Subverting Expectations of the Element

Water. I’m an important element
Voter. Well, I heard you, however, I’m
Seeing you who carry liquids with you.
Water. Voter, you know me well enough.

Voter. And you know I need your big-help!
The world knows your standard and your belief,
Water. But the world doesn’t respect my grace.
Voter. Give it time, Water, please, Water.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

All for all

He told her, I want to save the world,
But she said, include all the animals, plants, and other living things?
Well, ye see to the Mercy, and ask, how can we be saved?
But also go to the Redemption, and ask, how can we be forgiven?
For the forefathers and foremothers, they are in us,
So we must strive the best of the better than they were in their times.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

In the end Lucifer is at his loss.

The great Lucifer has decided to grace us.
I have nothing to hide, Judgment.
Well, I wish to put you on the trial.
Well, go on, Judgment – have at it.
Hmm, how does it feel to be at this loss?
My sins were terrible indeed.
Did you preach to mankind about the lies?
Yes, I did preach to them about my lies.
Why did you lying to mankind?
Because I wanted them to walk away from –
From the Miracle our Maker, yea?
You know what, Judgment? You’re so right.
You deny the Miracle Creator.
I defied the Miracle Creator.
Why did you grieve the world He made?
Using my power, to defy.
You misled mankind to astray.
Yes, I misled them to astray.
Why, Lucifer? They owe you nothing.
My ways/doings remain in my favour.
In the end, you will all know that He won.
Of course He’s the Miracle Creator.
Let that be your fate – now you will face Him.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

How much can be anything?

How much doth thou, the breath, gain as much as the sand?
And how much doth thou, the breather, inhale and exhale daily?
How much ye think it is for the riddle to find out?
Should I cease being a questioner or carry on to find out the seeker?
Well, how much there are, or how much here is, define please, we want.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

This is something the riddle thinks about

Hm, mm, whispered my mind, I tell thee what,
Come and control me, thou shall know everything,
Even knowing everything else that you know it not,
Then I will control thee that you shall know the Free-Will,
Then we together are controlled by the Free-Will-In-The-Non-Killing,
So, how about it? Come or thee think, I am I, or come to We-Are-We,
Up to thou, not to me, but ye, you heard me, even seeing me,
Well, then should we be thou, and thou find none in us-be-you
But let you be as we, then thou find in us-be-us
Now thou understand? No, or yes? This is something the riddle thinks about

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Remember to breathe

Healing thoughts, he dared, I am my body, my choice,
But she said, share me with thy faith, for we will be together
Then forever years will we share with the public daily
Whether if each day and night are so different
We shall give many thanks for free oxygen from the Earth,
So let, she said with a shining smile, let us breathe gracefully

©️ Ismael Mansoor

At Your Own Pace

If ye swear words a lot like if ye say, fucked up
Does it mean thou art also fucked up?
I believe all of us humans knew what the world is today,
And if you are still saying that the world is fucked up,
Does it mean that ye ‘re not willing to help the world,
Because thou think thee art fucked up?

A true human who does not say the world is fucked up
But one who believes they are going to help the world,
No matter what other humans tell them how humans think
The nature of the Earth does not change for us,
Because humans are the one that brings them upon our lands

So now still saying, fucked up? Thou art free what thee think
But I think when thou sayth, fucked up, I see ye as that way
Thou has not contributed thyself to the Earth nor our Creator,
Because when thou art fucked up, it’s not healing thoughts
Like shit, bullshit, a lot of swears words, yet they are not healing.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Believe it or not, you are still right

If you think you are sick, you are right.
If you think you are not sick, you are still right.

If you believe someone says that you are sick, you are right.
If you don’t believe someone says that you are sick, you are still right.

If you feel you strongly believe that you are sick, you are right.
If you feel you do not strongly believe that you are sick, you are still right.

Anything you believe you are right.
Anything you don’t believe you are still right.

Whatever you want to believe as long as it manifests,
As long as you keep prove life that you are right.

©️ Ismael Mansoor