The Opening into the Woods

I am inspiring to ye,
I am inspiring to ye,
Thee, thou, and you,
Are not a damn in the heart,
But in the smart,
For all have done, heard or seen,
All have said, every word, every sentence,
Everything the system,
Then they will inspire you,
And all must accept it.
Oh, sweet, how well art thee
Who is not perfect-peaceful mind?
The Earth has shown how she inspires ye,
But we have gone too much creative,
Like a state of believable mind
“We are doing our jobs the best we can give,”
Then the Earth asks, why did thou not help me?
I was and am thine inspiration,
But thee feel me not, for my heart feels thine feet,
With my opening, understanding
According to the Soul,
But I need thee to inspire me, help all that is beautiful,
But your mind thinks differently, not like me who gives you,
Food and drinks, even other things
But I am going to say as my representation of the Earth,
I shall warn the climates and the elements to prepare
What’s come to be done, and it must be done,
For what’s come to go around
So why do ye eat our animals?
I know thee art hungry like me hungry absorbing the Sun,
But would ye like to eat grass?
No? Aw, why not?
I am not thine craziness, says the Earth,
But if ye make me, I shall warn those support me to be prepared!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

What is it?

Honourable Trader, the father of Business.
I am feeling like sunny, too happy to see you.

Trader looks disappointed.

Why you came to me?
It is I, who under oath, to fulfil
My son’s fulfilment.
Sorry, you came at the wrong time.

Why honourable Trader who under oath,
Must fulfil your son’s, Business?
Your people honour you as I do honour you;
We wondered what happened to you?

What else can you tell more of my son?

I am not here to fight.


I am not willing to negotiate with you,
But I know your private work, and your
Work for your son, Business.
However, I’m not negotiating with you but,
I want to hire you.

Trader is silent.

If I hire you, you invoice me,
And I will pay it fully with
No problem.

Trader is still silent.

If your answer is no,
I will not bother you any further.

Trader looks at Success like, yeah so?

My son told me if I see you,
I must show no fear.

Oh, okay.

I accepted to be hired by you,
But one condition?

What is it?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Free our dark feelings

Overall our dark feelings, suffer from it,
Aw, the dark’s words open to our thoughts,
But thee tell me if I should not feel of it,
For we among the darkness, we this darkness blend,

But we can free our dark feelings, do not fight what inside,
But understand that we have choices to deed,
Whisper to the inner self, long for healing thoughts,
And the light guide what is there for every perfect part,
Aw, unlimited light, such bright, like we are one of it,

All dark feelings can fade away, can be gone to nothing,
But the heart cheers to keep alive, goodwill forever,
As if the good-spirit lifts our minds to course,

The light dominates inside the darkness,
Like human dominates inside the Earth.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Survival of Mother Earth within a thought

Why does the greedy need so much more than enough?
If it is for to give to others, it will be great,
But if not, how could it be for ye to ‘ve more than just?
I do not understand how thine brain works like this way,
But the forgive will tell ye, “Forgive the good-provoke,
For they just want ye to open with thine wide eyes.”
We are not alone, so think about us, but ye went thine way,
Thinking all about you, such narcissistic, such ego!
But one day they the good ones will come to take over,
And ye will not ‘ve all just for ye, because it will be for sharing,
But such a fantasy, such daydream to wish all that come,
But the soul within the Earth shall not be in vain.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


Ye need what? Water and food which is in non-killing,
But someone says you kill the plant the moment you cut off their stem.
Well, well, said somebody else, the plant has their regeneration,
Reproduction, photosynthesis, what’s more?
If thee need food that is from the killing,
How many more blood will thereupon thine hands?
Everyone is gone to the loss of their mind, and a saviour come out of the blue,
Saying, see? It is meats that astray us, for their souls was sad before their death,
And ye ate them, the depression and the anger of being slavery is inside your stomach,
Absorbing all that feeds all parts of the body; they already consume.
Now ye come to me with thine questions, so much for me to answer, but ye shall not expect me,
Because I say what ye shall expect from the Miracle, for He is All-Knowing.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Exposure: the tempt?

Come, come, I will show you the path of thy soul,
And thou shall decide afterward, for thee art seeker,
Even all other things that define who thou art
I will come to ye with the Glory’s power
For all to come, yet all will be revealing

Then he will show ye with his honesty
And she will build the pillar of hope that is final
No false hope, no just saying hope,
But the time for them to show you the final one
The great hope’s example, only the one hope

Come, come, we will take you to thy soul,
For it was you that called the aware
And we heard the chant, the Miracle
All miracles to the Honesty
And the world, both the heaven and the earth

©️ Ismael Mansoor

You are Trusted

If ye, a good one, one of the truthful soul
Will ye come with the Great Miracle?
I do not have to hope, the-believe just faith,
For everyone has their wisdom sleeping
Then only can they unlock it by themselves?
Or else who will do it for them?
I shall pray the Miracle shall do it for us,
For every one of us needs the Miracle,
Or likewise, if ye say that the good,
Is not for ye, then good luck
For ye cannot hide thine self from our Lord

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Shall We?

The provoke said, “Why are you here?”
The chuckle, “Ye knew not the whole time.”
“Well,” said the man of hope not false,
“I want ye to see me how the reality defines,
Then ye will not provoke me,
Neither I to ye.”
But the provoke chuckles, “Either way I to ye,
I shall provoke ye if the patient is not in ye,
But if thou thorn the impatience, well done!
For the Lord, our Creator is the Patience,
Then only we can understand ourselves, truthfully.

©️ Ismael Mansoor