Like words paint the scripture

Power, strength, hope
Like the brain is power,
Like muscle strength,
And like the heart is hope,
Oh yeah, my thoughts.

Power, the brain is tooling,
Strength, the muscle is moving,
And hope, the heart is pumping,
They are power, strength, and hope,
Oh yeah, my thoughts.

My thoughts, power, strength, hope
Like other thoughts, empower, sharing, and love
Even other thoughts, light, warm, and miracle
These thoughts are various, yet hope, strength, power
Oh yeah, my thoughts like words paint the scripture.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I need more affirmations

Hi the books, you look at me, speechless,
Waiting for me to open you, and read each page,
But academic language? How could you do that?
How could you let others difficult to understand you,
The doctoral written, the highest words, like level 100

Well, man, woman, oh, I should also say, boy and girl,
How do you like being expensive-word-out-of-your-mind?
Well, the world, I am studying to further the understanding,
So that may I, myself, with a reminder, I am my responsibility,
That everything I do with life, it needs my action, as they need you.

To do something for the world, then someone appears, I understand your work,
So let me carry it when you are no more here on the Earth, yeah, right?
How could you think that you are immortal? The Earth lets life die every day,
Like we let our cells die inside every day, so what do you think?
I know my scripture is a fantasy because it comes from me, but what about you?

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I know our mind is different but

You want everything to satisfy,
But for who?
If it were up to me,
I will look up to the sky,
And you might think, why lookup.
I don’t know why but I feel so,
Anyway, back to the point,
I will look up to the air,
The Miracle Creator who made us,
It is us that we should satisfy our Holy One.
But my mind is Deaf, so I don’t know what you think,
Because our mind is so different
But I hope that one day that peace is not so different,
To us, and everyone else, and to the world,
Oh, let it be a done so that we may dance with the peace,
Knowing what it is for, and what it shall come,
But my mind is a various style, too many words.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Hoping that ye find my words

I made food for my body,
But she feeds me daily,
With content and marvellous,
Like everything is victorious.

Thee have been seeking for me,
And I wait, wait, hoping that ye find my words.
Thee bell my sound, hello, here I am,
We are interested to get to know your scripture.

Help, help, help, for thou have seeks for the words,
But He who is our Holy One, the Miracle Creator,
Let Him water our skin to be cleansing,
Then only can we open ourselves, knowing the truth is here

©️ Ismael Mansoor

A mixed thought?

I have so much to tell myself,
If I am selfish, how could I?
When I was a child, my parents were feeding me,
Looked after me, and so much more to say,
They gave me food and drink to satisfy my body.
So if I am selfish, I tell you that I have learned nothing,
But if not, I tell you that I have gained such importance in life.
You get me, no, I ask, I get myself?
It is important to know oneself, like important knowing one’s book,
So, the sky reminds me that everything is blue and night with stars,
That everything inside, it should be taken care of the good things.
Well, I know everything that I think of, is such a deep one.
Riddle would reek that the words like, thee seek then peek thyself,
Strange, seek that meek upon such week, thought but I would
Sayth to thou, my mind is just but fantasy that has many words.
Honour and belief in the vein, it shall be like the vine,
But bear with the words that scripts, yeah such a ring-riddle.

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Morning Chants

Good morning to myself,
And I shall express out to the sky, good morning!
I will not tell someone, think about your life,
Because I am not your guru nor your guide,
I am a Deaf man who guides myself out to my path,
But I will tell them, good morning to you!

When I wake up, I remind myself to look around with my eyes,
And I shall say, I am alive, and good morning to the world,
And then I shall remember, my mood is my energy, so should I aware,
For the sake of the remembrance, for me, for my soul, for my life,
Oh, yes, everything about me that I must think like, I am life.

You are what you are, and who you will be forever,
But I shall be me, and say to you, how could I be like you?
Let me turn to our Holy Creator, and pray that I could try,
To be one of like the Miracle Creator’s mind, I am possible,
So I shall say to my negative thoughts, you are just talking.

©️ Ismael Mansoor