If you are happy, said a father to his son, I am happy
And his son provoked if I go to the fire, will you come with me?
Stop it, son, you are making it worse
I try to open your eyes to see the truth
What is the truth?
Be happy, even if I am not happy

If you are going this way, said a friend to his best friend, I will follow you
And his best friend provoked, how could ye follow me if I’m not good?
If you are not good, I will smite your head with my words
How could you not understand me that I might mislead you
If you mislead me, I shall smite your heart, with my faith
Then let it be smiting, so that I may say, you are good

If you can help me to fix this matter, said a student to him, I will give you my food
And he said to the student, I will help you to fix this matter if you let me teach you
But I would give you my food every day, so, let us make this deal
I will accept your deal if you let me teach you, to make many differences
Oh, come on, you are a clever man, very clever
So are you too, oh, your head shakes, because you don’t accept that you are clever?

© Ismael Mansoor

Dominate Thy Enemy Mind

Image by Dsndrn-Videolar from Pixabay

Thee like personification, doth not thou?
They said that you return, the Old English
But when you want to speak, with thine voice
Ye won’t use the Old English to speak
Doth not thou, doth thee? Such a strange thought

They said, he likes personification, they think that they know him
But when he answers, they turn away, and some stays
But in the end, they all are the same, they come back
Why? Ask not of me, ask the Miracle, and thou will get, what thee seek
Believe in thyself, and help thine self, to believe in them for thy sake

Contemplate if he says, quiet, and doth not get dominated over the weak
But if thou doth like them that does did doing the dominion of the strong
But thee seek that drives ye of thy hope and just he, who is in the world of good
He would tell thee, contemplate, oh quiet, and doth not get dominated over me
Because he would not dominate over ye, oh he teaches ye, to dominate thy enemy mind

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Expressing My Inner World

Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
Could I brave to sayth such words, are everything evil also Thine
A question in my mind that asks, and I turn it into a song, or lyric
Let a voice of the singer, or the lyricist, let them speak of Thee

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
But still far, could I jump to the conclusion, did Thee also make evil things
I could think if I were in Thy Shoes, would I say, those are Thine
But how could we the Earth do did doing such those things, both good and evil

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
I can still brave to sayth such words, I understand, why we are not allowed to do evil
Thou shew us the way to the Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine
Is that why, they said, Our Holy Creator would destroy you, and remains ye in thy hell

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
Brave wall before me, and I would smash it down, with my words, remind, forgive us
Thee made those things, so that we may learn, and sayth one day, no way to the evil things
They said that Thee have had having destroyed those evildoers until one truly save them

Holy, Goodwill, Peacetime, everything that is Thine, and alone Thine
Brave words, the brave wall that is smashed down, by my words, and brave conclusion
He could say, fantasy made me did these thoughts, and it makes me do this thinking
They said that Thee art Fear, but not my words, only the understanding’s words

© Ismael Mansoor

I Beg You To Feed The World

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Ye two have made me a miraculous man
Thou made it thyself not us
But ye two have looked after me all thine life
Let me bread a world of spirit
I will be thine bread and water
Ye shall never have ever thirsty and hungry
But I beg you to feed the world
For the sake of Adam and Noah
Do not let it disappoints them
Or they died for nothing
Let me bread for thou all
And then the world

© Ismael Mansoor

The Parallel of Relationship

Contemplate, consider the way I said about the old
I do not mean how old are you
I mean like the Old from the beginning
Like the New from the modernity

Father, I am going to do my way not your way
Your way is old, and mine’s not in it
My way is new, and yours are not in it
Should thou disclose it for my sake and forget thine old way

Son, we are going to separate our ways
Your New and my Old
Let it be done as you wish
When thou art done with your New, come back to our house

One day
Son, you come back
Father, yes, I am, but hear to my New
Let it combine with thine Old

Father, open thine soul to my New, for it is miraculous
He who is a father that hears the voice of the Miracle
My servant, go to him with thy heart, mind, and body
For I am the Old and the New, both am I anyway

© Ismael Mansoor

Goodwill & Good Thoughts

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Goodwill, good thoughts, what more can he say
He gives ye a gift, use it well
She also gives ye another gift, use it anyway
But say goodwill in thy good thoughts, oh he says
Love to the water, and water will pour out on thine head
Just as much as ye with thine self, as he and she with thou
Thee art that a reflection of thy soul, like a water that reflect
But forgive them that they said, the old is not their way
Because the new is in their preference, but hence, wait and patient
For the old shall return, aye, no sacrifice, nor blood, nor curse

© Ismael Mansoor

Gratification of Superheroes

Image by Adithya Rajeev from Pixabay

Batman. I got you, Joker, so you caught –
Joker. Up so that I let you capture –
Batman. You! I have what everything need.
I take you back to Arkham Asylum.
Joker. Ha, ha, I can escape again.

