where, where, but they said, come!
Such a bold voice all over the place,
But how thou think is how ye seek of thy own self.

Nobody knows what I think inside my head, and feel inside my heart,
But someone come and say, come, for ye need this so much from me,
But what say ye of thine self if somebody tells this water,
Of an everlasting potion that will serve ye to the Miracle Creator?
Oh, said they, such a religious, such a devotion!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Don’t Waste Your Talent

If you don’t use your talents, it is you who defy your talents
Least, use one of your talents, in front of the world,
The Universe will smile at your talent, and it will continue smiling for you,
At the same time, the world will sponsor your talent to the flourishment.

What say one of your talents can do for you? Think of what you can do
One of your talents, that it can improve your inspirational skills.
Consider your talent with your life and your will with your talent;
Consider what you can give to the Earth when you take something from her.

Give love to what you don’t love, learn it, and it will beat your negative thoughts;
What say your love to that you don’t love? It’s an excuse to hate that you don’t love.
Think twice before you say, and think twice after you said, and think twice for all-times;
It’s an essence to think twice, to save yourself from not thinking twice.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Choice of words and the message

Into lightness, sturdy with calm
Might feel as peace’s awesome
Down the calm line, at the sentence,
With the nice words that stab the impatience
Feel the way in the lightness
Healer, curer, mender, and healthier
A light feeling threw over my goodness,
The shine sunlight save me warmth,
Like the shine, moonlight save me to the chiller,
Mystery watches to see/feel,
Me to carry on, to feel
It’s coming now
Fate is fate
Or so I say
As a wonderful man

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The Path To Happiness

  1. The Sadness is a friend to the emotion, and the Sadness said, “I had the whole depression within myself, and I let it not slip away. Well, the world allows me to miseries all that dwells inside me that eats it up all in the universe.”
  2. The Happiness is a rival to the Sadness, said the Sadness alone, “The happier of the world that dwells inside Happiness’ world, but her influence shall not inspire me.”
  3. What are the Sadness’ goals? She is in her own class that dare to defy the Happiness. But the Sadness said in her thoughts, “Please forgive the world its history we all know it is talking about by itself, but I tell you what, I, myself, the Sadness, shall not fail thine emotion.”
  4. “I will give them titles of the great depression,” said the Sadness, “those who dwell me into their emotion, and cry unto me, saying, it is depression at dislikes me being happier, for it is hard to find what is in their heart that lost to themselves.”
  5. The Happiness is a gift to the joyful. But the Sadness said, “In exchange, if the Happiness needs me to change for her sake, thus, shall I ever be felt to dispute, reminder, forever until the One who gives and takes as see fits, but I, myself, the Sadness, shall dance for my uplifting, the uplifting sadness rejoices of my own world, thus, let the riddle be listed a thousand time, even more than million times.”

©️ Ismael Mansoor