Passages of Our

My mind said like, “The Lord who gives you a bread of knowledge, and another bread of wisdom, yet all the truth awaits you to unlock thyself. Hence, wait, feel, and patience, for it is fragrant, but thy Lord, no, our Lord, the Miracle Creator is Our. Oh, thee must understand for it is personifying.”

My mind said like, “Strange, I know, yet everyone must riddle themselves in order to understand their books. How can I the Lord be Our if they continue chanting, my God, your God? Thee must understand thy book that was and is writing for every part of you.”

My mind said like, “Every bird should fly, but some don’t. Every fish should stay inside the sea or river, but some lands on and off. Doth thee want the Lord the Almighty repeats Himself? But thee provoke, and said, I am not hearing. Thou said ye art Deaf, but I said before that your ears are lazy.”

My mind said like, “How can you, a man who claims, I am Deaf, is not defining as a hearing person? You know what is in thine soul but you said, I don’t know myself well enough. But I said, you do, but it’s just that you didn’t call Focus or Force.”

My mind said like, “Ye who is quiet to Our but thou doth not pray enough in front of the Holy One. You are quiet before the Almighty, yet ye pray in a way that thee think I can hear. Ye did look upon thine daydreaming, fantasying that Two Hands held ye comfortably. And you saw the Face, but you didn’t see because of the Brighter.”

My mind said like, “It’s kind of teaching that reminds me about what’s the truth and wisdom. But the rain shall river out of the cloud to bring back the truth. Remember, and consider it is personifying.”

© Ismael Mansoor

Pray to Him with all yourself

Remember, reconsider, oh, study.
Ye must study for thy sake,
Or else what do you want to say?
Ye say, I can’t, but I say, you study.

The study, study, and study,
What do thee think if I say, the Lord,
No, I mean, our Holy Creator,
Pray to Him with all yourself.

Oh, oh, the ring bells like, how could you?
How could you smash an insect from ye,
How could ye slaughter animals for sports,
How could thou eliminate the world’s species,
Mad, indeed, no heart feelings, just mad,
But how thee could think it’s okay to do so.
Madness, but ye study, remember and understand
How thou path to thine, and yeah, thy studying.

Now thee think if you understand my points,
Or whatsoever ye have within but a saying,
One who studies must competent
Or else, open thyself, thee will know, oh.

The study, study, and study,
What do thee think if I say, the Lord,
No, I mean, our Holy Creator,
Pray to Him with all yourself.

© Ismael Mansoor

He thoughts that she never appears

Was he fantasying himself to get the right woman?
He did wish to get his fantasy to become real,
But why wouldn’t he try to find her in his reality?
He liked the feeling that he imagined of her,
He liked it so much than one ever know or imagine.
Sometimes he went out to look for her but never find one.
Sometimes he thoughts that she never appears,
But why, thoughts himself, such a fantasy, such a dream.
Look, look, and look, said a saying, oh, avoid the riddle,
That was how it was, yeah, the world was not perfect,
But he found her like a lily found a bee.

© Ismael Mansoor


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