Bread and Water: Endless Possibilities

You give me bread, and I will eat it,
Then I give you a loaf of bread, and I think of you.
The faith in you shall not leave me,
For I ate thine bread, who gave me free will

All the bread shall feed the world,
With green foods and all the fruits

You give me water, and I will drink it,
Then I give you water, and I fill your faith.
The faith in me shall not leave you,
For I drink thine water, who gave me free will

Let the bread feed the world,
And also green foods and all the fruit

All the water shall fill all the drought lands,
With understanding and all the miracle,
For the drawing one is coming very soon,
The soon is unknown but can be now or 10 000 years later,

We share our bread and borrow the water,
We make bread, but the water provides.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Love yourself but don’t forget to love others too

Love gives ye lots of her love,
But thy saying, I can’t find my love
What were thou thinking?
Thy body needs your love.

If I was about to say
Then someone interprets,
How can you love everything in life?
Thee seek what ye get from thy seeking.

If I build a wall so tall enough
For everyone to question themselves,
What was he thinking to block us?
They quickly change and build their wall,
So tall enough for everybody else to ask,
Why are they doing this to us?
Then the animals lost where they used to be,
And we will ask ourselves, what have we done?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Life lesson

The Miracle Creator is in my heart,
But I told Him, how can I save the Earth?
I was not a great man to change her discourse,
But He implants the words in my thoughts,
The wisdom to the path of the tree roots,
The little voice shouts, we, together, can do it.
Who says the impossible? If your spirit is with our Lord,
The Miracle Creator we shall not say impossible,
We shall say possible, oh, look at many inventors,
They made the possible from the impossible,
So have more faith in oneself than the little faith.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Out of control

Dialogue style

You are quiet.
What if I say you are noisy.
You are rude.
I also think that you are rude.
Well, man, why don’t you shut your mouth?
Wow, you are so out of control.
Why do you think I am out of control?
Leave it.
What do you think I am out of control?
You told me to shut my mouth.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

What thee see is for ye

What thee see is for ye,
But a reaction from thine world
Ye speak from your thoughts,
And thy body listens to what ye say,
Even like me as a Deaf man,
My body listens to what I sign
From my thoughts.

Well, man, woman, child, boy, girl, shout the mind,
I will not leave every word, so they must show,
What were ye? Thou asked for thy faith, thine own,
Thou seek that thee need, a question to answer,
Where were ye? The mind of the brain waits for you,
Like the fantasy is waiting for the one to reveal it.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

What is it about? Riddle? Oh, right

Mmm, mm, I tell you what I need to listen
I don’t care what you think about me
I want you to listen to me and say I listen
We listen to ourselves, not just myself
I will brave saying if I don’t listen
What was I thinking? This question
Keeps popping, popping, and then somebody
Come and smile and say, what’s wrong with you
Man, woman, everyone, whoever can, even out in the sky
You, ye, thee, thou, then somebody says, Old English?
Who doth thou think if thee oath the lie for ye?
Go to set up for thyself, and then they will see how thee profit,
Everyone wants something, so do somebody who feels the same.
Profit, profit, profit, but I tell thee what I need to listen,
That we listen to ourselves, not just myself

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Magical Deaf World

I look at my horizon,
My Deaf Mind is on the amazon,
Of a magical river- I see the Fantasy,
Is singing to me as the wind;
I don’t hear the wind by the sounds of my mind,
But by the imagination of my tasty-
I will hold a magical staff, embrace it from my magic,
A magic of mine, is a state of confusion,
But within it, the light is waiting for me
To brighten up, brightening all the horizons,
So that the Hearing World may hear the roar rising,
Of Deaf World- Time to show what is the Awareness,
And time to reveal that Deaf people is like Hearing people;
Not all of Hearing people are clever, not all of them are dumb.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

[ Oh, ye must not give up ]

Oh, ye must not give up
For thee have hope and honour
Humble the Wiser, and praise the Song
With thy heart, thy love, and thy joy
Give up all thy habits that trouble thine addiction
Thee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must deserve
The goodness, the rejoicing, and the just-smile-forever
Hope, thee must, patience, and faith for long it lasts
Thee art a hope, as everyone else, but thou must work
With thy clean hands, clean thoughts, and clean-life
Oh, thee, thou, and ye, aye, all of you must not give up

©️ Ismael Mansoor