Mysterious about water

The Grace welcome you to the well, and let you drink from it. Even the Grace let you dig out the ground to find the water. For the water is life but the universe where everything is floating.

©️ Ismael Mansoor


My mind swims a lot of storms,
He is a man who loves our Holy Creator,
Thee cannot tell me, a mind of just,
But how they could not swim,
We are sorry that we cannot just,
Well man, I hear you, a thousand times,
But thee know not that knew me.

My mind swims a lot of storms,
I bear my thoughts who read both sides,
Oh, they said, how could he? Thee think so
But we who support and compassion,
Shall not fail the Grace of our Lord,
Our Miracle Creator, yes, the Holy One,
Oh, forgive me that I said it out of me.

My mind swims a lot of storms,
The rhyme is not with my skills,
But let him sign out of the difference,
My mind is not hearing mind, but a mind,
That is different from all the different minds,
Oh, I know, hey, relax, sorry man, I know,
That everyone doesn’t like to hear or see, hey relax
Or I know, I know, I know, hmm, it is their reaction.
When they are angry, don’t say relax, it’s provoking,
But they or thee or I have provoked in some ways,
So, what can you say? Or what can they say? What can I?
Too much deep, it is, and perhaps, he is too deep,
But she who loves him, go out all just to be with him.

My mind swims a lot of the storms,
Ye knew me from my birth to this day,
And after this day, so on and on,
Go where He goes, follow Him,
But thee tell me, who and what name,
Ye knew me from the beginning,
But they close their awareness.

My mind swims a lot of the storms,
Ye said they, ye think so mighty than my water,
But I can live without the need of living creatures,
But we are lazy because it cries out, I prefer another way,
They don’t want to touch the soils, knowing it would save the world,
But they close their awareness, welcome the ignorance to their world.
Wake up, come on, we are not supposed to be this but one home.

© Ismael Mansoor


You tell me, love me, and I will love you back. But I tell you what, the Miracle Creator who is our Holy Creator, He keeps giving you love that you deserve. But if your thoughts don’t dwell on the Grace of our Lord, it is you that will bring the ungrace of our enemy upon yourself, for you think not of your body’s gratitude, but the mind of the troubling thoughts.

© Ismael Mansoor

I find it so interesting

When you said, “My God.” I find it so interesting because it sounds that your God is here for you, not for me. But I tell you what, our Holy Creator is not your God or mine. But if you still say, it is your God? I will answer, the God who made life, stars, trees, plants, bacteria, animals, fish, human, air, everything, everything, and everything. So, is it still your God not ours?

© Ismael Mansoor

If I deceive you, you would feel disappointed

How could you enjoy talking about things that are deceptive? I would feel bad if I deceive you, but how could you? If I deceive you, you would feel disappointed, but why you went out and stayed behind the back for the pleasure of deception? I don’t know how you enjoy it but I also know that you don’t like if someone finds out the true story about your background. Well, it is this world that our Holy Creator bears the burden everyday.

© Ismael Mansoor

I may not be perfect but

You want to know how to improve your life? I may not be perfect, but the Lord, no, our Holy Creator is anything possible. So, stop and change the way you used to think. You shall see your result if your thoughts glue upon the Grace of our Holy Creator. Give up your negative thoughts that eat up all your waste times. But if you love gossip, backstabbing, whatever it is not good, our Holy Creator shall protect those ones who keeps Him in their thoughts, their minds, their hearts, and their souls even everything inside the body.

© Ismael Mansoor

Affirming Myself

I am a great writer, said he, I believe that people believe in my words. 
Let it be a strength to me, as a man and a faith to our Holy Creator.
Let me eat bread daily, so that I may remember to drink water,
But I as, a man need a consistent to fill the will that seeks me.

You are the great writer, said she, I believe that you are, with my heart. 
Let me strengthen a hope that waits for the world to bend it. 
Let me, and I will make your fantasy become your reality,
But you as a man must walk on your path, as I too have mine to walk.

Be thoughtful and pour out the spirit to the Holy One,
Oh, I almost say the Holy Spirit, but I prefer not to,
For they may think that he is a Christian,
But let me word, the Holy One, or our Holy Creator.

Negative:  Oh, I am always strong.

Positive:  Yes, you are right, but I won’t give up. Hope is eternal.

Negative: Now this is difficult.

Positive: You know me so well, so you must have felt me?

Negative: Always about the feelings! You are Positive, so how could I not feel you?

Positive: Negative, take it easy.

Negative: How you think that you are better than me? You are better than me because you are Positive. So, what do you want from me? You always lecture me about the whisper of education!

Positive: Education?

Negative: You only knew me, because I am your opposition.

Positive: Even though you feel that I am your enemy, but I am not.

© Ismael Mansoor