———————————–  ———————

Lex Luthor. Superman, I desire you –
I desire the power of Superman.
Superman. I can stop you as easy –
Lex Luthor. As pie, boy! Now you’re boy,
As I am holding green stones on my hands.

———————————–  ———————

Batman. No matter what you do, I’ll find
Joker. Me! I am the great masterpiece!
My dear Batman, I will crazy with you –
That the Joker will show the Batman way!
Batman. Do as you please, I will catch you.

———————————–  ———————

Lex Luthor. Look at Superman – so weak.
O dear Superman, how weak you’re feeble!
What, Superman? How can you be so firm
That you stand before green stones on my hands?
Superman. I am the world’s Superman!

———————————–  ———————

©️ Ismael Mansoor

I wrote this poem above about three years ago


Dark looks for every possible to attack Light; Dark believes that he can hurt Light, but Light stands still before his bright self.

Dark: Why are you…

Dark thinks that he can’t hurt Light.

Light: Dark, can you stop fighting? Please?

Unknown voice: I can help with your fighting.

Dark: You think you are Star, who stands your faith, to support your life self, to prevent your exhaustion, and dare to face before me.

Star: I heard you speaking of your will to devour every old and new star, so, I cannot let you do that, right, Light?

Dark: Light has clearly explained that he can’t help you.

Light: Who said I can’t help my stars? I said I can’t stop my stars being extinguished themselves

Dark: Stop it, Light, please. Just stop. I have made up my mind.

Star ambushes Dark.

Dark: I see you have failed!

Star quickly moves away from Dark, but Dark is about to grab Star, Light swifts in between two of them.

Light: Star, stay away from me, and go back to your place.

Star: But

Light: Know your place!

Light’s roar frightens Star, and Star leaves.

Dark: You are very concerned about what kind of spirit I am going to become, am I not right? Star should stay away from the darkness, am I not right? He should wait over there, waiting for me to devour every one of the stars! The stars must visit my stomach, and say goodbye to fate!

Dark’s words are not reaching Light.

Dark: Why Light? Why am I not allowed to go over there?

Light: You know why.

Dark: You think you are this powerful.

Dark quickly clashes Light they keep fighting on and on, on and on. Dark never once struck Light down, not once! Yeah, not once.

Dark: You.

Dark is becoming the anger for Light is not fighting back.

Dark: Well, Light, this is not over, not over.

Light: Then go. Go home.

Dark: No matter how long or how quickly I pass the time with our fate, I promise you that I will expose you to the dark king. I promise you, one day, I will expose myself to Space!

Dark is about to go home

Light: I can simply understand why you don’t want to go back to sleep and watch like the old times, but I promise you, my love for you is not to forget.

Dark: Is it because you love shining over my sight? Is it a reason that you love giving your stars because of me? You thought it was perfect for you to paint your self-shine.

Light: Water allows me to

Dark: Are you sure that you want to pronounce Water to hurt my ears? Are you sure you want to trigger my anger?

Light: No.

Dark: I think you provoke me.

Light: Dark, no.

Dark: I change my mind, I decide to meet at your end, by my very dark self. Tell me, do you think I am evil? I have watched your stars, some of them are evil, why, Light? It is my rightful to devour every star that has evil sides. You feel my power, irritating to devour it because I won’t let them sleep with me. I prefer the evildoers to go to the punishment than sleeping and unwatchable with me!

Light: You understand yourself better than myself because all you do is watching my action.

Light decides to push Dark far away from the edge of the Space – very far away to the blink of the-black-view.

Dark: Light!

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Life won’t stop

Image by klimkin from Pixabay

Life won’t stop for thou
Yes, you catch up with your time
Thine gifts must be found

Is it not enough?
What can ye do for thine self?
Be happy or sad

You know, you need, you
So, what should thou think to doth
To live with thy breath?

Breath is forever
With you and thy soul and more
But thee must wake up

No one will open
For thine inner world and more
It’s the strength to look

© Ismael Mansoor