Showtime, the strength of a man
Somebody saw him talking to a tree
And they heard the whisper of a sound
As the man who had the strength
Spoke one word He
The tree that was with his sound, one word He
It became a hope of a flower
And they said to themselves, how could this tree
Become a huge flower? 
Such a strange figure but shall we leave said they
Before they could leave an attraction came to it
And merged with him who had the strength of a man

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Showtime The Power Of Sh-sh

He shew thou the power of Sh-sh
If they dare to stand up for themselves
They would get defeat by the Sh-sh
Showtime, he said, who dare to defy the Lord
Come out, face me, and slay who falls on the ground
No one would come out, face him, oh, they were afraid
But one woman just came out, and they shocked
How could she stands up for herself, oh, she wished for her death
But he who shew thou the power of Sh-sh smiled at her
And said, now face me, and slay me with thine heart
But the story of the showtime was no more to be told

©️ Ismael Mansoor

Lighthouse (A Collaborative Poem)

Image by J. S. Klingemann from Pixabay

This is my second collaborative poem that I wrote with Joy from the Yellow Brick Ave. Joy’s section is in blue and mine is in grey.

Our first collaborative poem (Selah) that we wrote together was started by Joy asking me to collaborate the poem with her and I said yes so we did it and it turned out to be a wonderful poem. After a while, I had been thinking that I would really like the idea to collaborate poem with someone who is as passion with their poetry as I am, so I asked Joy if we could collaborate poem again… So let’s read our different writing styles!


A great dreamer you have always been, a wisher-upon-the-stars
A wayfarer, an adventurer, and a wanderer you are.
I am careful, I am cautious–you are daring, brave, and free
Please don’t stray too far, for to my heart, you hold the key.

Consider how the wave smashes the cliff
A lighthouse would be the one to tell you
How it bears to witness that the salt might scratch it
Like a crane that bulldozers any mountain

So, as you sail those waves, lift your eyes up toward the sky.
I will wait upon those cliffs that you’ll be passing by.
‘Cause you’re my wayward ship out and adrift at sea.
I will light that house so you’ll come back to me.

Oh, let me light the house, so you may see it
In the mist, or the storm, or the night
But if you find it in the daytime
The hidden moon will drift you home to me

I throughly enjoyed the new and unique creative space by collaborating with Joy. If you would like to collaborate with me, please let me know.


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Study, work, dost not be lazy
Thou sayth that thee will study hard
Prove it to thyself, work hard, be strong
Oh, show thine self with thy talents
Genius, wonderful, no one can close their mouth
Jaw wide and open and you see what is in them
Tongue, everything that is the muscle inside them
Each layer got to protect all that serve them
Ye think that ye can control what’s inside ye
Then the world that thou art living in should not fail
Ye knew that I knew if you control what’s inside ye
Then everyone will say, how could you know yourself
Teach it to us, teach them that desire to control themselves
And when they do, they will go to other places
And others will open their mouth for a long time
Jaw wide and open and they see what is in them
Tongue, everything that is the muscle inside them
Ringing, ringing, pick it up and stop goofing
Go to study, work hard, and pass thy surpassing

© Ismael Mansoor

Understand the feelings?

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

The feelings are it, hmm, well, it is difficult to answer, oh I know hey
How could ye control thine feelings, keeping them in check
Ye cannot abandon thine gratitude, or else, ungraceful would pop in
It is important to tell thyself how thee must control
Thou choose that you unconsciously want to feel that serves ye
Hey I know, it is difficult to keep them in check, yes thine emotions

He, who you pray to, and He who you love for no reason
Keep Him in you, it is better, to have His Everything in thy thoughts
It is such a comfortable feeling like the comfort zone
Keep Him in you, that believe ye, and still keeping Him in ye that awaken thou
Well, thee seek that thou shall find, quoted by a sacred sentence
The feelings are it, hmm, well, it is difficult to answer, oh I know hey

© Ismael Mansoor

What’s up with my head

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

The world, the world, he shouts
A man with suits lands on from the air
Ye think ye are here to stop me
The man with suits confronts him the one who shouts
The world, the world, what’s with thine head
Shut up, stop it
Let us be done, repeat, let us finish what we started
Thou art making the world roars
For what?
Come and get closer to me
The world, the world, he shouts
Again, I told ye that we should finish what we started
Started from what
Bottom, oh, I see, from the
Wait, a minute, the public should not panic
I am supposed to finish the sentence
Finish it
Bottom, oh, I see, from the
Wait, a minute, the world, the world
Limbo, loop, here he wakes, and say, what’s up with my head

© Ismael Mansoor

Witness and protect

Image by chiplanay from Pixabay

Father, I praise ye with thine name
’cause thou art my role model
Mother, I also praise ye with thine name
For thou birth me to this life

Son, ye are such a blessing
Daughter, ye are a sacred one that will birth a baby one day
Should not thou be a waste one to thine private part
Son, ye hear me, so, go out and guide men out of the lust

Daughter, ye ‘ve showed me that you can do like a man
But ye are not a man ’cause ye art woman
A while Son shall witness and protect ye from men
That blocks thine achievement of a powerful woman in the world

© Ismael Mansoor

He Who Loves You

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

He who loves you does not command Himself to force you
Wake up, the sun is waking all the time
And the moon appears and disappears all the time
He who loves you does not command Himself to change you
Fate is a time that is for the course of your lives
Wake up to the truth that waits for the waterfall to wet the ground
The sky protects every day as well as the night for all the Earth’s sake
Abandon not your truth like the sky that not abandon the ground
The firmament is there to all that we know but not all the depth of soul
He who loves you does not command Himself to block your action
Wake up to the faith that waits for you, wake up and say, I am awake
I am my own will who moves my body according to me and alone myself
So He who loves you does not command Himself to decide for you
We own accord like an accordant that accords to his choice

© Ismael Mansoor