The two sides think differently

Dimmer tries to drain up Glower.

Dimmer, give up, I won’t gain anything,
From you, your dimming self-fighter of soul.

Me giving up? I don’t care if you don’t
Gain anything from me, my dimming soul,
But I came here to end your life, end you!
I give up? I can’t say I can give up now.

Dimmer tries so hard to drain up Glower.

Dimmer, I told you to give up, give up.

Dimmer stops trying to drain Glower.

If I cannot drain your glowing soul, then,
Why do you think I can obey you to
Give up? What’s wrong with you, Glower?
Have you forgotten what I promised you?
I promised you that I would dim your light.

Just giving up your reasons,
But if you don’t give up, I will make your dark
No matter will be full of bright-sighting

If that day has come for my dark to be
Full of bright-sighting then know this when my
Sight becomes brighter; it means I’m lost.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Resolve? Or strengthen one to control oneself?

Do you think when you are angry, you can run away from it?
The anger cannot be escaped by itself, nor it can be left behind,
It must solve, resolve, and must be placed in the solution,
Because when the anger is leashed, it shows the displeasure face,
And we don’t want that to install within our emotions,
But hence, the Miracle Creator whispers to my thoughts,
Which I assume is my fantasy, my wild and free imagination,
Speech of freedom, free to think what comes on my head,
And free to feel what comes on my heart, as well as my soul,
So here is written within my fantasy, the Miracle shall return.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

You know, you know…

The old-wise saying, love one another,
But it is difficult for a sinner,
The fact that humans are not the only ones
Other living species have sinned like us.

It’s a shame that some chose the hate feelings,
But is it not a shame if some chose the love feelings?
We are like other living species that have their sins,
Different kinds of sins how much its use

In many ways, we sin in our days,
Some choose the hate, and others the love,
Like other living species have choices like us,
They choose who they eat and choose who to trust.

Inspired by 2Pac (Words inspired me by “If My Homie Calls”)
Written by Ismael Mansoor

ONe can if believe

Anything one can have if one earns oneself’s belief;
Believe in one’s path, to the strength of earns,
And the strength in oneself leads the earns-
Anything one can have if one will to work,
Will to believe, will to commit and will to be able
Connecting oneself the strength of faith;
The faith must connect to the truth,
Not a faith to the half-truth.

If one truly wants to have anything, anything, and anything,
One must pay the salute to the Grace, feeling the gratitude,
For if one does not pay the salute to the Grace, anything,
Anything and anything can be taken away from one,
So, wake up to ones who want to have anything must know,
The payment of the Grace, oh, it is not such experience,
It is such cheap, oh, it requires one say, thank you,
With all one’s mind, with all one’s heart, with all one’s soul!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

You Are Our Master

My head:  Why are you thinking about what to write? I know what you think, but you can’t pour out your thinking into WordPress. 

Me:  I am an indecisive man; it is my problem.

My head:  Which means also is my problem, mister, sir, master? You are our master, and you know me meant well.

Me:  I am trying to

My head:  Be perfect? I know how your thinking is going to, mister, but sir, no matter what you are, you are our master. 

Me:  Our master?

My head: We are your obediences, mister; your head, your heart, and your every organ, everything inside you is functioning, we are your servants who never meet you face to face. 

Me:  And I never meet inside me in the face to face

My head:  Exactly! It’s very precisely that we never meet each other, but we always stay together, mister.

Me: Sorry, I don’t understand.

My head:  Out there in the Space, the Earth is moving around the Sun every year; I believe the Earth is a living organism. Your brain is an organ think of a word, organ. The Earth is the living organism, organ, ism, you see, everything inside your brain- may say that the brain is a living organism.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

[ Much at all, yeah much at all ]

Much at all, yeah much at all
One shall know what I expect so much
I don’t expect from you, or anyone
I expect from the Miracle, yeah I expect from Him

Look at the sky, when it rains, when it suns when it grays,
When the world moves as itself to carry on the life
One has warmth, and another one has a cold,
One’s sheltered, and another one’s not sheltered,
Much at all, as much as they can or cannot,
But you shall not expect from me, but from the Miracle!
For inasmuch the Miracle shall be your much-at-all

Yeah, much at all, yeah much at all
One has warmth, and another one has a cold,
One’s sheltered, and another one’s not sheltered,
Much at all, as much as they can or cannot,
But you shall not expect from me, but from the Miracle!
For inasmuch the Miracle shall be your much-at-all

Yeah, much at all, I tell you, much at all,
Yeah, much at all, yeah, much at all

©️ Ismael Mansoor

My Deaf Mind

Beneath, beneath, goodwill, well, riddle,
How doth thou like if I sign a paradox,
About how a sheep defeat all the predators?
Neath, neath, look up to the goodwill of our Lord,
The Miracle Creator, how you and I know not much
Of our Lord, the One who the world fights for His Name
But if ye ‘ve got the secret that thee keep them in hidden,
How defy art thou before the Most High, the Almighty One?
Defy, defy, then every one of the Earth cries out to Him,
Fix me, help me, and restore my soul for the sake of our Lord,
But they might ask themselves, is it He or She or They or Whoever
Can see me when I am alone, and whoever can see my thoughts,
Shall the One be called that I decide upon myself, such a man who
Just understand himself as the Deaf Mind, and joins the DEAF WORLD,
Then you come to me I can fix you, join the Hearing Mind, the HEARING WORLD.
So now the fantasy pours the riddle’s water upon my head, what doth thou think?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Have faith in yourself

Sheer your will
To the end of your bargain;
You bargained with yourself
To do what must be done.

Hold your line, hold your line!
You may curve your straight path,
But we might say, sheer your faith!
Aye, it is not over yet, not yet!

Sheer your will
For you alone must accomplish your faith,
Aye, it is not over yet, not yet,
Because our Holy Creator believes in you

©️ Ismael Mansoor

The waving teach lands

Wave weeps for Lands – they are no sea,
That waves waving which though beaches
That dear the blue so much like touch!

To the shores the lands that meet waves,
Shall no more of washing away
To salt the smashing of the wave,

O, weep for Lands – they are no sea
The waving teach the beach of salts,
That will restore the sea to the detox.

©️ Ismael Mansoor